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Destination Weddings

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How To Plan A Destination Wedding

If you're thinking of hosting a truly memorable and one of a kind experience for your wedding, a destination wedding is the way to go. From domestic beach destinations to exotic global getaways, here's where and how to plan an epic destination wedding.

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Domestic destinations
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Here's why we highly recommend domestic destination weddings and honeymoon venues.

If you prefer to travel less

When most people think of destination weddings or honeymoons, they think of far flung locales that require an 8+ hour flight or 2+ layovers (not ideal!) We're here to tell you that is definitely not the case and why you should really consider domestic destinations for either your wedding venue or your honeymoon spot.

The United States is home to some of the most gorgeous and dreamy landscapes. Our Loverly editors are huge fans of beach weddings, and Holiday Inn Resorts has some of the most spectacular beach front venues that you'll seriously swoon over without paying a fortune.

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PRO TIP Relax in nirvana by the beautiful beach and stunning settings. Take a long walk by the water, enjoy cocktails at sunset, and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Domestic Beach Wedding Venues
Tropical destinations
Holiday Inn Resort Aruba Beach Resort & Casino Holiday Inn Resorts


If you and your partner love to travel but aren't thinking of a super far destination, the Caribbean and Mexico are the perfect locations.

Experience marital bliss

If you and your partner are seeking crystal clear waters, delicious and exotic foods, and all the luxurious experiences of a truly relaxing vacation, the Caribbean Islands or Mexico are for you.

Holiday Inn Resorts has multiple properties that are in the Caribbean and Mexico. Some are all-inclusive, which means, effortless vacation planning!

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PRO TIP Zen out and spend quality time with your family and friends on the gorgeous beaches.
Tropical Wedding Venues
Global wedding destinations
Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Holiday Inn Resorts


For the aspirational couple who has a serious case of wanderlust, having a global destination wedding is your best bet.

Get your passports ready!

You can go to truly magical destinations, such as Bali, Maldives, or Phuket, without having to spend a true fortune. Holiday Inn Resorts has multiple locations all over the globe, and if you and your partner are thinking of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we highly recommend one of these destinations.

Expect magical sunsets, endless photos for the 'gram, and breathtaking romantic vibes in one of these global locations. These locales are guaranteed to deliver memories for a lifetime.

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PRO TIP Have a totally romantic experience at a global wedding getaway in Southeast Asia.
Global Wedding Venues
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