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Groomstars 2.5oz Black Leather Flask

The perfect groomsmen gift, this 2.5 oz leather hip flask from Groomstars keeps the finest spirits stored in style for the traveling aristocrat.
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  • Black Cherry Cocoa Nib Caramels (25-count)

    The Groovy Baker

    Black Cherry Cocoa Nib Caramels (25-count) - Slowly stirred caramel candy with fabulous sweet, tart black cherries and a generous sprinkling of the addictively biting cocoa nibs to balance out the natural sweetness of handmade cooked caramel. Contains 25 recycled content favor boxes + 3 caramel pieces per box + custom tag Thank You for Coming is the standard, unless otherwise noted.

  • Light Pink Sixlets

    Light Pink Sixlets - Sixlets are a round candy coated chocolate classic. The chocolate centers are a mixture of cocoa and carob giving them a unique malted flavor! These light pink colored sixlets are great for parties, celebrations, and wedding candy favors.

  • Strawberry Banana Gummy Bears (White)

    Strawberry Banana Gummy Bears (White) - These strawberry banana flavored gummy bears are not only soft and chewy, but delicious too!

  • DB Exc Personalized Embroidered Oval Border Hankie

    David's Bridal

    DB Exc Personalized Embroidered Oval Border Hankie - This beautiful initial hankie is the perfect "Something New" for your wedding day. Bordered by a simple crochet edge, this cotton hankie can be personalized with a single initial. Choose from a selection of David's Bridal exclusive thread colors to create a heartfelt keepsake. Features and Facts: Size: 11.5" square Material: 100% cotton Personalization with a single initial in one of David's Bridal's exclusive thread colors.

  • Chocolate Granola

    Blackbird Food Company

    Chocolate Granola - This granola is seriously delicious – and not in a too-sweet, empty calorie, sugar cereal kind of way. It gets its chocolate punch from three sources: Oats are coated in single-origin cocoa powder as well as dark chocolate, and mixed with chopped, toasted cocoa nibs (a bonus super food). Dark, intense and totally satisfying. We're not kidding around. tip of the tongue Roast a pan of seasonal fruit (strawberries in spring, peaches in summer, apples in fall and winter) sprinkled generously with sugar and butter, then top with a few handfuls of chocolate granola for a creative, cacao-laden take on a crisp.

  • Bourbon Nib Brittle

    Olive & Sinclair

    Bourbon Nib Brittle - We're all about barrel-aging here at Mouth. We've got vinegar, soy sauce, sugar. . . and even brittle! Ok, so the brittle isn't actually barrel aged. Olive & Sinclair Chocolatier Scott Witherow combines tradition with modern technique, resulting in (culinary school) textbook perfect brittle – crisp sheets of butter-sugar delight topped with a thin, shiny coating of chocolate. He then gives the old-fashioned candy a tasty, trendy twist by folding in bittersweet cocoa nibs that have been aged in used bourbon barrels, giving them the sweet, smoky flavor of our favorite brown liquor. Yes, yes, and yes. tip of the tongue Play up the bourbon flavor by pairing this with a glass of the good stuff. Alternatively, it's pretty great with a glass of milk.

  • Bourbon Maple Syrup

    Mikuni Wild Harvest

    Bourbon Maple Syrup - We're crazy for Mikuni Wild Harvest's beautiful bottles of Noble Tonics – gorgeous typography, cork and sealing wax. Then we spotted these miniature bottles of Tonic No. 1, bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. As any whiskey geek will tell you, bourbon must be aged in charred barrels made from American oak, and said barrels can only be used once. Mikuni gets used barrels from Tuthilltown Spirits in the Hudson Valley (New York’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition!). They fill 'em up with medium amber grade Maple syrup from heritage sugar shacks in Quebec, so the syrup takes on layers of wood and smoke from the charred barrels, along with a hint of the bourbon that had been been soaked up by the wood. Best of all, this miniature bottle is the perfect size for tucking into your bag, so you're pancake-ready wherever you go. tip of the tongue This grown-up syrup deserves an extra special breakfast. Make your standard waffles spectacularly light and fluffy by separating the egg whites and yolks, beating the whites until they form stiff peaks, then folding them into the finished batter (mix in the yolks as usual).

