About Loverly

We believe the planning process should be inspiring and exciting. It’s your big day and it should be perfectly you whether you want to embrace tradition or break all the rules. Maybe you want a rustic-chic wedding, with a charming mix of homespun and elegant accoutrements, or you fancy a white-tie wedding at the tippy-top of high taste - either way, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting married today, because a lot has changed over the years and we’ve been keeping up.

Loverly’s mission is to make wedding planning simple and more fun.

How it Began

Loverly started as the vision of a five-time bridesmaid and wedding industry insider. The first wedding Kellee Khalil helped plan basically changed everything. It was 2010, and her sister Leila (wedding publicist extraordinaire) had just asked her to be MOH in her bridesmaid #girlsquad. She thought it’d be a piece of cake, considering all of her connections in the ‘I Do’ industry, but she was more than a little overwhelmed. After spending hours in front of her laptop, searching for creative shower themes and bachelorette ideas, identifying the who’s-who of wedding creatives in a flooded market, and strategizing the reality factor of DIY details on a budget, Kellee reached a verdict that wedding planning was no easy feat, even just for someone in the entourage. It was then that she made it her mission to bring fun back into the equation. She packed her bags and headed to NYC, where she poured her heart into building a brand that resonated with today’s nearlyweds and their modern #relationshipgoals. With Kellee at the helm, Loverly has grown into a helpful haven where couples can come for the well-rounded wedding support they haven’t found elsewhere. We’ll help you hone your vision with gorgeous inspiration, and we’ll assist and encourage you along the way with insightful, non-judgmental advice. It’s time to press pause and reflect on why you’re tying the knot in the first place. You’ve got each other, and we’ll help you make your day one of a kind.

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