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Watercolor Chevron Stripe Custom Wedding Tote

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Super soft and pretty wedding welcome totes. Tote Product Description: ; 100% Cotton Canvas, 6 ounce fabric; 14;x16;, self-fabric handles.
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    Embossed Heart Blooming Expression Favor (25 Count) - Crafted individually, by-hand, of 100% recycled cotton fiber, fresh flowers and 12 varieties of perennial wildflower seeds. Each is finished with a tag including planting information and tied with a colorful raffia ribbon. Enjoy and then plant in 1/4 to 1/2 soil, keep moist and watch it bloom! Come unassembled in packages of 25.

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  • Organic Peach Rings (Vegan)

    Organic Peach Rings (Vegan) - Not only are these peach rings all natural, organic, and vegan but they are delicious too! Lightly sugared and made with organic fruit juice and natural flavors, these taste great and have a wonderful peach flavor. A real treat to make you feel great!

  • Gummy Dinosaurs

    Gummy Dinosaurs - Go back in time with a taste of our colorful gummy dinosaurs.

  • Personalized Reserve Chardonnay "Happy Anniversary" Etched Wine Bottle

    Things Remembered

    Personalized Reserve Chardonnay "Happy Anniversary" Etched Wine Bottle - Customize your anniversary year on these elegant engraved wine bottles . This one-of-a-kind gift has been individually hand-etched and painted but when you personalize it with their names and anniversary date it will take on even more significance. -Eight wine choices available -Year can be customized to any year -We cannot ship wines to the following states:MA UT MS AL DE OK ND SD AR KY PA RI-You must be 21 or older to order wine. An adult signature is required for delivery. Engraved Gift.

  • Bourbon Whiskey

    FEW Spirits

    Bourbon Whiskey - You probably already know: we love a good pun. FEW Spirits was ironically named after Frances Elizabeth Willard, the notorious national president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, which was instrumental in starting Prohibition. Clearly, we couldn't abstain. And this is seriously impressive Bourbon, with classic notes of rich caramel, black pepper and smooth wheat. Made with the holy trinity of Bourbon grains – corn, malted barley, and rye – one sip had us praying for more. tip of the tongue The bottle is almost as impressive as what's inside, so this makes a great gift for design-conscious Bourbon drinkers and an eye-catching addition to your home bar cart. (Everyone has one of those, right?)

  • Cardamom Peach White Chocolate Bar

    Nutty Steph's

    Cardamom Peach White Chocolate Bar - At Mouth, we’re all about the unveil, and opening this creative bar from Nutty Steph’s is an ultimate “aha� moment – creamy Italian white chocolate freckled with fragrant cardamom and bursting with bits of dried peach. Oh, yes. The flavor took us by surprise, too. White chocolate can be shockingly sweet, but here it's balanced by tea-like cardomom and fragrant peach ( freeze-dried to preserve the maximum amount of flavor). We've never tasted anything quite like it! tip of the tongue Enjoy a few squares on a warm, breezy day. Or, at least, when you need to be reminded that warm, breezy days exist.

  • Chai Spice Peanut Almond Butter

    Big Spoon Roasters

    Chai Spice Peanut Almond Butter - Big Spoon Maker Mark created this blend as a wedding gift for his wife, Megan, who loves chai tea. A traditional masala chai blend (cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, and black pepper) is mixed into milled peanuts and almonds, then sweetened with wildflower honey. We can taste the love in every bite. tip of the tongue Sure to lighten up any rich blueberry jam, vanilla ice cream, or dark chocolate spread on toast, this spiced butter is also amazing swapped into peanut butter cookies.

  • Baja Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Baja Precious

    Baja Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Did you know that 99% of the olive oil we use in this country is imported? Most is from the Mediterranean, but a lot comes from far away places like Australia or South Africa. This is a looooong way for your olive oil to travel, so we have been searching for months to source a more local option that meets our standards for taste. Done! Baja Precious is a wonderful California maker which first finds the best olives grown in Baja, harvested by hand by members of local communities (providing a income for hundreds of families). Then, the olives are cold pressed, which means they are milled within a few hours of harvesting solely through mechanical means, without applying additional heat or chemicals. The result is an exceptional, all-natural, gourmet-quality olive oil with very low acidity that exceeds international standards for 'extra virgin.' It is clean tasting and delicious. What's also great about the oil is the 'green' green bottle it comes in. Lightweight, shatterproof, and 100% recyclable, this plastic bottle requires a lot less energy to produce, transport and recycle than glass. It also includes a pouring spout that pops up when the screw cap is removed, and retracts when the cap is replaced. Love that. tip of the tongue Really? Okay. Use olive oil in any sort of healthy pan frying. Dip bread in it. Mix with one of our amazing vinegars ( rose wine or blackberry ) and mustard ( Tin Mustard ) for the best dressing. Add to brownie recipes instead of regular oil for a very nice little tweak people will notice.