  • Ecuador La Nube

    Deeper Roots Coffee

    Ecuador La Nube - Ecuador is the new black. (Black coffee, that is.) Don't you want to be able to humble-brag that you were drinking Ecuadorian coffee before it was cool? Ecuador exports a pretty small amount of coffee each year.* This coffee is all the rarer, because the farm in the Pichincha region where it's grown, La Nube, has only been producing for export for a few years. Deeper Roots introduced it in 2013, and they're thrilled to bring it back again this year. As are we, if we do say so ourselves! tip of the tongue This isn't just a single-origin coffee, it's also made from a single coffee varietal, called Typica. The result? Pronounced floral notes, with a creamy, chocolate body and the sweetness of Meyer lemon.

  • Envelope 2011

    Channing Daughters

    Envelope 2011 - We're loving this boom we’re seeing in “orange� wines. They’re white wines made like red wines, fermented the grapes' skins to take advantage of naturally occurring yeasts. So you get some extra tannins and structure with your white(ish) wine. The Envelope 2011 is full-bodied yet dry, and when you sip, you get waves of flavor like stone fruit, honey, lychee, spices, minerals and dried fruit. Made from 52% Chardonnay, 38% Malvasia Bianca and 10% Gewürztraminer, then aged for 20 months in a mix of new and old oak barrels, it’s big, bold and very flavorful. tip of the tongue This is our favorite wine to sip with cured meats and soft cheeses.

  • Four Peel Gin

    Watershed Distillery

    Four Peel Gin - You can probably guess from the name that citrus peels are the star of the show. Usually, all gins must contain juniper, with its dominant, piney bite. So a gin like Four Peel breaks with tradition, experimenting with bold, bright and vibrant flavor combinations. Which four peels? Orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime! They nearly jump out of the glass, with the juniper and other spices just peeking out toward the finish. It’s a zesty twist (ahem) on an old fave. tip of the tongue The citrus kick makes it a fun spirit to play with in cocktails that don’t usually call for gin. Try it in place of tequila for a botanical margarita. Shake 1.5 oz Four Peel Gin with 1.5 oz orange liqueur and 1 oz lime juice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Did you know? Gin can be infused with a wide variety of botanicals, but it MUST contain juniper berries, which are responsible for that distinct, piney, gin-y flavor. ingredients 44% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Fulton Folderol 2008 Red Wine

    Old World Winery

    Fulton Folderol 2008 Red Wine - The Fulton Folderol is a 50/50 combination of classic California zinfandel and Abouriou grapes, typically a French blending grape. The rich, jammy sweetness of the zin is balanced perfectly by earthy and tannic Abouriou. This was the first wine we tried from Old World Winery, and we just fell in love after one sip of its rich complexity. Old World makes wines that not only taste great, but also taste true to their vineyards. They never add yeast because they think the native yeast better expresses a wine’s origins. We also think the name's pretty clever, because this wine is anything but trivial (thanks, Google). tip of the tongue This is the perfect wine to pair with steak. We also think it makes a great gift for dinner parties, weekend hosts and thoughtful neighbors. ingredients 50% zinfandel and 50% abouriou grapes; 12.8% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Gin-Head Style American Gin

