So, Your Partner Does NOT Want to Wear a Wedding Ring?

What do Donald Trump, Prince William, Jay-Z, and Will Smith all have in common? According to a recent article in The New York Times, they all make the list of men who choose not to wear wedding bands.

As it turns out, these fellows have opted out of rocking rings for a variety of reasons, like personal preference, tattoos, or simply because the public already knows they’re married. But because being ring-less is sometimes thought to be tied to infidelity and broadcasting availability, we know it can be a tense topic among couples (whether they’re celebs or not…).

men who choose not to wear wedding bands

So, what should you do if your partner doesn’t want to wear a wedding ring and you’re not exactly on-board? Here are five ways to tackle this tricky situation:


1 Have an honest conversation.

Before you make assumptions about why your S.O. wants to keep that   ring finger bare, talk it out. Don’t hold in your anger, resentment, or big questions. And encourage your other half to ask questions about your stance, too.

2 Try to understand why your spouse doesn’t want to wear a ring.

Is it a matter of symbolism or logistics? Maybe your partner allergic to nickel or has an occupation where rings are dangerous? Make sure you understand the reasoning before jumping to conclusions.

3 Don’t give ultimatums. 

Your marriage shouldn’t be totally contingent on wearing a ring. So don’t let the lack of jewelry ruin your relationship. This is a good opportunity to work on your communication skills (which are key to a happy partnership).

4 Find a compromise. 

Perhaps there is an alternative to the traditional ring that you would both feel good about? Maybe your other half would be down with a ring tattoo like Bey and Jay-Z or another agreed upon symbol of commitment like a watch with a sweet inscription.

5 Trust your partner.

Try to remember that a marriage is about much more than a metal band. Work together to find a solution that makes both sides happy, and trust in each other to fulfill everything a wedding ring symbolizes, whether it’s on someone’s finger or not.

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