4 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with the Engagement Rings in Vera Wang’s LOVE Collection


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Once you’ve found that forever kind of love, the next step towards your happily ever after is the proposal. And what’s a proposal without the perfect ring to go with it?

Now, thanks to Vera Wang’s expert touch, you can find that flawless sparkler fit for your fairytale in her LOVE Collection, available at Zales. And we’ve got four reasons you’ll fall head over heels for each and every ring…

Vera Wang's LOVE Collection, Vera Wang wedding rings


Photo via Zales

1. You can cross “something blue” off you list.

Something old for the life left behind, something new for an optimistic future, something borrowed from another happy marriage, and something blue to symbolize purity, love, and fidelity. Traditionally, “something blue” was a trinket given to you—usually by a close female relative—right before you walked down the aisle, but each ring in the LOVE collection is set with a beautiful blue sapphire. Done and done.

Vera Wang's LOVE Collection, Vera Wang wedding rings

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2. It’s all made with love.

The LOVE Collection is comprised of nine smaller collections, each inspired by precious, relatable life moments and made with love. From the Pirouette Collection, which captures the excitement of movement through its fluid, sweeping lines, to the Harmony Collection, with its merging double band, symbolizing two people choosing to be together forever, each ring has a beautiful and unique story to tell.

Vera Wang's LOVE Collection, Vera Wang wedding rings

3. Each piece is carefully crafted.

Each diamond in the LOVE Collection is hand-selected to ensure high marks across the four Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat. Those four Cs are the universal language that speak to the quality of the LOVE Collection’s nearly colorless, sparkling diamonds. And the care doesn’t end there—once selected, each diamond is hand-set into place.

Vera Wang's LOVE Collection, Vera Wang wedding rings

4. There’s something for the grooms.

The modern, fashion conscious groom is going to love these “gents” rings.  After 25 years of designing for women, Vera has expanded to include options for the guys with her Gentleman Collection. Each ring is inlaid with the signature “something blue” sapphire and created with a distinct aura of sophistication and a touch of edge. So handsome!

Vera Wang's LOVE Collection, Vera Wang wedding rings



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