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A super cute lightweight tote to fill with some goodies for someone you love. It's a whole lotta love. Tote Product Description:; 100% Cotton Canvas, 6 ounce fabric; 14;x16;, self-fabric handles.
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  • Himalayan Salted Caramels (25-count)

    The Groovy Baker

    Himalayan Salted Caramels (25-count) - The Himalayan Salted flavor is a slowly stirred caramel. The sugar and cream are allowed to caramelize and create both a rich complexity.and a delicious depth of flavor with a satisfying texture and a rich, comforting flavor from real vanilla beans. Finished with some Himalayan Pink Salt.

  • Gummy Strawberries

    Gummy Strawberries - Chewy and soft gummy strawberries taste and look just like a real strawberry!

  • Nordstrom at Home 500 Thread Count Fitted Sheet

    Nordstrom at Home

    Nordstrom at Home 500 Thread Count Fitted Sheet - An incredibly soft fitted sheet is tailored in a sateen weave from single-ply pima cotton. Color(s): blue drift, cream custard, grey ridge, grey silk, ivory, latte, plum flint, rose amber, white. Brand: Nordstrom at Home. Style Name: Nordstrom at Home 500 Thread Count Fitted Sateen Sheet (Buy & Save). Style Number: 300614. Available In Stores.

  • Personalized Footed Kaitlyn Vase

    Things Remembered

    Personalized Footed Kaitlyn Vase - Give her a wedding gift that shows how happy you are for her on her special day this magnificent crystal vase engraved with their names and wedding date. Simple and graceful this handcrafted European crystal vase is highlighted by an intricately cut motif we call the Kaitlyn pattern. Ideal for displaying fresh-picked flowers and dried arrangements this fine vase will add elegant interest to any table or counter it's placed on. She can't wait to say "I do " and when she receives this gift she'll ...

  • Personalized Reserve Chardonnay "Happy Anniversary" Etched Wine Bottle

    Things Remembered

    Personalized Reserve Chardonnay "Happy Anniversary" Etched Wine Bottle - Customize your anniversary year on these elegant engraved wine bottles . This one-of-a-kind gift has been individually hand-etched and painted but when you personalize it with their names and anniversary date it will take on even more significance. -Eight wine choices available -Year can be customized to any year -We cannot ship wines to the following states:MA UT MS AL DE OK ND SD AR KY PA RI-You must be 21 or older to order wine. An adult signature is required for delivery. Engraved Gift.

  • Cocoa & Sea Salt Halva Spread

    Brooklyn Sesame

    Cocoa & Sea Salt Halva Spread - We're big fans of chocolate-covered anything, but especially halva: smooth, sweet chocolate coating crumbly, nutty candy. . . yum! Turns out, it's even tastier in spread form. And we can't believe that cocoa powder tastes so rich and chocolatey! Just a pinch of sea salt makes all the flavors pop and keeps you wanting more, more, more. This really blew our minds when we first tasted it at the Brooklyn Flea. Brooklyn Sesame has completely re-imagined the traditional Mediterranean candy known as halva – crumbly slabs of crystalized sesame puree and sugar – by magically transforming it into a spread! Sesame sweets are first hand-ground then sweetened with pure honey (instead of sugar) and folded with nutty mix-ins. You have to halva it. (Ha!) Tip of the Tongue Take one taste from the jar and you just might be eating the rest of it with a spoon. If you manage to show a little more restraint, try it with fresh strawberries, graham crackers or spread it on slices of toasted baguette.

  • California Agricole Rum

    St. George Spirits

    California Agricole Rum - This rum is totally different from what you'd expect from a white (not aged) rum. Most rum is actually made from molasses, but Agricole comes from fresh sugarcane juice that has never been processed, so it tastes robustly grassy and refreshingly sweet, with a hint of pine and a bit of black pepper. Plus, St. George gets particularly thin sugarcane from the Imperial Valley of Southern California, which has even more grassiness. If your typical white rum tastes like a Caribbean beach vacation, we think this one tastes like a drink by the pool after a day hiking in the California dessert. tip of the tongue Try this rum in a Cuba Libre: Squeeze a lime into a tall, thin glass. Add 2 oz rum and top with Q Kola. Can't you hear the waves?