  • American Prairie Reserve Whiskey

    High West Distillery

    American Prairie Reserve Whiskey - Home, home on the range... American Prairie Reserve is a caramel-y, peppery blend of 6-year-old and 10-year-old bourbons, and is quite a patriotic tribute to the Old West. High West crafted this whiskey to support the American Prairie Reserve, a public land preservation project in Montana. It's being restored to the natural landscape that Lewis and Clark would have seen more than 200 years ago, "with t hundering herds of bison, racing bands of pronghorn antelope and prairie dog towns dotting the horizon." The distillers donate 10% of the profit from this whiskey to the reserve, which, when complete, will be roughly the size of Connecticut! tip of the tongue The greater sage grouse shown on this bottle's label has rapidly disappeared, now a candidate for endangered species protection. But these beautiful birds still thrive on the American Prairie Reserve.

  • Double Rye!

    High West Distillery

    Double Rye! - High West's Double Rye whiskey is a great choice for any generation (over 21, please). After achieving great success with the art of blending, the distillery has doubled down on the mix of longer-aged and mellow with younger and spritely rye. To be specific (and we know you like details!), this is a blend of 2-year-old rye whiskey made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley, with a 16-year-old containing 53% rye, 37% corn and 10% malted barley. It’s very spicy with tons of black pepper right up front. While the older whiskey mellows things out, bringing soft undertones of caramel and vanilla, it’s the boldly assertive young whiskey that, unsurprisingly, steals the show. tip of the tongue Blended whiskeys have gotten a bad rap, because some distillers use a small percentage of quality whiskey, then add neutral (a.k.a. colorless, tasteless, odorless) spirits and caramel coloring. But, when it's done well, blending allows a distiller like High West to produce a remarkably flavorful, complex whiskey at a much more affordable price. Yes, please!

  • Fall Spirits


    Fall Spirits - There's school spirit, there's team spirit, there are spooky spirits and then there's our favorite type of spirits: the kind you can drink. The one thing they all have in common? Fall. Think about it: Leaf piles and ginger liqueur. Witches and whiskey. Varsity sweaters and applejack. So stock up on these sweet and spicy spirits, perfect for crisp nights and apple picking pick-me-ups. (And, at this rate, by Thanksgiving, the leaves won't be the things falling to the floor!) In this taster Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur made by Proof of Concept Double Rye! by High West Distillery Cornelius Applejack made by Harvest Spirits *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • Fire Cider

    Shire City Herbal

    Fire Cider - Tart, spicy, bracing. Herbal and earthy, this invigorating spin on a traditional New England curative may not literally prevent illness, but, hey, it's a lot more fun than another packet of that Vitamin C powder, and way more versatile. Tip of the tongue Mix it with rum or vodka, or add it to a traditional whiskey-based hot toddy. Or, for the devoted, try a tablespoon of it straight. ingredients Organic apple cider vinegar, local honey, organic oranges, lemons, onions, horseradish root, ginger root, habanero pepper, garlic and turmeric. Comes in an 8 oz bottle.

  • Florida Tupelo Honey

    Honey Pax

    Florida Tupelo Honey - Tupelo, known as the "Queen of Honeys," is a rare and beautiful honey harvested a spare few weeks per year in North Florida's Apalachicola River Basin. Unlike other honeys, Tupelo will never crystallize – it stays forever elegant, floral and downright regal. After coming up with adorable, eco-friendly, two-teaspoon to-go packets, Honey Pax has now launched a gorgeous glass bottle of this addictive nectar. As if you needed any further convincing of how crazy good this honey is, see for yourself: each bottle has a hive code on the top that shows the origin of your bottle. TIP OF THE TONGUE Drop a bit into your morning coffee. Drizzle onto a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Pair with your favorite cheese. INGREDIENTS Raw Tupelo honey. Comes in a 13 oz, 40% post recycled glass bottle. Do not give honey to infants under 18 months.

  • Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars

    Cacao Prieto

    Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars - These extra-large chocolate bars are truly something special. Built by Cacao Prieto in Red Hook, these are thick, hearty, large bars made with 72% dark chocolate from Coralina Farms in the Dominican Republic. Each is truly exquisite to look at with a little window so you can see what's inside and a limited-edition illustration of the Prieto family history designed by Brooklyn artist Sophie Blackall. You almost don't want to open the package. But when you do, you'll find the chocolate just as beautiful in flavor. Pistachio & Apricot A really unusual and wonderful combination. Almond & Salt Salty, sweet, crunchy, melty. Hazelnut & Raisin Hazelnuts are so delicious with chocolate, and the raisins add that fruity chewiness. Tip of the tongue Savor this chocolate at room temperature. Since the chocolate is processed in a special way to preserve delicate aromatic compounds present in cacao, you can really – we swear! – notice the aroma.

