6 Signs It’s Time for Your Partner to Meet the Parents

Now that the pressure of the holidays are over, is it time to introduce your partner to your parents? Before you arrange for the four of you to meet, consider these six signs that it’s time for your partner to meet the family.

When Should My Partner Meet My Parents? 6 Signs They Are Ready.

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1. The relationship is secure. You feel confident and comfortable in your partnership. You believe this is definitely going somewhere and you aren’t worried about you and your partner breaking up anytime soon.

2. Arguments or fights are rare. If you and your partner are constantly fighting, maybe it’s not the ideal time to introduce him or her to your better half. Plus if you both are prone to blowouts, the added stress of meeting relatives might not help.

3. Your S.O. has expressed a desire to meet your parents. If your partner has brought up multiple times that her or she would like to meet your parents, then maybe it’s time. His or her commitment to your relationship and to forging relationships with the people you care about is definitely a great thing.

4. There’s no doubt that your parents will love your partner. If your main squeeze is totally family-approved, then you should introduce him or her. If you have to worry about their disapproval, that tells you something about your relationship.

5. The timing feels right. Maybe there is a big celebration coming up or your parents are in town. If your relatives aren’t local, you’ll need to factor in timing when coordinating the big meet-up.

6. You both know this is serious. If you and your significant other both know that you’re in it for the long-haul, then by all means introduce. Think about how both you and your partner feel about the relationship and it’s staying power. If this one’s a keeper, your parents will probably agree.
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