Is a Boudoir Shoot Right for You?

To boudoir or not to boudoir? It’s a question many brides ask themselves as the big day approaches…

So, before you break out the lingerie and book a session, ask yourself the following questions to see if baring it for the camera is the right move for you.

Boudoir shoot

Photo by Amelia Soegijono

When’s the last time you celebrated you? While many women do a shoot so that they can give the photos to their spouses-to-be, a boudoir session is really all about you. So, if you’ve never truly honored yourself in a tangible way, a shoot can be a huge milestone…and a confidence booster, too!

How will my partner feel about the photos? Typically, the answer to this question is, well, stoked. But, some people aren’t down with their wives-to-be getting racy with another person, even if that person is a pro. Before you book, have an open conversation about the shoot.

How confident do I feel about my body? We all have our body hang-ups, for sure. But when you do a boudoir shoot, you want to feel comfortable enough in your skin so that you can enjoy the shoot and the photos. If you’re feeling down on yourself, consider whether this is the best time for boudoir (but keep in my mind it may give you a boost!).

Boudoir shoot

Will I ever look this fit/hot/healthy/sexy again? If you’ve been working out for your wedding, or recently embarked on a healthy living plan, you might want to consider capturing your hard work with a shoot. Not only will you be able to look back on how amazing you looked when you’re old and gray, but the photos will inspire you to continue on with your good-for-you lifestyle well after the big day.

How comfortable am I with being sexy—or just kinda naked—in front of a stranger? Another factor to consider is who will be taking your photos. If you don’t think you will be able to let loose with a professional photographer (especially one you’ve never worked with before) you might consider having your guy take snaps of you, or even asking a trusted friend with a nice camera to help you out.

How do I feel about my photos being seen by people other than me and my fiance? This question is all about reading the fine print: Some photographers will put in their contracts that have the right to use your images on their websites and social media pages. If that’s not something you want, make sure you ask about this before you sign anything.

Can I afford it? Like all professional photography, boudoir shoots usually don’t come cheap. Therefore, it’s important to consider the money aspect of it: Would you rather spend $1,000 on sexy photos of yourself, or put those funds toward your honeymoon?


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