Did Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Get Married? Here’s What We Know…

If you’re one of Kylie Jenner’s 117 million followers on Instagram, then you know how this week the 21-year-old posted a video of a bunch of roses that rap star and baby-daddy Travis Scott surprised her with (you know, Stormi’s dad)

And we gotta say Travis, good job because these roses are sooo gorgeous! 😍👏👏

But more importantly….

This week Kylie’s caption had us like: 😳😳😳Why? Peep the Insta video caption above saying:

“Just because flowers are the best kind😫😫😍 thank u hubby.”

That’s right, she said “hubby”…now we’re all thinking: Are Kylie and Travis married? I mean, she did keep us in the dark about her entire pregnancy…could she have had a secret wedding as well?

Well, here’s what we know:

If you’re a major Kylie fan then you know this is not the first time Kylie has referred to Travis as “hubby”

Earlier this month she blessed our Snapchat feeds with another infamous “Kylie Story” of Travis performing at SNL, calling him “hubby”

Ok, so is this just a flirty nickname or…?

Well, Travis himself has referred to Kylie as “wifey” before in a Birthday post dedicated to her on Instagram back in August:

Sooo…are they just being cute? Are they married? TBH we still don’t know…but maybe we’ll officially find out sooner than we know it.

But hey there Kyles, don’t stop posting pics of Stormi because she is too dang cute!