  • Chili Granola

    Bad Seed

    Chili Granola - In this case, let hotter heads prevail. We didn't know we needed a spicy granola in our lives, until we tried this fiery, flavorful concoction from Bad Seed. It's unlike anything we've ever tried, but it does remind us (in the best possible way) of the spicy, crunchy bits at the bottom of a bowl of Szechuan dan dan noodles. So good! tip of the tongue This is one condiment that won't take up any fridge space. According to the makers at Bad Seed, "it likes heat." Just be sure to mix it up before spooning it out – before you take off the top, turn the bottle over for a minute to let the spicy oil redistribute.

  • American Dry Gin

    Greenhook Ginsmiths

    American Dry Gin - This American dry gin blends sharp juniper with a floral mix of elderflower and chamomile, and a bit of cinnamon spice. It plays well with a wide range of flavors, so it's an awesome choice for the bar cart. Steven DeAngelo, Greenhook Ginsmiths' head distiller, took a page from 17-century French perfume-making techniques (oui, vraiment). Using a mercury vacuum to reduce pressure and lower the temperature in the still, Steven can work at a cooler temperature, which is gentler on the botanicals. He says it creates a “magically purer and more aromatic� gin, and he might be onto something. tip of the tongue Flip for this gin fizz: Pour 2 oz American Dry Gin, a splash of lime juice, 1/2 tsp sugar + 1 egg white in a shaker, and shake vigorously for 1 minute to fluff the egg white (earn that drink!). Add ice, then shake again until very cold. Strain into an ice-filled glass and top with club soda. Garnish with a lime slice, or a maraschino cherry. did you know? Juniper berries are responsible for the distinct, piney flavor in most gins. In fact, "gin" comes from the Dutch word for juniper, "genever." Who knew?

  • Crunchy Roasted Peanut Butter

    Reginald's Homemade

    Crunchy Roasted Peanut Butter - Oh, for the love of peanut butter! This crunchy, crave-worthy blend of roasted peanuts should have a place in every PB lover's pantry. Deep, rich flavor you can only get from dry-roasting peanuts + a gorgeous caramel color = a spreadable habit we can get behind. Andrew Broocker was tired of peanut butter that tasted more like sugar and salt than peanuts. So he started making his own, subtracting everything extra until he got to the pure, peanut-y taste that he loved. Once he'd found the flavor he was looking for, he got creative and started adding in all kinds of tasty additions. His peanut butters are a unanimous YES around here. tip of the tongue Reginald's is packaged in simple, beautifully designed jars, so you should definitely leave this one out on the counter. At your next brunch, spread on crisp waffles with a drizzle of Doc's Maple Syrup or a handful of fresh blueberries.

  • Fall For Fall


    Fall For Fall - Tuesday, September 23rd is the official first day of fall. Translation? Turtleneck sweaters, brisk mornings, dazzling foliage and of course, making out behind the bleachers at homecoming. Autumn's so good, we just want to eat it up. If you could take the best parts of fall and capture them in flavor form, you'd have the cozy collection of seasonal eats in our Fall For You Taster: chewy cookies loaded with ginger taste straight from grandma's kitchen, apple caramel jam (like a fancy French tarte tatin in a jar!), cranberry-hazelnut crisps crunchier than the biggest leafpile and a salted caramel apple artisanal pop-tart that beats any pre-packaged tart scarfed down on the school bus. In this taster Salted Caramel Apple Popped Tart made by Megpies Bakeshop Salted Caramel Apple Popped Tart - Salted Caramel Apple Popped Tart Megpies Bakeshop Organic Cranberry & Hazelnut Crisps made by Potters Crackers Organic Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps - Organic Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps Potter's Crackers (CRA-313-14-FW) Maple Roasted Cashews made by Allgood Provisions Maple Roasted Cashews - Maple Cashews Allgood Provisions (SNK-374-14-S) Triple Ginger Cookies made by Lomaxine Triple Ginger Cookies - Triple Ginger Cookies Lomaxine (COK-210-11-S) Apple Caramel Jam by Rare Bird Preserves Apple Caramel Preserves - Apple Caramel Preserves Rare Bird Preserves (SPD-295-12-S) Comes packed in our signature cotton tote along with a few surprises. Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • Giant Fruit and Nut Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

