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Watercolor Chevron Stripe Custom Wedding Tote

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Super soft and pretty wedding welcome totes. Tote Product Description: ; 100% Cotton Canvas, 6 ounce fabric; 14;x16;, self-fabric handles.
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  • Gold Diamond Engraved Valet Key Chain


    Gold Diamond Engraved Valet Key Chain - Designed to complement an active lifestyle, this valet key chain by Kwiat Jewelers is made in sterling silver and plated with 18kt gold, features a diamond stud. A classic choice for groomsmen, this key ring has a detachable ring for valet use; pull apart and a spring mechanism releases the valet key ring. The timeless design also features a perfect area for engraving for a personal effect.

  • The Perfect Pear Cookies (1 dozen)

    Sunshine Bakes

    The Perfect Pear Cookies (1 dozen) - ***Please see shop announcement for booked dates prior to placing order, thank you:-)!! Perfect for Wedding Favors or Bridal Shower!! The Perfect Pear Cookies 4"/1 dozen are made from my buttery and rich Vanilla Bean cookie recipe. They are decorated with royal icing that has a dash of vanilla extract to bring together the wonderful flavors of the cookie. The cookies are decorated in green ...

  • Black Cherry Cocoa Nib Caramels (25-count)

    The Groovy Baker

    Black Cherry Cocoa Nib Caramels (25-count) - Slowly stirred caramel candy with fabulous sweet, tart black cherries and a generous sprinkling of the addictively biting cocoa nibs to balance out the natural sweetness of handmade cooked caramel. Contains 25 recycled content favor boxes + 3 caramel pieces per box + custom tag Thank You for Coming is the standard, unless otherwise noted.

  • Almond Bran

    Almond Bran - Almond Bran is made from 100% dried almond skins, which have been ground to perfection. It is rich in dietary fiber and powerful antioxidants, and is a good source of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Without the calories and fat associated with eating whole almonds, Almond Bran is considered a concentrated nutritional supplement. Try adding it to baked goods or smoothies, or sprinkling it over cereals and salads for a mild nutty flavor.

  • Chocolate, Coffee + Kumquat Spread

    Lemon Bird Handmade Jams

    Chocolate, Coffee + Kumquat Spread - Nutella + us = true love. But now that we've tasted this incredible combination of candied kumquats, dark chocolate and coffee, we're rethinking our commitment. Lemon Bird's products are truly small batch, made from the best (and closest) raw ingredients that L.A.-based maker Amy Deaver can find. This spread is a neighborhood collaboration of sorts. Deaver uses a slow drip method to infuse apple pectin with beans from Ritual Coffee Roasters. Thin slices of kumquat are candied and mixed with the coffee pectin and sugar, then with dark chocolate from Chocovivo (and you know how we feel about Chocovivo). The spread is intensely chocolatey, with just a hint of coffee, punctuated by sweet-tart notes of kumquat. We swoon over every spoonful. tip of the tongue Spread on toasted baguette for breakfast or dessert, spoon onto vanilla or coffee ice cream, or use as an extravagant dip for sliced apples, fresh figs and dried apricots.

  • Chili Granola

    Bad Seed

    Chili Granola - In this case, let hotter heads prevail. We didn't know we needed a spicy granola in our lives, until we tried this fiery, flavorful concoction from Bad Seed. It's unlike anything we've ever tried, but it does remind us (in the best possible way) of the spicy, crunchy bits at the bottom of a bowl of Szechuan dan dan noodles. So good! tip of the tongue This is one condiment that won't take up any fridge space. According to the makers at Bad Seed, "it likes heat." Just be sure to mix it up before spooning it out – before you take off the top, turn the bottle over for a minute to let the spicy oil redistribute.

  • Blueberry Rhubarb Jam


    Blueberry Rhubarb Jam - With a generous growing season and endless western sun, great fruit in LA is a given. And Sqirl Jam's delicate, artful preparations truly lets the fruit shine through. They use heirloom varietals whenever possible, all from family-owned farms. Even the pots the jam is made in are hand spun by a local coppersmith. Here, a departure from the traditional couple that is strawberry and rhubarb, SQUIRL's fresh blueberry and rhubarb jam has a subtly sweet and tart flavor. It's a reinvention of the classic, and we're smitten. tip of the tongue Slather on any and every baked good you get your hands on. Seriously. We especially love it on a slice of brioche toast topped off with sheep's cheese.

  • Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread Bites

    Carla Hall Petite Cookies

    Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread Bites - Crunchy cookies versus chewy cookies: the great divide. But why compromise? It's hard to believe that these micro-cookies can contain the best of both worlds, but maybe that's why Carla Hall calls it "Alchemy" – each wee cube of buttery almond shortbread is studded with spicy-sweet caramelized ginger and tart dried cherry, making them at once crunchy and chewy. Not to mention scrumptious. While competing on Bravo's "Top Chef," Carla Hall spread her infectious philosophy: cook with love. Now, her motto has found its way to baking cookies. Spreading the love is encouraged, as these adorable treats are bite-sized and made for sharing. Each batch is rolled by hand using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and Carla's able to channel her Southern background along with her classic French training. Now, the only question is whether you'll actually share before devouring the whole lovely package! Tip of the Tongue Buy a variety of Alchemy cookie flavors and set them out in an array of pretty bowls for the perfect party munchies!

  • American Prairie Reserve Whiskey

    High West Distillery

    American Prairie Reserve Whiskey - Home, home on the range... American Prairie Reserve is a caramel-y, peppery blend of 6-year-old and 10-year-old bourbons, and is quite a patriotic tribute to the Old West. High West crafted this whiskey to support the American Prairie Reserve, a public land preservation project in Montana. It's being restored to the natural landscape that Lewis and Clark would have seen more than 200 years ago, "with t hundering herds of bison, racing bands of pronghorn antelope and prairie dog towns dotting the horizon." The distillers donate 10% of the profit from this whiskey to the reserve, which, when complete, will be roughly the size of Connecticut! tip of the tongue The greater sage grouse shown on this bottle's label has rapidly disappeared, now a candidate for endangered species protection. But these beautiful birds still thrive on the American Prairie Reserve.

  • Double Rye!

    High West Distillery

    Double Rye! - High West's Double Rye whiskey is a great choice for any generation (over 21, please). After achieving great success with the art of blending, the distillery has doubled down on the mix of longer-aged and mellow with younger and spritely rye. To be specific (and we know you like details!), this is a blend of 2-year-old rye whiskey made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley, with a 16-year-old containing 53% rye, 37% corn and 10% malted barley. It’s very spicy with tons of black pepper right up front. While the older whiskey mellows things out, bringing soft undertones of caramel and vanilla, it’s the boldly assertive young whiskey that, unsurprisingly, steals the show. tip of the tongue Blended whiskeys have gotten a bad rap, because some distillers use a small percentage of quality whiskey, then add neutral (a.k.a. colorless, tasteless, odorless) spirits and caramel coloring. But, when it's done well, blending allows a distiller like High West to produce a remarkably flavorful, complex whiskey at a much more affordable price. Yes, please!

  • Gewürztraminer 2012

    Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards

    Gewürztraminer 2012 - Gewürztraminer is undoubtedly a mouth-full, but trust us, it's worth it. Gewürz is German for “spice,� and this dry-style Gewürztraminer has beautiful spicy notes to compliment hints of almost-pickable peaches and melon. It has a floral aroma and a touch of coriander that makes our mouths water. This is a wine geek's favorite that is our secret total crowd-pleaser. Hermann J. Wiemer was one of the first people to realize that the climate and soil in the Finger Lakes area of New York are similar to that of the Mosel Valley in Germany, which is famous for Riesling and Gewürztraminer. And the winery he founded makes world-class wines from classic German grapes that we enjoy as much as any we’ve tried. tip of the tongue We keep a bottle of this in the fridge for when we get Chinese takeout. Dumplings and wine? Best Tuesday night ever. ingredients 12.5% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Curd Your Enthusiasm


