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Tote Description:;Size 16;W x 15.5;H; 5; Gusset; 22" handles;Material Type: Natural Cotton;Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, hang dry
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    Diamond Valet Engravable Keychain - Designed to complement an active lifestyle, this sterling silver valet key chain features a diamond stud and is a classic choice for groomsmen. This key ring features a detachable ring for valet use; pull apart and a spring mechanism releases the valet key ring. The timeless design also features a perfect area for engraving for a personal effect.

  • Creme Brulee Lollipops (25-count)

    The Groovy Baker

    Creme Brulee Lollipops (25-count) - Rich french-vanilla, caramel custard flavor with vanilla bean speckles, topped with a torched sugar crust! A unique twist on a classic French dessert. *2-inch diameter in size *Order in batches of 25 lollipops

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  • Chambre de Sucre Macaron Limoge Trinket Boxes

    Chambre de Sucre Macaron Limoge Trinket Boxes - Shaped like our favorite French treats, these trinket boxes are the perfect hiding places for all our secret treasures. Each is finished in brightly colored stoneware and shuts tight with an ornately decorated gold clasp. They're almost as good as the sugary real thing.

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  • Custom Stamped Bookmark

    The Copper Poppy

    Custom Stamped Bookmark - Present this lovely hand-crafted bronze bookmark to your favorite book-lover. It's perfect as a graduation gift, birthday present, or teacher thank-you. We'll start with a sturdy 14-gauge, 3/8'' x 6'' bronze strip and hand stamp "..... be the change". The piece is lightly distressed, oxidized, and hand-rubbed to bring out it's beautiful natural shine. Your bookmark will come finished with a suede tassel with a cute heart-stamped bronze disc.

  • Personalized Glass Coasters Set of 4

    David's Bridal

    Personalized Glass Coasters Set of 4 - Modern and stylish these personalized glass coasters have a classic appeal. They make the perfect gift for treating others or yourself! Features and Facts: Features clear protective pads attached to the bottom of each corner to guard surfaces from any damage. Size: Measures 4" x 4" and are 3/16" thick. Materials: Clear glass with protective padding. Sold as set of 4. May be engraved with a single uppercase initial. Alt View Image Chart

  • DB Exc Personalized Scalloped Border Hankie

    David's Bridal

    DB Exc Personalized Scalloped Border Hankie - This beautiful personalized hankie is the perfect "Something New" for your wedding day. Bordered by a simple crochet edge, this cotton hankie can be personalized with a single initial. Choose from a selection of David's Bridal exclusive thread colors to create a heartfelt keepsake. Features and Facts: Size: 11.5" square Material: 100% cotton Personalization with a single initial in one of David's Bridal's exclusive thread colors.

  • Cherry and Almond Stone-Ground Chocolate


    Cherry and Almond Stone-Ground Chocolate - If you've always been the type to buy trail mix and proceed to eat basically just the chocolate pieces, this is the bar for you. Why not turn things around and put the trail mix inside the chocolate? This bar is just that. The rustic texture of stoneground chocolate is the perfect foil for sweet cherry juice, chunks of almond and a subtle hint of spicy black peppercorn. The peppercorns are stoneground into the chocolate, forming the perfect crunchy backdrop and a refreshing "minty" taste. This bar is made with pesticide-free beans sourced from a single plantation in Tebasco, Mexico. They're fermented for two or three days, sun-dried, lightly roasted and stone-ground with no additional cocoa butter or additives. The bars are cooled in sheet pans and cut by hand, so you'll find several slabs in each package, with no two exactly alike. Tip of the Tongue Break this bar up and throw it on your favorite cherry ice cream. Now we're talkin'.