    Valerie Confections

    Giant Fruit and Nut Dark Milk Chocolate Bar - LA-based sweet shop Valerie Confections has teamed up with the super-cool folks at Commune Design studio to produce this beautifully packaged bar. We're also obsessed with the '60s style label backed by a clever Adam-and-Eve inspired print. They're singing the praises of that most divine, delicious substance, aka one of the best (and biggest) milk chocolate bars we've ever eaten. tip of the tongue This XL bar (a whopping 9 oz!) is great for sharing! It also makes an awesome, unexpected gift for a dinner party or birthday. ingredients Bittersweet and milk chocolate (cocoa butter, cream milk, whole milk powder, sugar, cocoa beans, vanilla extract, caramel (skimmed milk, whey, sugar, butter, flavoring), soya lecithin, barley malt extract), almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, peanuts, golden raisins, dried pears, dried apricots, sunflower seeds, soy salt. Comes in a 9 oz bar.

  • Gin Every Month


    Gin Every Month - Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, you've walked into ours. This is a great gift for, well, gin drinkers and really anyone who loves to get crafty with cocktails. Gin has seen a few makeovers in it's lifetime. Ori- gin -ally invented by the Dutch more than 400 years ago, then reinvented by a passionate group of new American craft distillers in the last decade, it's now an artful spirit with plenty of innovative wiggle room. See, unlike market-dominating London Dry Gin, American Dry Gin typically tones down the juniper and turns up the intensity of other botanicals for a super creative mix of flavors. Cases in point: Bluecoat and Four Peel play up the citrus, while Greenhook Ginsmith's take blends in elderflower and chamomile. St. George's Dry Rye adds a hint of savory spice, and Barr Hill goes in a totally different direction, enhancing their base spirit with nothing but juniper and a bit of northern honey to add a floral sweetness. We'll send you (or your lucky giftee) a full size bottle (or the equivalent in small bottles) of a fabulous new gin from a different indie maker every month. You will be blown away by the diversity of flavor and the totally consistent quality, care and deliciousness in each bottle. There's never been a better time to get your gin on, whether you're sipping a G&T on your porch, or shaking up an Aviation for your cocktail party guests. Or, be lazy: These gins are so tasty, some of us have even started sipping gin straight. subscription timing As soon as an order is placed for a Subscription Club, we send out a "Welcome Kit" in a mini tote which includes information about the shipping schedule, a gift message and tasty Mouth candies to kick things off. Subscriptions are then curated and shipped around the middle of each month, packed in our signature cotton tote along with a few surprises. The first box will be sent depending on when during the month the order is placed. After the goodies leave our NYC HQ, depending on

  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Tate's Bake Shop

    Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies - Wanted: Crisp, buttery chocolate chip cookies that also happen to be gluten-free. We were on a quest to find more amazing cookies for our gluten-free friends. The answer was almost too obvious. Tate's! Kathleen King was just eleven years old when she started selling her homemade cookies at her family's farm stand outside of Southampton, New York. Years later, those same cookies became the foundation for Tate's Bake Shop. Today, Kathleen's cookies definitely have a huge following from coast to coast, but she's done it without cutting corners, sacrificing quality or giving up her indie roots. She's even opened a gluten-free baking facility, so that more people can enjoy her amazing cookies. These cookies tasted so much like the original version, we almost couldn't believe they were gluten-free. tip of the tongue Every lunch box deserves a great chocolate chip cookie. ingredients Semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin [an emulsifier], vanilla, natural flavor), rice flour, butter, cane sugar, brown cane sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt, xanthan gum and water. Each 7 oz bag contains about 14 cookies. NOTE: Produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility that handles dairy, eggs, soy, and tree nuts.

