Apparently, Huge Diamond Engagement Rings Are Officially Outdated

Once upon a time, size was everything when it came to engagement rings. The bigger—the bling-ier—the better. The diamond solitaire was a gold standard of sorts when it came to getting down on one knee. And anything else was considered an outlier.

 Apparently, Huge Diamond Engagement Rings Are Officially OutdatedPhoto by Min An 

Now, however, with the recent trend of more personalized weddings, these tokens of love are adapting and individualizing as well. So much so that, according to the New York Post, the big ol’ diamond engagement ring may be turning into a thing of the past.

“Instead of splurging on a big, multicarat rock, couples are opting for engravings and other accents to customize their rings,” writes Lindsay Putnam, in her recent story, “Unless She’s a Basic Chick, Don’t Propose with a Giant Rock.” So much so that, as she reports, one major brand was even forced to discount its wares in the face of dropping sales. Not everyone is opting for a diamond anymore, let along a large one.

Apart from the fact that many couples today are departing from tradition when it comes to wedding rings, there are certainly some outdated aspects of the huge solitaire: Whereas years ago, men were judged by the size of the rock they were able to bestow upon their fiancés, certainly many people have evolved past this viewpoint. Not to mention, a number of women likely agree that we don’t need, or want, our rings to be a competition over how much money our partners make. (Amiright, ladies?)

In fact, some might even see a pricey diamond as frivolous (or even a waste of money). A number of women today may prefer an awesome trip or a down payment for a house to a piece of jewelry.

Couples in general today are more egalitarian and this seems to be carrying over into how they express this commitment on their ringers. Plus, with same-sex partners getting hitched, the idea that one person should wear one schmancy ring, while the other person gets a simple band may not jive. Gender role acceptance and new outlooks may be having a big affect on what we want—and expect—an engagement ring to be these days.

That being said, some still covet that timeless solitaire and love the idea of a huge rock on their finger. And, if that’s you, then that’s what you should have! Nowadays, it’s all about choice and deciding what’s right for you and your personal style—whether it’s a pave rose gold band, a vintage emerald stunner or, yes, that classic solitaire.

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