    Corsair Artisan Distillery

    Gin-Head Style American Gin - This citrusy, flowery gin is super smooth and refreshing. We love the hint of lemongrass that makes this our favorite gin for drinking with Thai food! Corsair is most famous for whiskey, but this excellent gin might change that. They use mostly classic botanicals but play with the proportions. And rather than macerating botanicals in the spirits, they suspend them in a basket near the top of the still (aka a "gin-head"), and the alcoholic vapors are forced through the basket as they rise in the still. This gin mixes well in cocktails, but it's surprisingly easy to sip on the rocks. tip of the tongue Play up the lemongrass flavors in this gin with a Soho Cocktail: Combine 1 sprig mint and a chopped 1-inch piece of lemongrass* in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and muddle. Add 2 oz Gin-Head American Style Gin, 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, 1 oz agave nectar or simple syrup, 1 oz freshly squeezed lime juice and lots of ice. Shake until very cold. Strain into a tall, ice-filled glass and top with 2 oz ginger ale. Garnish with a lime wheel. * Fresh lemongrass is available at Asian supermarkets, speciality stores and seasonally at some farmer's markets. Wrapped in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag and stored in the fridge, it will keep for up to two weeks. Did you know? Gin can be infused with a wide variety of botanicals, but it MUST contain juniper berries, which are responsible for that distinct, piney, gin-y flavor. ingredients 44% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Good Food Award Winning Spirits


    Good Food Award Winning Spirits - We're big fans of the Good Food Awards. The products that win not only taste great, but they also meet super high standards: Makers who seek out local, organic ingredients. Makers who invest in employees and their communities. Makers who care about process. But it's not enough just to do good! Winning foods and drinks are selected through a blind taste test, judged by a panel of experts in every category: Beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, confections, oils, pickles, preserves and(yes!)spirits. We're thrilled that so many of our Mouth spirits makers are on this year's list of winners! (Congrats!) One amazing vodka distilled from 100% rye, a superlative gin that harmonizes botanics with ubiquitous juniper, and a rich, spicy organic whiskey also made from 100% rye. Get yourself in Good Spirits! Try each for yourself, assembled here in one winning bag. An awesome gift for any lover of award-winning bottles, and the best sampling of spirits to boost your home bar cart. In this taster Organic Vodka made by Square One Organic Spirits Botanica Gin made by Falcon Spirits Roundstone Rye made by Catoctin Creek Distilling All of this plus a few more goodies in our signature cotton canvas tote bag. *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • JCOCO Rainbow Chocolate Set


    JCOCO Rainbow Chocolate Set - At our weekly Friday tastings here at Mouth, we have to admit we eat with our eyes first. Suckers for appealing packaging, we were downright giddy when this stack of rainbowliciousness arrived. Each colorful package contains three bars,individually-wrapped with 1970's fashion photography. Giddy! The chocolate itself does not disappoint. Each totally unique but crowd-pleasing flavor is more outstanding than the next. Black fig and pistachio? Spicy orange? Giddy. This is an awesome gift, particularly ideal for those who organize their bookshelves by color. Or for leprechauns. Or, just for chocolate lovers. In this taster Dark Chocolate Nib Bar Dark Chocolate Nib Bar - Dark Chocolate Nib Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-14-S) Orange White Chocolate Chili Bar Orange White Chocolate Chili Bar - Orange White Chocolate Chili Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-10-S) Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar - Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate JCoCo (CHO-354-15-S) Edamame Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar Edamame Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar - Edamame Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-11-S) Vanuatu Coconut Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar Vanuatu Coconut Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar - Vanuatu Coconut Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar JCoCo (CHO-354-13-S) Black Fig & Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar Black Fig & Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar - Black Fig & Pistachio Dark Chocolate JCoCo (CHO-354-12-S)

  • Organic Vodka

    Square One Organic Spirits

    Organic Vodka - We were so excited to find this 100% organic vodka, silky and full-bodied, with a smooth, clean flavor. Vodka is most often defined as a colorless, neutral spirit. But Square One founder Allison Evanow wanted to push that definition and produce a vodka with its own distinctive flavor. So she found a master distiller who was willing to take on the challenge of working with 100% rye. We find it to be richer than most vodka! While earning her MBA, Allison worked as a bartender, and she loved vodka's versatility in cocktails. Of course, this vodka is also a great choice for stocking your home bar. tip of the tongue This vodka will add just the right punch to bright, fruity cocktails; or take the leading role in a V+T or martini. ingredients Distilled from certified organic rye; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750 ml bottle.

