This Powerful Genderfluid Wedding Gown Look Book is a Total Game Changer

At a time when our country could use a reminder about the freedom and ubiquity of love, we were ecstatic to see this powerful photoshoot in our inbox, passed along from NYC photographer, Angela Cappetta

Genderfluid Wedding Gown Look


As a veteran shooter and documentary-style lifestyle photographer, Angela has been fortunate to shoot everything from dramatic and visceral black and white stills of Joffrey Ballet students, to fresh wedding first looks and tear-jerking vows, and everything in between. Yet, arguably, one of her proudest moments behind the camera came when she was commissioned to capture this amazingly progressive, genderfluid look book shoot for The Cotton Bride.

The wedding industry has come so far, straying away from archaic traditions of the past and celebrating modern couples with all of their character, color, and quirk. There are no rules anymore, and soon-to-be-weds, regardless of gender, race, and sexuality, are taking that opportunity and running with it—especially when it comes to fashion. From tailored pants to gowns, cocktail dresses to suited separates, the wedding wear of today fits everyone’s personal style and isn’t pigeon-holed as his or hers. This beyond-gorgeous shoot is a game changer for encouraging greater acceptance and understanding of gender fluidity and what can we say? We’re ALL about it.

Genderfluid Wedding Gown Look


The two models featured in the look book are no strangers to political awareness. Aine Rose Campbell is not only an internationally-known top model, but also the face of sustainable fashion. Jeffrey Marsh is a Vine star, genderfluid celebrity, and writer. Essentially, they were cast as the picture-perfect pair to tell this Long Island City story and help spread the genderfluid message.

Genderfluid Wedding Gown Look BookGenderfluid Wedding Gown Look Book

The stunning gowns showcased are from The Cotton Bride, an NYC-based bridal boutique that values personal expression. Their design aesthetic is completely unique in the ‘I do’ industry and, like the brides they dress, they’re total trendsetters. See more of this inspiring shoot in the video below, or download the complete look book and help spread this powerful message of love and acceptance!

Video of the Cotton Bride Look Book Shoot from AC on Vimeo.

Photographer and Director: Angela Cappetta
Cinematographer: Brenda Goldstein
Designer: The Cotton Bride, NYC
HMU: Camelia Sealy
Models: Vine Celeb Jeffrey Marsh & Aine Rose Campbell/Orb Models

If you’re interested in learning more or sharing photography from this shoot, please reach out to Angela at