The Power of Subtle Flowers for Spring Bridesmaids

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Quiet, Ms. Priestly. At ModCloth, the beauty of spring is all about florals! We know their surprising versatility, rainbow of hues, and stylistic range is what makes them so grand — not bland. From the wild and whimsical to the simple and subtle, florals flaunt a spectrum of emotions fit for any setting. Today, we’re imagining of a beautiful backyard wedding.

Perhaps, like us, you’re dreaming of bridesmaid dresses that go beyond solid colors. With flowers on the brain, it’s time to make those dreams a reality. Below, we show you some of our favorite ways to subtly incorporate florals into your wedding party, because, sometimes, less is ‘amour’.

modcloth-spring-bridesmaidsPictured: Penchant for Opulence Dress in Aqua Blossoms
The jacquard blossoms on this midi dress, while boldly colored, lack the details that might otherwise look louder than desired when worn in a group. At a closer look, this dress dazzles with silver threads and a compelling texture — a stunning gown for any special occasion.

Delicate Embroidery
modcloth-spring-bridesmaidsPictured: Blissful Vision Dress in Amethyst, Couth and Charismatic Dress in Lilac
Here, a solid dress is an alluring accompaniment to a more detailed dress. Emphasizing the floral embroidery with a matching tone, these two dresses become a harmonious, yet striking, pair.

Watercolor Print
modcloth-spring-bridesmaidsPictured: A Gliding Light Maxi Dress in Ivory, Lyrically Idyllic Floral Dress
These dreamy dresses were just meant to walk down the aisle together. With such soft textures and even softer colors, their watercolor florals become all the more ethereal and graceful.

Accessorize & Shine
modcloth-spring-bridesmaids Pictured: Fine Dining Heel in Gold, Have the Upper Grande Velvet Heel in Blush, Vow to Wow Necklace in Carnation
modcloth-spring-bridesmaids Pictured: From Party to Finish Heel in Pewter, Astute Recruit Vegan Heel in Pewter , Vow to Wow Necklace in Amethyst

Time to add accessories! This is when bridesmaids themselves usually step in — literally. Given a particular color, bridesmaids often ‘shoes’ their own wedding party adventure. (Okay, okay, I’m done.) Whether they opt for something classic, modest, modern, or retro, the options are endless at ModCloth. Looking for more ways to incorporate beautiful blooms into your entourage? Check out our floral jewelry here!

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