  • Milk Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers

    Tumbador Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate-Covered Animal Crackers - These creatures somehow managed to escape from that little box (the cage-shaped one with a string) and have gone for a dunk in a pool of rich, creamy milk chocolate. Your favorite treat from childhood just got better. And some apparently stayed extra long in the chocolate – we've been having fun trying to identify each animal! tip of the tongue These are great gifts for a little kid. But also for your favorite, hungry big kid (you). ingredients Milk chocolate (pure cane sugar, milk, cacao butter, cacao beans, soy lecithin, vanilla beans), animal crackers (wheat flour, sugar, soy bean oil, invert syrup, calcium carbonate, salt, baking soda (leavening), soy lecithin (an emulsifier), natural flavor, spices (nutmeg and mace)). Comes in a 5 oz bag. NOTE: Produced in a facility that also handles tree nuts, peanuts, and wheat.

  • Madagascar Sambirano 70% Chocolate Bar

    Dandelion Chocolate

    Madagascar Sambirano 70% Chocolate Bar - This exceptional bar from Madagascar Sambirano is bright and tangy, but it melts in your mouth with a superb creaminess. Todd and Cam of Dandelion Chocolate were destined for this work. From trying to grow cacao beans in their own apartment to roasting fresh beans in their little oven, it was only a matter of time until these two former tech-industry leaders would abandon computers for cacao. Now, in their small bean-to-bar workshop in the Mission area of San Francisco, they roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, conch and temper small batches of single-origin beans and then mold and package each bar by hand. Tip of the Tongue These bars make great gifts for either a chocoholic or an aesthete: the packaging is gorgeous, and the treat inside is just as jaw-dropping. ingredients Cocoa beans and cane sugar. Comes in a 2 oz bar.

  • Q Ginger Ale

    Q Drinks

    Q Ginger Ale - Q Drinks started experimenting with a mixture of real ginger, organic agave with some special flavors like coriander, cardamom, cayenne, rose oil and orange peel. They agonized and tinkered until they came up with a beverage that tastes nothing like the corn syrup and chemicals that you're used to. You will love the crisp flavor and, because it’s not so sugary sweet, there are only 60 calories. Plus, it comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle worthy of the top shelf. Tip of the tongue The real ginger sometimes sinks to the bottom, so shake gently before opening! Great spiked with a little rum. ingredients Triple purified water, organic agave, ginger extract, extracts of lemon juice, coriander, cardamon, cayenne, orange peel, rose oil. Comes in a 750 ml bottle.

  • Prince In His Caves 2011

    The Scholium Project

    Prince In His Caves 2011 - Half of this 100% Sauvignon Blanc was fermented in whole clusters with the grapes' skins and stems included – the other half with skins-only. The result is a rich, slightly smoky and tannic off-white wine, one we can't get enough of. The Scholium Project loves to push the limits of vintage wines to create wild twists on familiar grapes. They produce tiny amounts, and the flavors can be hugely different vintage-to-vintage. Kiss the Prince as soon as you can! tip of the tongue This is a stunning and possibly shocking wine. And with only 263 cases produced, it’s also rare. We recommend drinking it solo to get the full impact. ingredients 100% Sauvignon Blanc; 12.68% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Sweet Vermouth Yount Mill Vineyard

