8 Things NOT to Say to a Friend Who Just Got Engaged

A friend or family member getting engaged is almost as exciting (key word: almost) for you as for the couple. Right after they make it official, you probably have a million thoughts and questions running through your head — but unfortunately, some of them should stay just thoughts. Even though you’re dying to vocalize them, avoid saying phrases like these to the newly engaged couple.

1. How big is that diamond?

No need to make it seem like you’re sleuthing to find out how much it cost! Just swoon over how shiny it is.

2. Are you sure you can afford a wedding? or How much are you going to spend?

Even if you know about the couple’s financial situation or talk money occasionally, there’s no reason to bring up the cost of the wedding right now. The lovebirds likely have been so happy that haven’t even given it a thought yet.

3. Please don’t have a destination wedding.

Hey, it’s not your wedding — if the couple wants food trucks or a backyard reception, don’t let your opinion convince them otherwise.

4. Is your annoying college roommate?

Um, probably, and you just made this super uncomfortable.

5. Who’s in the wedding party?

Unless you want to basically desperately scream “Pick me!” avoid this question and just wait for them to ask you (or not).

6. Wow, already? or About damn time!

Whether they’d been together for longer than you can keep track of or so short you can barely remember their partner’s last name, it’s not your place to (audibly) judge the timing of their engagement.

7. Well when I was engaged…

No two engagements are exactly the same, and your weddings certainly won’t be the same. Save your advice for when the couple seeks it — and trust us, they will!

8. Are you pregnant?

Maybe you think this question is a funny joke or may or maybe you’re actually wondering. Either way, it’s absolutely inappropriate!

So you might not be able to say what you’re actually thinking, but there’s plenty of heartfelt sentiments you can say. Offer a big congratulations for starters. Every newly engaged couple wants to tell (and re-tell) the proposal story and how they met, too. The most important thing to remember? Just because the couple is now engaged doesn’t make them any different! Not every conversation should be about wedding planning, so just treat them as usual — they’ll appreciate you for it!

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