  • Indie-Gredients Every Month


    Indie-Gredients Every Month - We get by with a little help from our….ingredients. That’s right! We’re not ashamed to admit that sometimes we rely on an extra-good, unique sauce or spice to bring a recipe together or just make it pop. For the budding gourmand to the condiment-crazed, this makes an ideal gift – or, just stash it all for yourself (and never let anyone in on the secret indie-gredients that make your cooking sing!). We’ll curate a monthly box of the best, most show-stopping small-batch sauces, oils, vinegars, condiments and spices in the shop. These small-batch makers have done the hard part for you by locking in on that elusive “it factor� flavor and bottling it right up. A typical box might include: Salty, savory bacon jam (mix some into mashed potatoes!); Good Food Award winning Butternut Squash Seed Oil; lemon finishing salt from Amagansett Sea Salt for that perfect, citrusy pop; sweet-tart fig balsamic vinegar from The Girl and the Fig; and spiced pickled cocktail tomatoes (equally good in pasta salads and martinis!) from Lemon Bird Handmade Jams. We promise each month will be a whole new flavor journey – perfect for those home chefs with major flavor wanderlust. subscription timing As soon as an order is placed for a Subscription Club, we send out a "Welcome Kit" in a mini tote which includes information about the shipping schedule, a gift message and tasty Mouth candies to kick things off. Subscriptions are then curated and shipped around the middle of each month, packed in our signature cotton tote along with a few surprises. The first box will be sent depending on when during the month the order is placed. After the goodies leave our NYC HQ, depending on where the box is being sent, it will arrive within a week. Thus, the recipient may receive the first box shortly; or, because of the timing, the recipient may be waiting until the next month for it to arrive. shipping info All shipping costs are included in the price. The

  • It's 5 o'clock Somewhere


    It's 5 o'clock Somewhere - What time is it? As the old adage (or, you know, drinking song) goes, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere! But that's not an excuse to pour from just any ol' bottle, you know. So be prepared for when the clock (and the mood) strikes, with three incredible bottles from American independent distillers: one scientifically tested vodka, one crowd-pleasing bourbon and a spectacularly different gin made from 100% rye. We admit we don't really need a happy hour or any time of day as excuse to raise a toast. But when the workday passes like molasses in wintertime, we all deserve a drink, don't we? And this makes the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a glass of the good stuff or a few classic cocktails at the end of a long day. In this taster Industry Standard Vodka made by Industry Standard Distillery Industry Standard Vodka - Industry Standard Vodka Industry City Distillery (VDK-3034-10-S) Town Branch Bourbon made by Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company Town Branch Bourbon - Town Branch Bourbon Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company (BRB-3002-10-S) Original Label Gin made by Letherbee Distillers Original Label Gin - Original Label Gin Letherbee Distillers (GIN-3037-10-S) These come packed along with some other surprises in our signature Mouth cotton tote. *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • Organic Hibiscus + Ginger Chocolate Bar

    Fearless Chocolate

    Organic Hibiscus + Ginger Chocolate Bar - Have you ever bitten into a whole, fresh, glistening hibiscus flower? Well, this is kinda like that. Fearless added honest-to-goodness, real hibiscus to organic cacao sourced directly from family-owned farms in Brazil. Rich and also floral, this bar is brightened with a kick of grated ginger. Talk about flower power! tip of the tongue Who took a bite out of our chocolate?! Fearless bars are shaped with a "bite" to represent the portion of proceeds they donate to Fearless Changemakers, people and organizations working to make their communities better. Fear not – you still get a full bar of antioxidant-rich, superfood-stuffed chocolate. ingredients Organic cacao, organic hibiscus flower, organic ginger, organic cane sugar. Comes in a 2 oz bar. NOTE: Made in a facility that also handles dairy, peanuts and soy.

  • PB&J Chocolate Bar

    Tumbador Chocolate

    PB&J Chocolate Bar - Unwrap. You'll notice an almost painterly, glittery burst of pink on the top, which is a little clue as to what's in store. Bite and you'll taste French raspberry pate de fruit and salty sweet peanut praline covered and rich dark chocolate. The best sandwich in the world comes to life in this truly sophisticated, grown-up chocolate bar. Tip of the tongue Pack one in your lunch box. Or two. Or ten. Friends will want to share. ingredients Peanut praline (roasted peanuts, roasted almonds, sugar), raspberry fruit puree, sugar, dark chocolate (cacao beans, cacao butter, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), cacao butter, toasted rice (rice, sugar, glucose, malt flavor, salt), glucose, inverted sugar, pectin, citric acid, raspberry powder, vitamin E. Comes in a 2.1 oz bar. May contain: nuts, peanuts, sesame, dairy, eggs, wheat and soy.

