The Busy Nearlywed’s Guide to Last-Minute Wedding Attire Shopping

You’re weeks away from your wedding — but there’s still nothing hanging in your closet. Whether you just haven’t found something you love, you had a change of heart, or you knew you’d have a short shopping window, no need to panic! There are still plenty of gowns, suits, and dresses that you can get your hands on before the big day. Expedite your shopping process by starting with these last-minute sellers…

Formalwear Shoppes & Wedding Attire Salons
Just because you need attire ASAP doesn’t mean you can’t hit the wedding salon. Just know that you won’t have the same treatment (or options) as a nearlywed whose wedding is in a year. Call ahead to make sure the shop has off the rack clothes still available, which are sold as is (meaning minimal sizes options and likely some damage from multiple try-ons). Still, with a little love and care attire and formalwear purchased off-the-rack can be just as pretty and less pricey!


This online retailer’s wedding boutique is full of stunning bridal gowns. When you finally pick one out (it might be hard; they’re all so gorg), shop the site for accessories, shoes, lingerie, and pretty much everything else you need to complete your wedding-day look. And with three-day shipping, you don’t have to worry about being dress-less on the big day.

Sample Sales
Every so often, shoppes and designers host sample sales, which let them clear their stash to make more room for the next collection of wedding attire. The “last-season” dresses are significantly marked down — so much that these sales tend to get kind of crazy. Still, if you need something stat, a sample sale can get you a gorgeous designer outfit in a flash and at an amazing price.

It’s really, really hard to not fall in love with everything from BHLDN — especially the wedding attire. This brand is always on top of trends: Just look at the collection of attire and you’ll see an amazing array of styles, colors, cuts and more. No matter your vibe, you’ll find the perfect fit (and then you can quickly order it online — check the item info for shipping times).

J. Crew
This swoon-worthy chain may only have a few brick-and-mortar stores, but the wedding collection is available online! If you pick a dress that’s in stock, you can get it the next day (not-in-stock picks could take up to six business days). J.Crew’s attire are mostly sleek, simple, and unfussy, but you’ll find simple white attire and a couple out-of-the-ordinary pieces, too.

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