This Has to Be the Most Expensive Wedding Invitation We’ve Ever Seen

Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson is preparing to marry his girlfriend Jennifer Conrad and the couple has come up with an idea for their invitations that puts everyone else’s to shame. According to TMZ:

“Keyshawn Johnson just sent out the BEST wedding invitations ever — iPad 4s — each pre-programmed with all of the 411 for Key’s big day…the iPads were sent to several guests a few weeks ago — and once they’re powered on, a program opens informing the recipients about Key’s wedding events. Also included — a photo gallery, guestbook, and countdown to the big day. The couple also made it easy for guests to buy wedding gifts by including the registry right on the iPad.”

This Has to Be the Most Expensive Wedding Invitation We’ve Ever Seen

Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

The least expensive model of the latest iPad retails for $399; sending iPads to just 50 people would cost close to $20,000. Perhaps they got a discount for buying in bulk, but still… they probably had to pay someone to program the tablets with the wedding day details. In any case, if that’s what they chose for the invitations, we’re guessing each guest will be given a pony wearing a Rolex in lieu of more traditional wedding favors.

If iPads for every guest aren’t in your budget, check out some more affordable wedding invitations below!


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