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A super cute lightweight tote to fill with some goodies for someone you love. It's a whole lotta love. Quantity Discount:1-5----$10 each5-10 ----$9 each11-19 ---- $7 each20+---- $5 eachTote Product Description:; 100% Cotton Canvas, 6 ounce fabric ; 14;x16;, self-fabric handles.
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  • Amère Nouvelle


    Amère Nouvelle - Amère Nouvelle is based on the Alsatian aperitif Amer Fleur de Bière (that translates to "bitter beer flower," as it's a bitter liqueur traditionally served splashed into a light-bodied beer). Bittermens' new bitter is infused with orange, gentian and other secret botanicals that give it an amazing, complex flavor. It's delicious sipped on the rocks, but it also makes a versatile cocktail ingredient that can sub in for dry vermouth or amaro-style concoctions. The distiller was already famous for cocktail bitters (the kind that you use by dash or drop) when they teamed up with Mayur Subbarao, whose homemade vermouths and liqueurs were generating tons of buzz. Together, they've created a line of liqueurs with distinctive twists on regional European classics. tip of the tongue Try adding a splash of Amère Nouvelle to your go-to pilsner.

  • Assorted Coconut Macaroons

    Danny Macaroons

    Assorted Coconut Macaroons - We heart Danny’s Macaroons. So many flavors to choose from; so much golden, chewy coconut. Danny has done our indecisive Mouths a huge favor by selecting our favorite varieties for these gift-worthy assorted boxes! These collections of 4 or 8 are sure to please any crowd of sweet macaroon-lovers (and choosey eaters). Snag the 4-pack for one each of: the original vanilla-scented flavor, salted caramel (Danny’s most popular, and Grandma-approved), simply chocolate-dipped, and toasty chocolate almond macaroons. The big and bold 8-pack adds on chocolate-flavored, chocolate caramel (rejoice!), indulgent double chocolate, and nostalgic peanut butter and jelly. It's a tour de yum. tip of the tongue These assortments are addictive enough to induce hoarding behavior, elegant enough to serve for a special (and easy!) dessert at your next dinner party. Give the gift of ooey-gooey deliciousness.

  • Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Shortbread

    Two Moon Shortbread

    Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Shortbread - Cookie monsters rejoice! These Brooklyn-made cookies, baked in Park Slope at Two Moon Art House & Cafe, are just as delicious as they are gorgeous. These flower-shaped shortbread cookies are scented with black tea and citrusy Bergamot and studded with dark chocolate chips. Have we mentioned how much we love the kraft-paper boxes tied up with string? Truly, one of our new favorite things about raiding the Mouth warehouse. tip of the tongue These buttery cookies are the perfect balance between rich and sweet - we love nibbling them with a cup of black tea in the afternoon.

  • Fire Cider

    Shire City Herbal

    Fire Cider - Tart, spicy, bracing. Herbal and earthy, this invigorating spin on a traditional New England curative may not literally prevent illness, but, hey, it's a lot more fun than another packet of that Vitamin C powder, and way more versatile. Tip of the tongue Mix it with rum or vodka, or add it to a traditional whiskey-based hot toddy. Or, for the devoted, try a tablespoon of it straight. ingredients Organic apple cider vinegar, local honey, organic oranges, lemons, onions, horseradish root, ginger root, habanero pepper, garlic and turmeric. Comes in an 8 oz bottle.

  • Glorious Gin

    Breuckelen Distilling

    Glorious Gin - Glory, glory, hallelujah! This gin is just as tasty with tonic as it is in a strong cocktail. While all gins must contain juniper, a distiller can add any other botanicals they want to craft their own unique flavor. Most distillers keep the recipe secret, but our neighbors at Breuckelen Distilling proudly revealed their secrets – lemon, rosemary, ginger and grapefruit. Unlike many gins that are basically infused vodkas, Breuckelen's gin is distilled from wheat grown in upstate New York, so the base is really more like a white whiskey. In fact, they barrel-age the same wheat spirit to make their 77 Whiskey. tip of the tongue The warm ginger note makes it just right paired with Morris Kitchen's ginger syrup. For a deliciously easy cocktail, combine 2 oz gin, 1 oz syrup and 1/2 oz lemon juice over ice and stir until cold, then top with a little seltzer. Did you know? Gin can be infused with a wide variety of botanicals, but it MUST contain juniper berries, which are responsible for that distinct, piney, gin-y flavor. ingredients Distilled from 100% wheat grown in upstate New York; 45% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Original Roasted Peanut Butter

    Reginald's Homemade

    Original Roasted Peanut Butter - Andrew Broocker was tired of peanut butter that tasted more like sugar and salt than peanuts. So he started making his own, subtracting everything extra until he got to the pure, peanut-y taste that he loved. Once he'd found the flavor he was looking for, he got creative and started adding in all kinds of tasty additions. His peanut butters are a unanimous YES around here. Made from Virginia peanuts and almost nothing else, this jar has exceptional, deep flavor that can only come from roasting. tip of the tongue This creamy, roasty peanut butter is meant to be spread on everything – from sliced apples to sliced baguette, whole bananas to brownie wedges. Spoon and spoon again when you need a desk-ready pick-me-up. ingredients Dry roasted unsalted peanuts, peanut oil. Comes in an 8.5 oz jar. Made in a facility that also processes other tree nuts.

  • Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

    W&P Designs

    Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker - Yes, we got in on the Mason jar trend early, too. What's not to love about this iconic American jar? It's beautiful, sturdy and oh-so-versatile. We use 'em for water, to bring our lunch to work (perfect for soup!), vases, pen holders – what can't they do? The folks at W&P Designs felt the same way when they were re-imagining the cocktail shaker. Now, making great drinks has never been easier – just build your cocktail (or favorite iced coffee!) in the jar, screw on the lid, add the cap, shake and pour through the built-in strainer. Is it 5 o'clock yet? tip of the tongue Bartender's tip: The secret to a great shaken drink is to use lots of ice and shake for longer than you think you should. You know it's ready when the shaker is so cold you want to reach for your gloves! specifications 32 oz shaker made from glass and stainless steel. Hand wash stainless steel components.

  • Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

    Fearless Chocolate

    Organic Dark Chocolate Bar - Simple. Deep. Dark. It feels good to bite into little squares* of organic chocolate sourced directly from family-owned farms in Brazil. Fearless Chocolate crafts this dreamy 75% Midnight bar in a low-temperature environment, sealing in natural nutrients and minerals, and a bold, rich flavor. * We're fans of pre-portioned bites, but that doesn't mean we'll stick to just one... tip of the tongue Who took a bite out of our chocolate?! Fearless bars are shaped with a "bite" to represent the portion of proceeds they donate to Fearless Changemakers, people and organizations working to make their communities better. Fear not – you still get a full bar of antioxidant-rich, superfood-stuffed chocolate. ingredients Organic cacao, organic cane sugar. Comes in a 2 oz bar. NOTE: Made in a facility that also handles dairy, peanuts and soy.

  • Old New Orleans Amber Rum

    Celebration Distillation

    Old New Orleans Amber Rum - Old New Orleans Amber Rum is a blend of three rums made from Louisiana sugar cane and aged at least three years in used bourbon barrels. All that time in the barrel gives it a delicious caramel-y flavor with hints of vanilla, so it's great for sipping or mixing in cocktails. Head distiller and founder James Michalopoulos uses both a pot still (used for whiskey) and a column still (used for vodka) to get the best of both processes. The distillery took on eight feet of water during Hurricane Katrina, but thanks to the support of the community (and the growing popularity of his incredible rum), they made it through the aftermath of the storm and are thriving today. James is also a successful artist who specializes in brightly colored oil paintings of life and landscapes in New Orleans. Each bottle of rum is imprinted with one of these paintings. tip of the tongue Try this one in a daiquiri for a rich twist on a classic: Combine 2 oz Old New Orleans amber rum, 1 oz fresh lime juice and 1/2 oz simple syrup in a shaker with ice and shake until very cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. ingredients Distilled from Louisiana sugar cane; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Tea Cocktail Mixer

    Owl's Brew

    Tea Cocktail Mixer - Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield started out as tea aficionados who loved to customize their blends (they also run The Teaologist, a boutique tea site focused on blending teas, fruits and spices). Owl's Brew, their new breakthrough line of tea concentrates, makes it that much easier to mix up a batch of complex, refreshing, healthful tea cocktails come 5 o'clock. Yes tea cocktails. Tea lends a complexity of flavor that will impress even the snobbiest of drinkers. We call them "tea-tails." The Classic English Breakfast with a tart twist! If you drink an Arnold Palmer with your lunch, you'll be very happy with this during happy hour. Mix two parts of the tea concentrate with one part vodka, tequila or gin, stir over ice or shake and strain, then garnish with a lemon or lime twist. INGREDIENTS: Brewed tea (water, black tea, lemon peel), agave, lemon juice, lime juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid. Comes in a 32 fl oz bottle. Pink & Black Smoky darjeeling brightened up by tart hibiscus, like something you'd drink at one of those cool speakeasy-style bars (this one's so cool, only you know about it!). Mix one part of the tea concentrate with one part whiskey, tequila or vodka, stir over ice or shake and strain, then garnish with a lemon twist. INGREDIENTS: Brewed tea (water, darjeeling, hibiscus, lemon peel), agave, strawberry extract, lemon juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid. Comes in a 32 fl oz bottle.

