How Coconut Oil Can Actually Help Prepare You for Your Wedding Day

You’ve been staying away from bloat-inducing carbs and inflammation-causing sugars. You’re pretty sure you’ve gotten good enough at spin to actually teach your SoulCycle class. And you’ve done every juice cleanse out there (like, all of them)… But have you tried coconut oil?

We sat down with Jennie Miremadi, a nutritionist and wellness coach who knows a thing or two about women’s health, and she schooled us on the five big benefits of using coconut oil before your big day:

1. You may get a much needed immune boost.

coconut oil wedding day

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The last thing you want is to get sick in the final stretch of planning or (*gasp*) on the day of your “I dos.” Coconut oil contains fatty acids that have antimicrobial properties, which can potentially give your immune system support to keep you feeling your best.

2. You’re likely to notice a new glow.

coconut oil wedding day
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They say brides glow on their wedding day, but hey, why take a chance? Coconut oil can not only help hydrate your skin, it can also boost skin lipid levels to help give you that radiant glow.

3. You might avoid a frantic last minute dress fitting.
coconut oil wedding day
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What’s more overwhelming than a dress that suddenly doesn’t fit? Consider adding coconut oil to your diet. Studies have shown that coconut oil can not only increase your metabolic rate, but also reduce your appetite. Take that, stress eating!

4. Your smile will probably be extra photo-ready.
coconut oil wedding day
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Put an extra twinkle in your smile with a little help from coconut oil! It helps decrease plaque and gingivitis when you swish it around in your mouth using a practice called oil pulling.

5. You just might have a really good hair day.
Coconut Oil Tips wedding Day
Photo by Ryan Strongin

Did you know that coconut oil can help protect your hair from damage when you use it as a pre-wash conditioning treatment? Apply it to your hair before you go to bed and wash it out the next morning to help give you those gorgeous wedding-worthy locks.

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