  • Apple Mint Vermouth

    Uncouth Vermouth

    Apple Mint Vermouth - Don't expect a prim and proper drink – this is vermouth gone wild! Dry and sippable, the cool, minty finish is totally refreshing (the apple refers to the type of wild mint, by the way, so no fruit here!). Maker Bianca Miraglia starts with Long Island wines from Red Hook Winery, then infuses them with herbs, mostly foraged by her or grown in her mother's garden. Her vermouth gets its bitterness from mugwort, a relative of wormwood, the traditional ingredient for making vermouth, well, bitter. Once the wine is infused, Bianca strains the herbs, rather than filtering (hence the cloudiness), then adds brandy (also made from Long Island grapes) to fortify the wine to 18% alcohol. Bianca makes her vermouth in tiny batches, so it's not always available. Buy a bottle (or two!) while you can. tip of the tongue Bianca recommends finishing a bottle within three or four weeks for peak freshness. We like to serve it chilled with a lemon twist before dinner.

  • Double Rye!

    High West Distillery

    Double Rye! - High West's Double Rye whiskey is a great choice for any generation (over 21, please). After achieving great success with the art of blending, the distillery has doubled down on the mix of longer-aged and mellow with younger and spritely rye. To be specific (and we know you like details!), this is a blend of 2-year-old rye whiskey made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley, with a 16-year-old containing 53% rye, 37% corn and 10% malted barley. It’s very spicy with tons of black pepper right up front. While the older whiskey mellows things out, bringing soft undertones of caramel and vanilla, it’s the boldly assertive young whiskey that, unsurprisingly, steals the show. tip of the tongue Blended whiskeys have gotten a bad rap, because some distillers use a small percentage of quality whiskey, then add neutral (a.k.a. colorless, tasteless, odorless) spirits and caramel coloring. But, when it's done well, blending allows a distiller like High West to produce a remarkably flavorful, complex whiskey at a much more affordable price. Yes, please!

  • Genevieve Gin

    Anchor Distilling

    Genevieve Gin - This gin is an amazing blend of old school and modern styles, harkening back to the gin first invented by the Dutch, called "Genever." Anchor Distilling uses the same secret mix of botanicals as in their Junipero gin, so it's heavy on the juniper with a deep, piney spiciness balanced by a clean, crisp mouthfeel. But instead of starting with neutral spirits (similar to vodka), they use a base spirit made from wheat, barley and malted rye – essentially, an un-aged whiskey. The nutty, sweet flavor of the grains blends makes this one of the most intriguing gins we've tried. tip of the tongue Pre-Prohibition era cocktails were often made using Genever-style gins. Try this one in a Gin Old Fashioned: Muddle 1 sugar cube or 1 teaspoon sugar with 2 dashes aromatic bitters and 1/2 teaspoon water in the bottom of a wide-mouth glass. When the sugar has dissolved, add 2 oz Genevieve Gin and stir well. Drop in two large ice cubes, stir a few times and enjoy. Did you know? Gin can be infused with a wide variety of botanicals, but it MUST contain juniper berries, which are responsible for that distinct, piney, gin-y flavor. ingredients 47.3% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Industry Standard Vodka

    Industry City Distillery

    Industry Standard Vodka - What happens when a bunch of science nerds set their sights on formulating a better vodka? You get a smooth, light, easy-to-drink spirit made with with beet sugar in a Brooklyn laboratory developed, engineered and build entirely from scratch. They even grow their own yeast for fermentation (such nerds!). Industry City is constantly refining their hypothesis, using data collected from rigorous sampling, customer feedback and research before distilling a new batch. Nerds that we are, we hope this becomes the new industry standard for intricate, precise vodka. tip of the tongue The makers suggest sipping a chilled glass of their vodka, alongside a few oysters (seafood is brain food, right?) ingredients Distilled from beet sugar; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Pecan and Vanilla Salt Shortbread Bites