  • Kings County Bourbon

    Kings County Distillery

    Kings County Bourbon - This is a taste of New York history, bottled in a retro flask that we're totally obsessing over. So, once upon a time, NYC was a hub of distilling. Then Prohibition happened (boo!), and even after alcohol was once again legal, it took New York State a long, long time to re-legalize distilling (yay!). The folks at Kings County didn't miss a beat – they were really the first to bring spirits-making back to the city. Now settled into their new home in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, not far from our Mouth HQ, they're making an awesome Bourbon from local corn with some malted Scottish barley that reminds us, oddly enough, of fresh-baked pastry. Tip of the Tongue Kings County makes a great gift for lovers of Prohibition-era history! Check out the distillery's book “Guide to Urban Moonshining� and learn how to make your own at home. We promise we won't tell the coppers.

  • Lime In The Coconut Bar

    Liddabit Sweets

    Lime In The Coconut Bar - Glittering turquoise waves crashing on sun-bleached sandy shores, palm trees bending in a tropical breeze, sweet tropical coconut squeezed with lime. This bar is as evocative as the song itself – a beachy escape disguised as a candy bar. Unsweetened coconut is nutty, rich, and balanced out with the zingyness of fresh lime. tip of the tongue Sort of like a Mounds or Almond Joy but with so much more going on. A thin robe of dark chocolate brings this bar into sophisticated territory – don't be afraid to slice it up and serve at a dinner party for dessert (with a generous side of aged rum). ingredients Glucose syrup, unsweetened coconut, dark chocolate, cane sugar, macadamia nuts, marshmallow cream, fresh limes, white rum, salt. Comes in a 3.5 oz bar. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles dairy, egg, nuts, soy, and wheat.

  • The Food & Wine Selects Taster II


    The Food & Wine Selects Taster II - First, a little backstory: Our CEO Craig first met Dana Cowin from Food & Wine in 2002 when they were both guests on an episode of Molto Mario. 12 years later, they've finally gotten a chance to collaborate a.k.a. sitting around a table and tasting the best of the best indie foods sourced from around the country. Luckily, they're both pretty nice people who like to share! This is round two of our summer team-up: 20 more goodies to devour from sweet to savory, crunchy to smooth, super hot to extra tart. For anyone who cares about what they put in their mouth, or who wishes they could spend a week hanging out in the Food & Wine editorial offices (yes, please!), we're thrilled to present the full selection. In this taster Almond Brittle made by Paso Almonds Spicy Chile Granola made by Bad Seed Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter made by Better Off Spread Grass Fed Biltong made by Brooklyn Biltong Spicy Honey made by Mixed Made Basil Reginetti made by the Sfoglini Pasta Shop Kate & Swiss Chard Tomato Sauce made by City Saucery Mild Hot Sauce made by Forge S'mores Kit made by Hot Cakes Pickled Watermelon made by Pickled Pink Foods Pickled Sea Beans made by Wildforest Wild Foods Tom Collins Cocktail Mixer made by Bittermilk Spicy Korean Gochujang Sauce made by We Rub You Marionberry Espresso Jam made by Republic of Jam Spicey Candied Pecans made by Treat Bakeshop Nori Popcorn made by Pop Art Snacks Passion Fruit Caramel Bar made by Chocolat Moderne Smooth Whole Grain Mustard made by Tin Mustard Cacao Nib Oat Bark made by Lark Fine Foods Peanut Butter Nougat & Roasted Peanut Candy Bar made by Fixx Chocolates All these magazine-ready goodies come packed in one of our signature cotton totes with a few other surprises.

  • Sorel Liqueur

    Jack from Brooklyn

    Sorel Liqueur - Tart, sweet and spiced, Sorel was inspired by the traditional Caribbean drink of the same name. Jack from Brooklyn starts with 100% organic grain alcohol, then infuses it with hibiscus, clove, cassia, ginger, nutmeg and cane sugar. B artenders all over New York are trying it in a wide array of cocktails, but it doesn't take a professional to turn this into a great drink. It's not overly boozy, so it's terrific on its own or mixed with seltzer. And it adds an amazing fruit punch flavor when paired up with simpler spirits, like vodka. tip of the tongue We like the sound of the Sailer's Warning: Pour 3 oz ginger beer into a tumbler filled with crushed ice. Add 2 oz Sorel, 1/2 oz spiced rum and 1/2 oz fresh lime juice. Stir and top with a thin slice of lime. ingredients 15% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.