    Curd Your Enthusiasm - You've probably already guessed it, but we love, LOVE cheese, so much that we couldn't wait to share it with you. And our favorite part of having other Mouths over? Creating the ever-popular cheese board, for all its shareable, gushable, mix-and-matchable glory. So break out this spread for your next book club, invite your besties over for cocktails or throw a seriously awesome poker night. It's gonna be gouda. You'll feast on three swoony, indie cheeses that will make you feel totally patriotic: A mini-wheel of goat cheese that's crusty and gooey with a creamy-sweet center; a tangy and rich cow's milk cheese perfect for slicing; and a salty, robust sheep's milk blue. All whey, whey good. And because your guests can't live on cheese alone, set out a fruity, not-too-sweet fig spread; a savory sun-dried tomato and olive tapenade; a spectacular honey for drizzling; two kinds of crunchy crackers; and candied pecans for nibbling well into the night. The sweetest dreams are, well, made of cheese. This assortment comes party-ready with a fancy slate cheese board, to serve 5 to 6 people generously, or a few more as a lead-in to a dinner party. For a larger crowd, check out The Big Cheese. In this taster Slate Cheese Board made by Brooklyn Slate Late summer honey from Bees Needs Fig Almond Spread made by the Gracious Gourmet Ewe's Blue made by Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. Sun-Dried Tomato Olive Tapenade made by Sutter Buttes Bonne Bouche made by Vermont Creamery Maple Thyme Pecans made by Ovenly A Barndance made by Robinson Farm Jan's Farmhouse Crisps Pilsner Beer Flats Cracker by Daelia's Food Company All this deliciousness come packed in our signature Mouth tote, along with a few surprises. *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • Decaf Peru

    Brooklyn Roasting Company

    Decaf Peru - Calling all insomniacs: The one, the only, Decaf! We know it's possible to love coffee, yet hate caffeine, so we're thrilled to carry this sweet, clean, awesome coffee from our friends at Brooklyn Roasting Company. (We promise it won't keep you up – but, just in case, there's always melatonin!) Brooklyn Roasting Company is right around the corner from us in DUMBO, Brooklyn – and worth a trip. They roast an awesome bean and make a truly perfect cup of coffee. They say they're not coffee snobs, just dedicated coffee lovers who only settle for the best. tip of the tongue This coffee is decaffeinated using a water process, so no nasty chemicals needed (we heart technology!).

  • Hot Stuff Taster


    Hot Stuff Taster - Some like it hot. You know the type. You cook a meal, and no matter how beautifully seasoned you think it is, they're always running to the pantry for hot sauce or red pepper. This taster is not for the faint of tongue. For those with a fiery mouth, give these zesty chocolates, spirited sauces and other scandalously strong goodies with a hot n smoky kick. We've got three ways to keep things spicy . . . OPTION 1: Hot Stuff Chili Lime Lollipops made by Roni-Sue Chili Lime Lollipops - Chili Lime Lollipops Roni-Sue Chocolates (CON-242-17-S) Spicy Chile Caramel Sauce made by Spoonable Spicy Chile Caramel Sauce - Spicy Chili Caramel Spoonable (CAR-259-12-S) Candied Jalapenos made by Little Bird Chocolates Candied Jalapeño - Candied Jalapenos Little Bird Chocolates (CON-337-10-S) The Potlicker's Strawberry Chipotle Jam Strawberry Chipotle Jam - Strawberry Chipotle Jam / 8 ounce Potlicker (SPD-288-11-S) Pickled Thai Basil Jalapenos made by Gordy's Pickle Jar Pickled Thai Basil Jalapeños - Thai Basil Jalapeños Gordy's Pickle Jar (PIK-174-13-S) Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce made by We Rub You Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce - Spicy We Rub You (CND-305-10-S) OPTION 2: Hot Hot Stuff Chili Lime Lollipops made by Roni-Sue Chili Lime Lollipops - Chili Lime Lollipops Roni-Sue Chocolates (CON-242-17-S) Epic Pickles' Hot Dills Hot Dills - Hot Dills / 1 quart Epic Pickles (PIK-294-11-S) Spicy Chile Caramel Sauce made by Spoonable Spicy Chile Caramel Sauce - Spicy Chili Caramel Spoonable (CAR-259-12-S) Jerk McGurk's Wild Rubdown Beef Jerky by Slant Shack - Candied Jalapenos made by Little Bird Chocolates Candied Jalapeño - Candied Jalapenos Little Bird Chocolates (CON-337-10-S) The Potlicker's Strawberry Chipotle Jam Strawberry Chipotle Jam - Strawberry Chipotle Jam / 8 ounce Potlicker (SPD-288-11-S) Pickled Thai Basil Jalapenos made by Gordy's Pickle Jar Pickled Thai Basil Jalapeños - Thai Basil Jalapeños Gordy's Pickle Jar (PIK-174-13-S) McClure's Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Spicy Bloody