  • Seneca Drums Gin

    Finger Lakes Distilling

    Seneca Drums Gin - Today's mantra seems to be "think local," and Finger Lakes Distilling did just that. Located in the center of New York State's most productive wine region, they decided to use wine grapes as the base for spirits, including this floral and complex gin. A grape spirit base makes for a richer, more flavorful gin, which is then infused with 11 different botanicals. What's “Seneca Drums?� A sonic phenomenon heard over Seneca Lake in the summer., the locals claim it's a distant call from native Iroquois. Or maybe it’s just a reminder to pour another glass… tip of the tongue Master distiller Thomas Earl admits he has no idea how they got Seneca Drums to taste so good, adding that it reminds him of "a walk in the woods." It's so good, in fact, that it was voted New York's Best Spirit at the 2010 Wine & Food Classic. Did you know? Gin can be infused with a wide variety of botanicals, but it MUST contain juniper berries, which are responsible for that distinct, piney, gin-y flavor. ingredients 45% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Soda Syrups

    P&H Soda

    Soda Syrups - P&H Soda Co. syrups are all-natural and handcrafted in Brooklyn with no artificial flavorings, extracts or colors. Anton Nocito (the maker) prides himself in using only the very best sustainable ingredients he can source. The flavors are divine. Just mix a little syrup with seltzer and you've got yourself a tasty, fizzy homemade drink exactly to your liking, which you can also feel good about. And here's a fun tip – you can also mix the syrup with ice in a blender to create a homemade slushie. Cream Sun-dried Tahitian vanilla beans makes this cream soda super refreshing and brings back memories of another era. Try spiking it with a little bourbon! INGREDIENTS: no- organic sugar cane, water, lemon juice, sundried tahitan vanilla bean, organic citric acid. Comes in a 12.7 oz bottle Lovage Lovage is a widely-used herb, originally from Europe, with a slightly floral celery flavor. P+H adds sweetness and fruitiness using golden raisins, rounding out its savory character. If you have ever loved a celery soda, this will be your new favorite. It’s also works wonderfully as a cocktail syrup – pairs well with gin for a fantastic Gin Fizz, makes a nice addition to a Bloody Mary or even in a Negroni. Give it a try! INGREDIENTS: Water, organic cane sugar, golden raisins, organic lovage, organic citric acid. Comes in a 12.7 oz bottle. Hibiscus This award-winning syrup is made from dried hibiscus flowers and takes its inspiration from beverages made in countries from the West Indies to Mexico. Slightly dry and fruity, this drink has a slight black cherry flavor to it and pairs well with the lime and ginger syrups. It also makes a super unique and flavorful hibiscus margarita. INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic cane sugar, organic agave, organic fair-trade hibiscus, lime, organic ginger, organic citric acid, organic spices. Comes in a 12.7 oz bottle. Ginger This syrup makes a soda that is not quite as spicy as a ginger beer but is by no means wimpy like a store�bought ginger ale.

  • Snack Mouth Taster


    Snack Mouth Taster - Chomp. Munch. Grab. Snack. Scarf. Chew. Enjoy. Let us help satisfy a craving. We've got both sweet and savory covered here in one of our favorite and most popular gift tasters. Because who doesn't love to snack? It's a great gift for you or your favorite nosher. OPTION 1: Small Ginger Lemon Cashew Granola Bar by Nothin' But Turkey Jerky made by Chef's Cut: Real Jerky Sigmund's Pretzel Chips Cheesy Kale Chips made by Just Pure Foods Organic Hickory Smoked Cheddar Popcorn from Quinn Bacon Caramel Popcorn from Roni-Sue Chocolates OPTION 2: Large Turkey Jerky made by Chef's Cut: Real Jerky Ginger Lemon Cashew Granola Bar by Nothin' But Sigmund's Pretzel Chips Cheesy Kale Chips made by Just Pure Foods Organic Hickory Smoked Cheddar Popcorn from Quinn Bacon Caramel Popcorn from Roni-Sue Chocolates Blueberry Vanilla Energy Bar by Bearded Bros. Lemon Sugar Cookies made by Grey Ghost Bakery Field Trip Beef Jerky's Original (No. 3) Hot Chili Spears by Gordy's All comes stuffed into our signature Mouth cotton tote, along with some other goodies. *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • Red Bear Espresso

    Kuma Coffee

    Red Bear Espresso - Espresso beans are like bears (please, bear with us). Strong, assertive, maybe even a little intimidating at first, but totally soft and sweet behind the roar. Kuma's Red Bear Espresso is blended to be caramel sweet and cocoa smooth with just enough fruit in the finish to remind you that this is coffee with attitude. Roastmaster Mark Barany recommends it for straight espresso or combined with milk, but it's also just fine to brew these beans, any way you like, to make your coffee. Just wrap your paws around a hot mug and sip away. tip of the tongue Did you know there's no such thing as an espresso bean? Espresso has to do with the way coffee is made. When beans are labeled espresso, it just means that the roaster recommends using those beans to make espresso. Another fun fact? Espresso is stronger than coffee by volume, but a shot of espresso has much less caffeine than a small (8 oz.) cup of coffee. ingredients Light-medium roast; whole beans; comes in a 12 oz bag.

