3 Reasons Why Renting Your Wedding Suit Or Tuxedo Is The SMART Move

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Photo via Generation Tux

Did you know that most people only wear a tux 1-2 times in their ENTIRE lifetime?

You’re already making the biggest commitment of your life, so why commit to an overpriced tux that you’ll probably never wear again? Finding an inexpensive tuxedo rental shop that has all of the on-trend styles and the most efficient and easy-to-use service will be a godsend for your groom-to-be.

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1 Chances Are, You’ll Only Wear It Once

Like we said, you only wear your wedding tux once or twice, MAX. Unless you’re one of those people that gets invited to black tie events every month, chances are, that beautiful and pricey tux is going to be left in a box somewhere in your closet! And think about it – are you really going to wear that tux on New Year’s? So, rent your tux and you won’t ever have the pressure of wearing it again in order to get your money’s worth.

2 It Can Be Expensive!

When it comes to buying a tux, it definitely isn’t cheap. Buying a tux can rack up to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars especially if you’re having it custom fit, and that’s not even including your shoes, tie, and accessories. So why spend so much money on custom design and time spent at the tailors when you can simply go online, input your measurements, and have a tux sent straight to your door? Also, getting a tailored custom fit suit is a risk – most likely you’ll change in size so that means you’re going to have to spend more money getting future alterations.

3 Styles Change All The Time

You want the most modern look for your wedding, but when you buy a tux, you’re often stuck with choosing something pretty boring, because you’re afraid your wedding look with become dated and you won’t be able to wear it again. Well, you’re right… styles do change – so go for that maroon tux or the colorful bow tie by renting it, and don’t worry about the future because you won’t ever have to wear it again!

And Our Bonus Reason – It’s Better To Bundle!

You want your wedding party to match, but you can’t expect them to all buy expensive tuxedos just for your wedding. So, stick to renting, and you and your buddies can match with the coolest tuxedos, and you may also get a discount for buying in bulk! That means less time and money spent at the tailors, and more time hanging with your bros.

Your Awesome Wedding Tuxedo Begins Here

One thing we know for sure is that fashion styles change every season. So, don’t get stuck with an expensive and outdated tux after your big day.

From conservative to stylish and adventurous to just plain outrageous…

That’s what we love about renting a tuxedo – it’s your choice and the possibilities are endless!


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