  • Organic Roast Boy Blend

    New Harvest Coffee Roasters

    Organic Roast Boy Blend - This medium roast is strong and smooth, with notes of caramel and cocoa and a sweet finish that kinda hints at marshmallow. It's like that cute barista that perked up your mornings before you got smart and started making coffee at home. Sigh. A delicious, reliable hit of energy when you need it most (um, every single morning). tip of the tongue Want to give your morning coffee an instant lift? Try using filtered or spring water. ingredients Medium roast; whole beans; comes in a 12 oz bag.

  • Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar

    Ritual Chocolate

    Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar - Anna Davies and Robbie Stout love each other. But they might both just love chocolate more – they trace their Ritual Chocolate creations from bean to bar, focusing on coaxing the most complex, specific flavor possible from the beans, which they source directly from the farmers. The Somia Plantation in the lower Sambirano Valley of Northern Madagascar has unique growing conditions and post-harvest practices that are known for producing rich, citrus-y, nutty cacao. That's the organic cacao you'll find in this bar, along with just some organic cane sugar – a beautifully simple showcase of the distinctive terroir of Madagascan cacao beans. Robbie and Anna say the nuttiness is reminiscent of roasted hazelnuts, and it's balanced by bright fruity notes on top. Tip of the Tongue This bar is bold, fruity and flirty, so pair it with anything mild and creamy to make the sparks really fly. A smear of peanut butter is a great idea – don't question it, run with it. Or, shave some of this bar over whipped cream or ice cream for a creamy complement. Ingredients Cocoa and cane sugar. Comes in a 1.5 oz bar.

  • Q Ginger Ale

    Q Drinks

    Q Ginger Ale - Q Drinks started experimenting with a mixture of real ginger, organic agave with some special flavors like coriander, cardamom, cayenne, rose oil and orange peel. They agonized and tinkered until they came up with a beverage that tastes nothing like the corn syrup and chemicals that you're used to. You will love the crisp flavor and, because it’s not so sugary sweet, there are only 60 calories. Plus, it comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle worthy of the top shelf. Tip of the tongue The real ginger sometimes sinks to the bottom, so shake gently before opening! Great spiked with a little rum. ingredients Triple purified water, organic agave, ginger extract, extracts of lemon juice, coriander, cardamon, cayenne, orange peel, rose oil. Comes in a 750 ml bottle.

  • Sweet Biscotti

    Biscotti Di Vecchio

    Sweet Biscotti - Bis means 'two' and cotto means 'cooked. Hence: Biscotti are traditional Tuscan cookies that are twice-baked, giving them that signature crisp, dry texture. The dough is worked by hand and formed into loaves, brushed with egg wash, sprinkled with sugar or almonds and baked. The loaves are removed from the oven, sliced on the bias and returned that crucial second blast of heat. Biscotti di Vecchio's are made with simple ingredients (see below). Each flavor is distinctive, but all have a characteristically crunchy but not hard texture. Each big bag comes filled with a four sweet and crunchy biscotti – hooray! Crystallized Ginger Apple Warm and a little bit spicy, crystallized ginger marries perfectly with a kiss of tartness from dried Fuji apples. This seasonal treat is not to be missed. Enjoy with a hot cup of cider as you watch the leaves fall.. INGREDIENTS : Unbleached flour, eggs, sugar, brown sugar, butter, dried apples, ginger, spices, baking soda, vanilla, salt. Comes in a pack of 4. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Three different kinds of chocolate are blended together – this is a grown up cookie, but one that totally satisfies a chocolate craving! INGREDIENTS: Unbleached, enriched flour (flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sugar, brown sugar, eggs, semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), unsalted pure butter, cocoa powder, baking soda, pure vanilla, salt and other natural flavorings. Cranberry Orange Zest Nantucket dried cranberries and orange zest are mixed with flour, eggs, sugar. This sort of reminds us of Thanksgiving. It's great with a hot cup of afternoon tea. INGREDIENTS: Unbleached, enriched flour (flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sugar, eggs, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), orange zest, baking soda, pure vanilla, salt. Tip of the tongue Enjoy with es