  • Rendezvous Rye

    High West Distillery

    Rendezvous Rye - Schedule a time and place to rendezvous with your bestie over High West's flagship whiskey – this is a trailblazer you won't want to miss. By pairing a younger and hotter whiskey with the more mature and mellow one, they create a balance that shows off the best of both. It’s a blend of a 6-year-old rye whiskey made from 95% rye and 5% barley with a 16-year-old rye whiskey containing 80% rye, 10% corn and 10% malted barley. We love that High West is putting a new spin on the art of blending whiskeys that truly celebrates the big, bold flavors of classic rye. tip of the tongue High West Distillery sits at the bottom of the Quittin’ Time ski run in Park City, Utah. That's fittin', because this is the perfect rye for sippin' as soon as the workday is done (aka quittin' time). ingredients 46% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • The Greatest Guest


    The Greatest Guest - You're lucky enough to know people from whom you can mooch. Friends with a cabin in the mountains. An uncle with a place by a lake. A colleague with a house share at the beach. Wow. Mooch city. How to make sure you're invited back next year? Give your gracious, welcoming hosts an impressive tote of deliciousness. This is just like 'The Good Guest' but even good-er. Rich blueberry jam and creamed honey. The most addictive crackers ever Jan's Farmhouse Crisps and Klara's Bacon Rosemary Shortbreads. Our crowd-pleasing pickle made by Gordy's Pickle Jar. Granola Lab for easy breakfasts or snacking. Something to cure a late-night sweet tooth, like a lovely jar of Landmarc restaurant caramels, lemon sugar cookies made by Grey Ghost Bakery, Salty Road taffy, Liddabit's awesome pecan brittle. Plus kick off the weekend with cocktails made with Jack Rudy's tonic syrup and P&H ginger syrup. They even might ask you back. In this taster Jan's Farmhouse Crisps Maple Bourbon Bread and Butter Pickles made Brooklyn Brine Small Batch Tonic Syrup by Jack Rudy Burnt Sugar & Fennel Shortbread made by Lark Fine Foods Raspberry Pate de Fruit Heart made by Willamette Valley Confectionary Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery A bag of Get Gingersnapping granola from Granola Lab Organic Raspberry Jam from Heidi's Raspberry Farm Dark & Stormy Caramel Popcorn by Butter & Scotch Sea Salt Caramel Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road Brooklyn Roasting Co.'s Sumatra Permata Gayo Organic Roasted Pistachios by Allgood Provisions Portland Farmland Honey made by Bee Local All this comes packed in our signature Mouth cotton tote, along with a few other goodies. *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • Raspberry & Hibiscus Marshmallow Cookie


    Raspberry & Hibiscus Marshmallow Cookie - Laura Curtis calls her marshmallow sandwich cookies "malvis," from m alvavisco , the Spanish word for marshmallow. She was inspired by toasty s'mores and summer campfires on Lake Michigan, but she picked up her technical skills at the Culinary Institute of America, and then working as a research and development chef for a large supermarket chain. tip of the tongue These confections are delicious straight, but magical things happen when you microwave them for 5 seconds or put them in a toaster oven for 30 seconds. Pack them as a glorified s'more for your next glamorous camping trip. ingredients Sugar, tapioca syrup, organic chocolate (organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla bean), organic wheat flour, butter [cream (milk), natural flavor], dark brown sugar (cane sugar, molasses, inverted sugar), raspberry puree (raspberries, water), hibiscus water (dried hibiscus, water), honey, cocoa powder, gelatin, potato starch, salt, baking soda. Comes in a 4 oz container that contains 4 marshmallow sandwich cookies.

  • Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread Bites

    Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread Bites - Crunchy cookies versus chewy cookies: the great divide. But why compromise? It's hard to believe that these micro-cookies can contain the best of both worlds, but maybe that's why Carla Hall calls it "Alchemy" – each wee cube of buttery almond shortbread is studded with spicy-sweet caramelized ginger and tart dried cherry, making them at once crunchy and chewy. Not to mention scrumptious. While competing on Bravo's "Top Chef," Carla Hall spread her infectious philosophy: cook with love. Now, her motto has found its way to baking cookies. Spreading the love is encouraged, as these adorable treats are bite-sized and made for sharing. Each batch is rolled by hand using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and Carla's able to channel her Southern background along with her classic French training. Now, the only question is whether you'll actually share before devouring the whole lovely package! Tip of the Tongue Buy a variety of Alchemy cookie flavors and set them out in an array of pretty bowls for the perfect party munchies!