How to KNOW You’ve Found the Right Dress (in GIFs!)

After browsing all the boutiques, double tapping all the dress inspiration, pinning all the pretty photos,  and spending more time in fitting rooms than you ever knew one person could, you’re probably pretty anxious to lockdown the perfect gown. But, how can you tell that you’ve found the right one? Look for these nine feelings that’ll help you know.

lockdown the perfect gown

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings 

1. You kinda sorta don’t want to take it off. Ever.

2. You’re already dreaming about the accessories…

3. Your friends and family have nothing but good things to say.

4. You’re low key terrified to look at the price tag.

5. It literally takes your breath away.

6. You want to wear it everywhere — even to work.

7. You want to tell your S.O. everything about it (but somehow still keep it a secret).

8. The thought of keeping the dress in a garment bag feels wrong AF.

9. You’re already wondering if it’s time to wear it yet!

(All GIFs via Giphy)

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