  • JCOCO Rainbow Chocolate Set


    JCOCO Rainbow Chocolate Set - At our weekly Friday tastings here at Mouth, we have to admit we eat with our eyes first. Suckers for appealing packaging, we were downright giddy when this stack of rainbowliciousness arrived. Each colorful package contains three bars,individually-wrapped with 1970's fashion photography. Giddy! The chocolate itself does not disappoint. Each totally unique but crowd-pleasing flavor is more outstanding than the next. Black fig and pistachio? Spicy orange? Giddy. This is an awesome gift, particularly ideal for those who organize their bookshelves by color. Or for leprechauns. Or, just for chocolate lovers. In this taster Dark Chocolate Nib Bar Dark Chocolate Nib Bar - Dark Chocolate Nib Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-14-S) Orange White Chocolate Chili Bar Orange White Chocolate Chili Bar - Orange White Chocolate Chili Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-10-S) Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar - Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate JCoCo (CHO-354-15-S) Edamame Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar Edamame Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar - Edamame Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-11-S) Vanuatu Coconut Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar Vanuatu Coconut Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar - Vanuatu Coconut Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-13-S) Black Fig & Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar Black Fig & Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar - Black Fig & Pistachio Dark Chocolate JCoCo (CHO-354-12-S)

  • Organic Hibiscus + Ginger Chocolate Bar

    Fearless Chocolate

    Organic Hibiscus + Ginger Chocolate Bar - Have you ever bitten into a whole, fresh, glistening hibiscus flower? Well, this is kinda like that. Fearless added honest-to-goodness, real hibiscus to organic cacao sourced directly from family-owned farms in Brazil. Rich and also floral, this bar is brightened with a kick of grated ginger. Talk about flower power! tip of the tongue Who took a bite out of our chocolate?! Fearless bars are shaped with a "bite" to represent the portion of proceeds they donate to Fearless Changemakers, people and organizations working to make their communities better. Fear not – you still get a full bar of antioxidant-rich, superfood-stuffed chocolate. ingredients Organic cacao, organic hibiscus flower, organic ginger, organic cane sugar. Comes in a 2 oz bar. NOTE: Made in a facility that also handles dairy, peanuts and soy.

  • PB&J Chocolate Bar

    Tumbador Chocolate

    PB&J Chocolate Bar - Unwrap. You'll notice an almost painterly, glittery burst of pink on the top, which is a little clue as to what's in store. Bite and you'll taste French raspberry pate de fruit and salty sweet peanut praline covered and rich dark chocolate. The best sandwich in the world comes to life in this truly sophisticated, grown-up chocolate bar. Tip of the tongue Pack one in your lunch box. Or two. Or ten. Friends will want to share. ingredients Peanut praline (roasted peanuts, roasted almonds, sugar), raspberry fruit puree, sugar, dark chocolate (cacao beans, cacao butter, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), cacao butter, toasted rice (rice, sugar, glucose, malt flavor, salt), glucose, inverted sugar, pectin, citric acid, raspberry powder, vitamin E. Comes in a 2.1 oz bar. May contain: nuts, peanuts, sesame, dairy, eggs, wheat and soy.

  • The Big Apple


    The Big Apple - We heart New York! We heart the view out of our window - Manhattan Bridge to the north, Brooklyn Bridge to the south. We especially heart our passionate, up-all-night food makers! Here's a collection of some of the tastiest goodies made in our great city. In this taster Landmarc Caramels Landmarc Caramels - 20 Caramel Jar Landmarc (CAR-205-10-S) Chocolate Gingersnaps from Whimsy & Spice Chocolate Gingersnaps - Chocolate Gingersnaps Whimsy & Spice (COK-306-11-S) Chocolate & Coffee Caramel Corn made by Roni-Sue Chocolate & Coffee Caramel Corn - Chocolate & Coffee Caramel Corn Roni-Sue Chocolates (SNK-242-19-S) Sigmund's Pretzel Chips Pretzel Chips - 6 oz Pretzel Chips Sigmund's (SNK-253-10-S) Teriyaki King Salmon Jerky made by Ruby Bay Seafood Teriyaki King Salmon Jerky - Teriyaki / 1.25 oz Ruby Bay Seafood (JKY-186-11-S) Kosher Organic Dill Pickles made by Rick's Picks Kosher Organic Dill Pickles - Kosher Organic Dill Pickles Rick's Picks (PIK-239-18-S) I (Heart) NY Candy made by Papabubble I (Heart) NY Candy - Borough Candy Papabubble (CON-229-12-S) A&B Hot Pepper Sauce Hot Pepper Sauce - 8oz Hot Pepper Sauce A&B American Style (CND-187-10-S) Original Beef Jerky (No. 3) by Field Trip Jerky Beef Jerky - Original (No. 3) Field Trip (JKY-158-10-S) Grapefruit Soda Syrup from P&H Soda Soda Syrups - Grapefruit P&H Soda (BEV-228-10-S) City Saucery's Sweet Tomato Sauce Nonna's Tomato Sauces - Nonna's Sweet Sauce City Saucery (CKG-258-10-S) Old Bay Bacon Peanuts made by Ovenly Old Bay Bacon Peanuts - Old Bay Bacon Peanuts Ovenly (SNK-227-10-S) All this comes packed in our signature Mouth cotton tote, along with a few surprises. *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!