The Healthy Weight Loss Wedding Hack That Totally Works

There I was, two months left until my wedding day and nowhere near my goal weight! How did that happen? I had several months to get in shape and thought for sure I’d be slipping right into my custom dream wedding dress, especially since I’d have to finalize alterations to the point of no return, real soon.

weight loss wedding hacks

Photo by Éva Balogh

I admit, I skipped the personal trainer because I was already on a tight budget with the wedding. I tried juicing — what a disaster. PSA: hitting bridezilla status will happen much faster on an empty stomach. My friend, who recently gotten married (and looked AMAZING) told me her secret after she saw how stressed I was about losing weight — Nutrisystem. Wait what? Like the shakes I grew up watching my mom drink?

nutrisystem shakes, wedding weight loss hacks

Photo by Oscar Nord 

It turns out, there is so much more to Nutrisystem than shakes! I looked into the program and found a complete eating plan with real food. I had over 150 menu options to choose from — including comfort food to get me through the stress of wedding planning — and all meals and snacks were provided. As a busy bride, not having to think about meal planning was a huge time saver! What I love most about the Nutrisystem plan is that I didn’t have to deprive myself at all. The food is delicious and perfectly balanced for the nutrition my body needs. Not only did I have proper portions of protein, fiber, and healthy carbs, but I sometimes indulged with their desserts (in moderation, of course).

weight loss wedding hacksPhoto by patricia serna

Not only did I lose five pounds in the first week on the program, but I fit perfectly into my dress on my wedding day. Getting my diet right also gave me the energy boost I needed to hit the gym on a regular basis. Nutrisystem worked for me because it was a complete plan with no guesswork or calorie counting. I even had access to Nutrisystem counselors who helped me tweak my dietary needs. Having a support team made all the difference!

I truly look and feel better than I have in a long time, and I actually feel healthier. My wedding and honeymoon may have kicked off my weight-loss journey, but thanks to Nutrisystem, I’m inspired to stay on this path and continue being my best self.

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