  • Tea Cocktail Mixer

    Owl's Brew

    Tea Cocktail Mixer - Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield started out as tea aficionados who loved to customize their blends (they also run The Teaologist, a boutique tea site focused on blending teas, fruits and spices). Owl's Brew, their new breakthrough line of tea concentrates, makes it that much easier to mix up a batch of complex, refreshing, healthful tea cocktails come 5 o'clock. Yes tea cocktails. Tea lends a complexity of flavor that will impress even the snobbiest of drinkers. We call them "tea-tails." The Classic English Breakfast with a tart twist! If you drink an Arnold Palmer with your lunch, you'll be very happy with this during happy hour. Mix two parts of the tea concentrate with one part vodka, tequila or gin, stir over ice or shake and strain, then garnish with a lemon or lime twist. INGREDIENTS: Brewed tea (water, black tea, lemon peel), agave, lemon juice, lime juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid. Comes in a 32 fl oz bottle. Pink & Black Smoky darjeeling brightened up by tart hibiscus, like something you'd drink at one of those cool speakeasy-style bars (this one's so cool, only you know about it!). Mix one part of the tea concentrate with one part whiskey, tequila or vodka, stir over ice or shake and strain, then garnish with a lemon twist. INGREDIENTS: Brewed tea (water, darjeeling, hibiscus, lemon peel), agave, strawberry extract, lemon juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid. Comes in a 32 fl oz bottle.

  • The Food & Wine Selects Taster I


    The Food & Wine Selects Taster I - First, a little backstory: Our CEO Craig first met Dana Cowin from Food & Wine in 2002 when they were both guests on an episode of Molto Mario. 12 years later, they've finally gotten a chance to collaborate a.k.a. sitting around a table and tasting the best of the best indie foods sourced from around the country. Luckily, they're both pretty nice people who like to share! For anyone who cares about what they put in their mouth, or who wishes they could spend a week hanging out in the Food & Wine editorial offices (yes, please!), we're thrilled to present the full selection of this amazing collection of goodies . . . In this taster Herb Mustard made by Anarchy in a Jar Almond Ginger Nut Butter made by Big Spoon Roasters Aji Pepper Salsa made by Zukali Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles made by Epic Pickles Organic Cranberry & Hazelnut Crisps made by Potters Crackers Olive and Parmesan Tapenade made by Sutter Buttes Strawberry Rhubarb Pate de Fruit Basket made by Willamette Valley Confectionary Rosemary & Sea Salt Pork Skins made by Bacon's Heir Organic Pickled Cherry Tomatoes made by Doux South Tayberry Jam made by Inna Jam Rangpur Lime Syrup made by Robert Lambert Fruit and Nut Dark Milk Chocolate Bar made by Valerie Confections Harissa made by NYShuk Chocolate Crumble made by Jem Sweets Black Sesame Brittle made by Sweet Dragon Baking Company Savory Cheese Coins made by Rustic Bakery Raspberry & Hibiscus Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies made by Malvi Dry Cured Maple Bacon made by Tender Belly Sea Salt Black Licorice made by the Jacobsen Salt Company Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce made by Adoboloco All these magazine-ready goodies come packed in one of our signature cotton totes with a few other surprises.

  • Sesame and Goji Berry Stone-Ground Chocolate


    Sesame and Goji Berry Stone-Ground Chocolate - Ah, Shangri-La: a heaven on earth. A mystical valley of utopian happiness. Exotic and lusted after. A chocolate bar with Shangri-La as its namesake has a lot to live up to, but in this case, it's deserved. With not just one but two supposed superfoods, this bar is automatically more divine than your typical chocolate. The toasted sesame seeds lend an extra richness to the chocolate, bringing a toasty nuttiness recalling the decadence of Halvah, while Goji berries bring a tropical zing and a satisfying chew. ChocoVivo makes this bar with pesticide-free beans sourced from a single plantation in Tebasco, Mexico that are then fermented for two or three days, sun-dried, lightly roasted and stone-ground with no additional cocoa butter or additives. Tip of the Tongue Try melting this into a drinking chocolate. Or really go for the paradise effect by pairing with a white or lighter red wine. Ingredients Cacao nibs, unrefined cane sugar, toasted black sesame seeds, dried Goji berries. 2.6 oz bar. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles tree nuts.

