Bridal Stress and Your Period

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Can Stress Delay Your Period? And Other FAQ

You already know that your body is a fine-tuned machine that’s sensitive to stress (remember finals week during freshmen year of college?) but bridal stress is another level of stress and it can seriously wreak havoc on your period. Here, we answer some commonly asked questions surrounding bridal stress and your period.

Can I avoid my period on my wedding day?

Yes, your menstrual cycle can be manipulated but please do it with the help of a licensed OB/GYN. The OB/GYN will probably ask you tons of questions during your appointment to figure out your menstruation cycle first before figuring out the best course of action. In addition to an OB/GYN, you can try apps like Period Calendar or Flo Period Tracker to figure out your personal situation and even predict your next period, which hopefully doesn’t happen on your big day!

I recently got engaged and my cycle already feels off, why?

First off, congratulations! Secondly, you’re experiencing bridal stress already, which can seriously affect your cycle and your period. Think about it – your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life and you’re planning it right now. Juggling calendar dates, making big decisions, increasing exercise activity and other stressful factors can play a huge role in your cycle. There are solutions to address this and they range from practicing mindful meditation to seeing a therapist regularly.

I’ve been planning my wedding for months and the stress has definitely affected my cycle, are the effects permanent?

We hope the planning ends soon! Wedding planning is accompanied by a unique metric ton of stress and once that is over, that stress usually subsides, and that stress subsiding is very good news for your health (both physical and mental). While your cycle should go back to normal after all is said and done, we definitely recommend seeing a licensed OB/GYN because every woman’s body is different. The licensed OB/GYN can check things out, run tests and serve as a great resource to get your cycle back on track so it’s one less thing for you to stress out about.

Wedding planning hasn’t stopped my period, but it’s made it a little crazier – my PMS symptoms now include some real crazy cramps to seriously bad mood swings. What do I do?

Sorry but we’re going to a broken record here – consult a licensed OB/GYN if your cycle is particularly out of control. Your body is an intricately connected temple and your OB/GYN may recommend holistic solutions to address your PMS like eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods and engaging in exercise to boost your endorphins. For real crazy cramps, we personally recommend placing a warm water bottle on your abdomen to alleviate pain (we like this warm water bottle from Attmu in particular). For bad mood swings, why not take a step back from the planning and practice a little self-care? Go indulge in a spa day. Netflix and chill solo. Take a mini road trip with girlfriends. We promise you’ll feel better.