    Carla Hall Petite Cookies

    Pecan and Vanilla Salt Shortbread Bites - Piles and piles of pipsqueak pecan cookie bites – that's what our dreams are made of. And probably what we'll be made of, if we keep eating them at this rate! We're kind of surprised that vanilla salt isn't a Class A controlled substance, but we're not complaining. The concentrated mix of salty and sweet combined with rich, buttery pecan shortbread is a lethal dose of delicious. These pint-sized pecan-vanilla bites are curiously tasty and will have you hooked before you even know it – but if rock bottom is grasping for crumbs, we're happy to keep coming back for the next fix. While competing on Bravo's "Top Chef," Carla Hall spread her infectious philosophy: cook with love. Now, her motto has found its way to baking cookies. Spreading the love is encouraged, as these adorable treats are bite-sized and made for sharing. Each batch is rolled by hand using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and Carla's able to channel her Southern background along with her classic French training. Now, the only question is whether you'll actually share before devouring the whole lovely package! Tip of the Tongue Simple yet seductive, these are the perfect sidekick to a cozy mug of black or herbal tea (like Chai, coconut, cinnamon or vanilla), or any blend of hot coffee. Ingredients Pecans, organic flour, organic sugar, butter, egg whites, vanilla extract, almond extract, salt, vanilla beans.

  • New York Honey Rye Whiskey

    Catskill Provisions

    New York Honey Rye Whiskey - The honey-gatherers at Catskill Provisions have teamed up with Finger Lakes Distilling to create a honeyed rye whiskey. When two of our makers collaborate to create something delicious, we're doubly excited to see what they come up with! This is a great bottle for those just getting into darker rye whiskeys. The rye is a special recipe bottled only for Catskill Provisions, and it's big and spicy, which makes it the perfect backdrop for raw late-summer honey harvested from New York hives. The combination is just a little sweet with floral notes. And it picks up the perfect amount of vanilla from aging in casks. tip of the tongue It's fantastic sipped straight, but Honey Whiskey is also the perfect spirit to add to any cocktail pairing whiskey with sugar. Just leave out the sugar and let this whiskey shine in your next Old Fashioned. Or add hot water and a cinnamon stick to 2 oz whiskey in a coffee mug for an amazing Hot Toddy. ingredients Distilled from 80% rye and 20% barley then blended with raw late-summer honey; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Old New Orleans Amber Rum

    Celebration Distillation

    Old New Orleans Amber Rum - Old New Orleans Amber Rum is a blend of three rums made from Louisiana sugar cane and aged at least three years in used bourbon barrels. All that time in the barrel gives it a delicious caramel-y flavor with hints of vanilla, so it's great for sipping or mixing in cocktails. Head distiller and founder James Michalopoulos uses both a pot still (used for whiskey) and a column still (used for vodka) to get the best of both processes. The distillery took on eight feet of water during Hurricane Katrina, but thanks to the support of the community (and the growing popularity of his incredible rum), they made it through the aftermath of the storm and are thriving today. James is also a successful artist who specializes in brightly colored oil paintings of life and landscapes in New Orleans. Each bottle of rum is imprinted with one of these paintings. tip of the tongue Try this one in a daiquiri for a rich twist on a classic: Combine 2 oz Old New Orleans amber rum, 1 oz fresh lime juice and 1/2 oz simple syrup in a shaker with ice and shake until very cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. ingredients Distilled from Louisiana sugar cane; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Polenta Pennies

    Lark Fine Foods

    Polenta Pennies - These cookies may not look like much, to be honest, but we promise – one nibble will win you over. If you've ever tasted polenta cake, you know how well ground corn works in sweet dishes. These adorable little wonders aren't too sweet, either, letting lemon zest and golden raisins shine. If we had a nonna, she'd bake us these cookies. tip of the tongue These are an unexpected sweet addition to an after-dinner cheese tray – particularly if you're hosting an Italian feast. ingredients Enriched flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), butter (milk) with natural flavorings, pure cane sugar, organic golden raisins, degerminated yellow corn meal, egg yolks, organic lemon zest, lemon oil, salt. Approximately 24 cookies come in a 6.5 oz bag. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and eggs.

