4 People You Should NOT Bring with You to Shop for Your Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress is no doubt a moment that many of us have dreamed about—if not since we were little girls then at least since we saw a sparkly ring on that finger!

Of course, the actual experience of dress shopping might be a little different than what you had in mind: Maybe the dress shape you thought you would love doesn’t look so hot on your body. Maybe your budget can’t stretch to fit the gown you thought you wanted. Maybe you just don’t feel that magical princess vibe you thought you would. It happens! These unexpected emotions and situations can be tough, but when you have the right entourage of supportive people with you, they’re far less difficult to weather.

So, when you starting thinking about who you want to invite to your wedding gown appointments, take a moment to really think about who will be there for you when you need them to be. Then, consider the people you might NOT want to be there—which is just as important. Here are a few people we suggest you strike from the list, stat.people wedding dress shopping



1 The one who’s single and beyond bitter about it.

This person wants to be happy for you. Truly. But right now, she can’t. She’s too focused on her own relationship status to really show genuine enthusiasm for yours. Honestly, you may not want someone who is so self-focused and negative to bring down the energy of your appointment.

2 The one who’s totally ambivalent about your wedding—and weddings in general.

Not everyone is a wedding person. And that’s totally okay. But when a friend or family member is getting hitched, most of us are able to muster up the gusto needed to be supportive. If this person in your life is always super “meh” when you bring up your impending nuptials, you might want to leave her at home.

3 The one who’s always been super judgmental.

Many of us have one person in our lives who feels the need to criticize everything we say, wear, and do. Or at least, someone who always seems to do so during super important moments. This is not a person you want to watch you try on wedding gowns. You want your entourage to lift you up—not pick you apart.

4 The one who’s still mourning the fact that her own wedding is over.

The post-wedding period is a hard one: You’ve spent months and months planning this awesome day and now it’s over. This person means well and wants to put the focus on you—where it should be. But if she’s still starting most of her sentences with, “Well, at my wedding…” this can be a little deflating during your moment. She may still need some time to get over the fact that hers has passed.

–By Natasha Burton

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