4 Reasons NOT to Use the Internet to Find a Wedding Date (Like Mike and Dave)

It’s wedding season, and another happy couple has given you the privilege of bringing a plus-one to their big day! Oh, there’s just one huge problem… you’re single AF and have absolutely no clue who to invite. Your little sis has been with her bae for three years now, your loner cousin somehow just got engaged, and even your crazy uncle seems to have snatched up a S.O. in time for the “I dos.” Yup, literally everyone has a date, but you.

Reasons NOT to Use the Internet to Find a Wedding Date

Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash

While you’re probably contemplating hitting up your ex (always a bad idea…), reactivating your Tinder account (and swiping right for anyone with a cute photo of a dog), or perhaps just going with someone platonic, Mike and Dave have another idea. Yes, the dynamic duo from the new movie that hit theaters today, “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.”

Based on real life brothers, Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) are wild party bros whose mom and dad finally give them an ultimatum: find proper dates to their sister’s Hawaiian wedding or get cut from the guest-list. Desperate to find parent-approved gals in time for the big day, they post an ad on Craigslist, and the result appears to be hilarity. Their seemingly perfect dates (Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza) give the fellas a run for their money by outsmarting and even out-partying the uncontrollable pair.

We’re stoked for the flick and it got us thinking about some of the reasons why you should NOT use the internet to lock in a wedding date (followed by a couple of reasons it might be okay…):

1. You have NO idea what your date will do.


From wearing the worst suit you’ve ever seen, to firing off terrible jokes all cocktail hour long, to breaking out “the sprinkler” on the dance floor (#fail), there’s no telling what your Twitter date will do. Don’t assume a couple thousand followers means he or she isn’t hiding some terrible look-at-me move!

2. It’s the hidden Facebook photos that tell the real story.


If only you could see what your new Facebook friend has untagged… You can try to make sense of the curated collection of snapshots still visible on his or her profile, but it could be hard to tell if your date is a total dud.

3. Your date will definitely be meeting the family.


Make sure you’re not sending mixed signals to your Craigslist find. Hey, taking out an ad must mean you’re really looking for “the one,” right? And meeting the fam definitely fast-forwards you into serious relationship status. Stage five clingger, anyone?

4. There will be SO many photos on Instagram.


Photos or it didn’t happen, right? But this is a wedding, so there will definitely be photos all over your Insta feed. You may have thought a few of your date’s artsy snaps were double-tap-worthy, but are you going to heart all of the tagged photos of the two of you?

But if you’re really stressing about this who plus-one thing, following Mike and Dave’s lead might not be the worst idea. Here’s why it could be okay:

1. Online dating is all the rage these days.
From Match.com to OkayCupid, online dating is far from taboo these days. More and more people are meeting their forever plus-one on the internet, so why wouldn’t it be your turn?


2. You’ve probably already exhausted all the other options in your apps…
Left. Left. Left. Left. If you’re totally swiped out or your coffee still hasn’t met its bagel, it might time to put down the iPhone and fancy apps, and see what you can find online.


3. Love is in the air…

There’s something romantic about a wedding. No matter how you met your date, it’s possible that sparks could really fly!


But then again, maybe the open bar is more than enough…


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