  • Tamarind Sesame Spiced Popcorn

    Masala Pop

    Tamarind Sesame Spiced Popcorn - Neha Patel's mom started making popcorn-based snacks like the ones she'd been able to buy from "walahs" (snack vendors) all over India. Wherever Neha went, bags of spiced popcorn followed, to the delight of Neha's friends and co-workers. Neha wisely – thankfully – came to the conclusion that she needed to bring this outrageously delicious snack to the rest of us. Popcorn and lentil chips (or "papadum") mixed with tart tamarind juice and black sesame seeds, all seasoned with an iconic Indian spice blend, make for a fantastic sweet and salty snack. tip of the tongue Stash a bag at the office for afternoon snacking. We love it with a cup of milky black tea. ingredients Non-GMO, organic air-popped popcorn, organic coconut palm sugar, organic coconut oil, organic raw agave, organic tamarind, water, papadum (urad dal flour, pepper, sodium bicarbonate, salt, vegetable oil), organic sunflower oil, organic cumin, garam masala (coriander, red chili, cumin, clove, anistar, fennel seeds, black pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon, dry mango, salt, curry leaves), organic black sesame seeds, sea salt, baking soda. One bag contains about 4 cups of popcorn. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts.

  • Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Garrison Brothers Distillery

    Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey - We heard the buzz about this whiskey long before we had the chance to taste it, and, thankfully, it really lives up to the hype! Rich with the butterscotch and vanilla caramel we expect from bourbon, there’s also a deep, earthy undertone. It's hard not to keep pouring just a little bit more of this full-flavored bourbon, as bold as you’d expect from a distillery in a Texas ranch. Wait, Texas bourbon? That's right! The only geographic requirement for bourbon is that it has to be made in America. Kentucky may have the most storied history, but many of today's best, most delicious bourbons are made in other states. Garrison Brothers founder Dan learned how to distill in the Bluegrass State, where he worked as an intern at several well-known distilleries. But he didn't want to just copy what everyone else was doing. He set out to make a true, Texas original. Believe the hype! tip of the tongue We recommend you sip this whiskey straight, or with just a splash of water. Sometimes, simple is best. ingredients 47% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml glass.

  • Straight Rye Whiskey


    Straight Rye Whiskey - 100% rye. 100 proof. Aged for 10 years in New American oak barrels. Oh yeah, WhistlePig is a seriously strong, seriously good rye. It's full-bodied with great hints of Christmas spice wrapped around a black pepper center. The long aging tames some of the heat and brings along the vanilla and a touch of dark chocolate. It's got a pretty good story, too: Dave Pickerell, longtime Master Distiller for Maker’s Mark, believed that rye was going to be the next big thing, so he went on a quest to find the best rye possible. He fell in love with an unusual 100% rye (rumor has it, it was made by our neighbors to the North, but he's not telling). He teamed up with WhistlePig founder Raj Bhakta, who bought a 200-year-old working dairy farm in Shoreham where they began hand-bottling the whiskey. Today, they've built a distillery, are growing their own organic rye and are working towards distilling and aging their own rye whiskey. Until then, we'll just have to settle for drinking this powerfully delicious spirit of top-secret origin that has garnered rave reviews since it hit the market. How's that for American pluck? tip of the tongue While whiskey at this price is usually too precious to mix, we love this rye splashed into warm apple cider for a restorative winter warmer. ingredients Distilled from 100% rye; 50% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Chocolate Bar


