5 Ways to Declare Your Diamond Kind of Love® this Season


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With the holidays on the horizon, you’re probably thinking a lot about what you’re thankful for. And there’s a good chance your partner is trying to come up with the best way to show you just how much he or she loves and appreciates you, too…

Diamond gift ideas

We spoke with the diamond experts at Zales (they’ve been helping love birds pick out the most perfect heartfelt gifts for over 90 years now), and they shared five ways to declare your Diamond Kind of Love® this season. What’s that, you’re wondering? It’s the kind of love you just can’t keep inside. You’ve just gotta let it show with a grand gesture, and maybe a gorgeous gift to match. So, if your other half needs a hint, here you go.

1. Declare your love with breakfast in bed. A cozy morning with your S.O. is a sweet way to sneak in some serious quality time. Surprise your partner with a tray filled with festive pumpkin pancakes, warm maple syrup, and mugs of hot apple cider.

And the gift? Diamond drop earrings. When your partner picks up her cup, put the small gift box in its place. She’ll be blown away by these three-stone drop earrings.

Diamond gift ideas

2. Declare your love by “shouting it” from a mountaintop. Get adventurous by planning a wintry trek up a nearby mountain. But you’ll need to plan ahead… At the very top, use rocks to spell out your initials in the snow.

And the gift? A diamond double frame ring. Once you finally make it up the slope, reveal your big surprise message. And when she least expects it, pull the gift box out of your pocket. This illuminating diamond encrusted ring will seriously sparkle in the snow.

 Diamond gift ideas

3. Declare your love by raising a glass. Choose a local brewery or plan a weekend trip to a vineyard, and unwind over a couple of drinks and lots of laughs. Be sure to make a toast to your one-of-a-kind love.

And the gift? A diamond pendant necklace. Excuse yourself from the table and secretly track down a waiter who can get you your partner’s favorite bottle of beer or wine. Wrap the necklace around the bottle, and head back to the table to present it to her. The round diamonds on this classic pendant create a sparkling collar around the center stone that’s beyond special.

Diamond gift ideas

4. Declare your love with a sunset stroll. Bring your sunnies and take a stroll along the water (hand-in-hand, of course). Find a quiet place to sit, and snuggle up while you watch the sun fading away.

And the gift? A diamond heart pendant. Hide this sparkler in her sunglasses case, and when the sun goes down, she’ll find a very sweet surprise. She’ll love this romantic open heart in rose gold, with a quintet of shimmering diamonds.

Diamond gift ideas

5. Declare your love by lighting up the night. Set-up this surprise in your own backyard (or a nearby park will do the trick). String holiday lights up into a heart and catch her off guard by flipping the switch.

And the gift? Diamond circle drop earrings. Lead her to the lights and pop open your gift box! These exquisite earrings in cool white gold will certainly shine bright. 

Diamond gift ideas

 All photos via Zales

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