  • Sour Drop Candies


    Sour Drop Candies - Super sour, the puckery assault doesn't let up until the last sugary bit has dissolved on your tongue. Like all Papabubble sweets, the pieces are stunningly bright and beautiful and come in jar with that modern apothecary vibe we love. More than a novelty, this is pop art at its edible finest. Flavors? Super sour apple, orange, lemon and raspberry. Watch the women of Papabubble in action here . tip of the tongue You'll be dazzled by these rainbow pretties, and tempted to leave them on your pantry shelf, but don't! They taste just as good as they look, and they deserve to be eaten and savored. ingredients Sugar, glucose, water, citric acid, colors: red 40, yellow 5, blue 1, and flavors. Comes in a 7 oz jar.

  • The Wicked Bar

    Jacques Torres

    The Wicked Bar - Jacques Torres' infamous ancho- and chipotle-spiked hot chocolate, in oh-so-easy-to-eat bar form. Deep dark chocolate swirls with the gently warm spices. A deliciously grown-up treat, perfect for spicing up special nights! tip of the tongue The heat is subtle, but present, so this is something to stash away for after the kiddos have gone to bed. Settle into your favorite spot on the sofa with a glass of wine and this bar. ingredients Chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), spices. Comes in a 2.8 oz bar. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy.

  • Williamsburg Chocolates

    Mast Brothers

    Williamsburg Chocolates - These bars of chocolate are carefully, lovingly created by the brothers Mast (Rick and Michael) in their Williamsburg warehouse. The exceptional flavor and texture comes from small-batch production which allows them to taste as they go along, making sure each bar is created with perfection. The distinctive paper wrappings are designed in-house or by close friends and family. The packaging is so beautiful these make a perfect gift, but the chocolate is so good you'll want to order some for yourself. Brooklyn blend This is the 'house blend' in honor of your favorite borough – though the beans come from around the world. The 73% chocolate is balanced with hints of red wine, tobacco and plum (yes). The paper is printed with rows of grey, white and black sailing flags—très chic. INGREDIENTS: cacao, cane sugar. 2.5 oz bar. Stumptown Coffee For coffee lovers: Freshly roasted, seasonal beans are put under the stone with this 73% dark chocolate which has a buttery texture and crisp notes of fruit and tobacco. Truly delicious and a bit...caffeinated. The paper is a dark red with black motorcycle silhouettes - awesome. INGREDIENTS: cacao, cane sugar, coffee beans. 2.5 oz bar. Almond Bar Organic almonds from the Anderson Farm in California headline this classic 73% bar. Almonds are roasted in Frankies Olive Oil and seasoned with Maine sea salt. INGREDIENTS: cacao, cane sugar, almonds, sea salt. 2.5 oz bar. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles tree nuts.

  • Bësk (Malört)

    Letherbee Distillers

    Bësk (Malört) - We've been told that taking a shot of Malört is a classic Chicago dive bar experience, and more than one Mouth-er has their "the first time I tried Mal ö rt" tale. So we were super excited when we heard Letherbee was making their own version, with a recipe developed by rockstar bartender Robert Franklin Haynes, who made a name for himself while heading up the Chicago's famous cocktail bar, The Violet Hour. Oh, how to describe the flavor. Well, it's a little like absinthe, dominated by anise and wormwood, followed by waves of bitter botanicals. It's already one of the most popular items at Mouth HQ and on the shelves at our Indie Spirits + Wine Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn. There is some debate whether Malört is a traditional spirit or a brand name, so Letherbee decided to use the ancestral Swedish name Bësk and avoid unbottled bitterness. tip of the tongue After you've had your first taste, be sure to Google "Malört face� (no, really). Letherbee's take is so tasty you might not get the same results. We love sipping it as a digestif, but it's also an intriguing addition to cocktails like this one: Combine 1 oz Bësk, 1 oz Vya extra-dry vermouth, 1 oz freshly squeezed Ruby Red grapefruit juice and 1/4 oz simple syrup in a shaker with lots of ice. Shake until very cold and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.