    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Chocolate Bar - If you hadn’t noticed, we’re huge fans of chocolate. Chocolate modeled after other desserts? Awesome. Tcho, a bean-to-bar maker in San Francisco, has deftly mastered both, and we're weak at the knees. This is chocolate-covered strawberry rhubarb pie goodness, in other words, our Happy Place – a light and playful hit of summer that takes you back to Grandma’s sunny kitchen. Crunchy bits of real pie crust included.* tip of the tongue Break into chunks and enjoy alongside Sweeteeth’s Apple Pie Chocolate Bar. Order this à la mode, and top vanilla ice cream with sweet-tart, fruit-flecked crumbles. Don’t forget the whipped cream! ingredients Organic cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic and certified Fair Trade cacao beans, organic and certified Fair Trade cocoa butter, organic non-fat milk, pie crust (wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, cinnamon, salt), organic strawberries, rhubarb puree (rhubarb, sugar, ascorbic acid, citric acid), soy lecithin, organic vanilla beans. Comes in a 2 oz bar. NOTE: Made in a facility that also processes nuts. *Swoon!

  • Red Hook 72% Dark Bar

    Cacao Prieto

    Red Hook 72% Dark Bar - Dan Preston, the genius behind Cacao Prieto, starts with pure, super high-quality cacao from his family farm in the Dominican Republic. After arriving to his exquisite headquarters in Brooklyn's Red Hook, the cacao is processed in beautiful, pristine equipment Preston invented himself. The result is something unlike anything you've ever tasted. Unwrap the lovely engraved papers to reveal clean, smooth 72% chocolate perfection. ingredients Organic single origin Dominican Criollo Cacao and organic raw cane sugar. Comes in a 3 oz bar. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles nuts.

  • Toasted Almond Maple Honey Caramels

    Sweet Revolution

    Toasted Almond Maple Honey Caramels - What do you do when you're dissatisfied with the current state of society? Start a revolution! Fed up with corn syrup and cane sugar, Anastasia Hägerström started her company Sweet Revolution Caramels. Sink your teeth into these big, beautiful caramels. They'll blow your mind with the sweet, gooey, rich taste of maple and honey. Take another nibble only to find a perfectly toasted almond, an added crunchy bonus which tops off this treat. Each is made by hand from start to finish: hand-cut, hand-decorated, hand-wrapped, and hand-packaged out of their Maryland kitchen. Tip of the Tongue Dare you to try to eat just one. Ingredients Maple syrup, cream, honey, almond, French sea salt, lemon juice, butter, vanilla bean, and olive oil. 6 caramels come in a 3.4 oz compostable paper bag with a red wax seal. Organic. Made in a facility that processes milk and tree nuts

  • Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Tate's Bake Shop

    Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - Gluten-free chocoholics rejoice. These are the cookies you've been waiting for. Crisp, rich and loaded down with chocolate chips, they're just as good as the original and they're made in a dedicated gluten-free baking facility. Kathleen King was just eleven years old when she started selling her homemade cookies at her family's farm stand outside of Southampton, New York. Years later, those same cookies became the foundation for Tate's bake shop. Today, Kathleen's cookies definitely have a huge following from coast to coast, but she's done it without cutting corners, sacrificing quality or giving up her indie roots. tip of the tongue Best served with ice cold milk. ingredients Semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin [an emulsifier], vanilla, natural flavor), butter, brown cane sugar, rice flour, cane sugar, eggs, natural cocoa powder, vanilla extract, salt, xanthan gum, baking soda and water. Each 7 oz bag contains about 14 cookies. NOTE: Produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility that handles dairy, eggs, soy, and tree nuts.

  • Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar

    Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar - Creamy, sweet milk chocolate laced with crunchy quinoa and sesame seeds – this one's practically a health food, right? We love how these super foods just make a chocolate bar taste even more delicious. Quinoa may be our new favorite crunch, and the sesame adds a nutty richness a bit like peanut butter. Plus the sunny yellow box (made from recycled paper!) brightens our day even before we unwrap one of the three individually wrapped bars tucked inside. Check out the whole rainbow line from Jcoco – a stack makes an awesome gift. tip of the tongue This bar not only tastes good, it does good. For each bar sold, Jcoco provides a serving of fresh and healthy food to someone in need through organizations such as Northwest Harvest, the Food Bank for New York City and Hopelink.