    Matthiasson Wine

    Sweet Vermouth Yount Mill Vineyard - This sweet Italian-style vermouth is made with Flora grapes, whose natural sugars and flavors are seriously ampled up as they're allowed to ripen on the vine until they become wrinkled and dry. After the wine is aged in oak, it's blended with neutral grape spirits infused with Matthiasson's own blood oranges and sour cherries (everything grows in California!!) and some organic coriander they purchase. Bitterness is added, mostly with their own cardoons (kind of like artichokes), but also with some sourced cinchona bark, wormwood and blessed thistle for added complexity. This complicated recipe makes one of the most remarkable vermouths we've ever tasted. Sweet, yet bitter with bright fruity notes and warm spices – w e sip it straight and couldn't imagine ever wanting it any other way. Well, until we tried it in a Negroni. Matthiasson only made 160 cases, so this won't be around forever. tip of the tongue Like we said, a Negroni: Combine 1 1/2 oz Russell Henry Dry Gin (or any other London Dry style gin), 3/4 oz Campari and 3/4 oz Matthiasson Sweet White Vermouth in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice. Shake until very cold and strain into a chilled cocktail glass or a tumbler filled with fresh ice (ideally, one or two large cubes). Garnish with an orange twist. ingredients 17% alcohol by volume; comes in a 375ml bottle.

  • The Food & Wine Selects Taster II


    The Food & Wine Selects Taster II - First, a little backstory: Our CEO Craig first met Dana Cowin from Food & Wine in 2002 when they were both guests on an episode of Molto Mario. 12 years later, they've finally gotten a chance to collaborate a.k.a. sitting around a table and tasting the best of the best indie foods sourced from around the country. Luckily, they're both pretty nice people who like to share! This is round two of our summer team-up: 20 more goodies to devour from sweet to savory, crunchy to smooth, super hot to extra tart. For anyone who cares about what they put in their mouth, or who wishes they could spend a week hanging out in the Food & Wine editorial offices (yes, please!), we're thrilled to present the full selection. In this taster Almond Brittle made by Paso Almonds Spicy Chile Granola made by Bad Seed Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter made by Better Off Spread Grass Fed Biltong made by Brooklyn Biltong Spicy Honey made by Mixed Made Basil Reginetti made by the Sfoglini Pasta Shop Kate & Swiss Chard Tomato Sauce made by City Saucery Mild Hot Sauce made by Forge S'mores Kit made by Hot Cakes Pickled Watermelon made by Pickled Pink Foods Pickled Sea Beans made by Wildforest Wild Foods Tom Collins Cocktail Mixer made by Bittermilk Spicy Korean Gochujang Sauce made by We Rub You Marionberry Espresso Jam made by Republic of Jam Spicey Candied Pecans made by Treat Bakeshop Nori Popcorn made by Pop Art Snacks Passion Fruit Caramel Bar made by Chocolat Moderne Smooth Whole Grain Mustard made by Tin Mustard Cacao Nib Oat Bark made by Lark Fine Foods Peanut Butter Nougat & Roasted Peanut Candy Bar made by Fixx Chocolates All these magazine-ready goodies come packed in one of our signature cotton totes with a few other surprises.

  • Snacks Every Month


    Snacks Every Month - This is a gift great for grazers, procrastinators, or people who like to open and close bags. Every month, you or your favorite nosher will get to dip day and night into something pickled, crunchy, crumbly, chewy. There’s enough in each sack of snack to alternate between salty and sweet, then back again. One month, for example, it could be a jar of spicy pickles, beer and pretzel nuggets, beef jerky, pistachio caramel corn and a bacon toffee bar. Another month, a chocolate-dipped pretzel, kale chips, wine biscuits, triple ginger cookies and salmon jerky. The next month, perhaps peanut butter cookies, pretzel chips, bacon popcorn, chocolate hazelnut biscotti and lavash. Hungry yet? Netflix not included. This also comes with a complementary one-year subscription to one of our favorite indie food publications, Edible Magazine. The first issue should arrive within about two months of the order being placed – enjoy! subscription timing As soon as an order is placed for a Subscription Club, we send out a "Welcome Kit" in a mini tote which includes information about the shipping schedule, a gift message and tasty Mouth candies to kick things off. Subscriptions are then curated and shipped around the middle of each month, packed in our signature cotton tote along with a few surprises. The first box will be sent depending on when during the month the order is placed. After the goodies leave our NYC HQ, depending on where the box is being sent, it will arrive within a week (see above for transit timing). Thus, the recipient may receive the first box shortly; or, because of the timing, the recipient may be waiting until the next month for it to arrive.

  • The Love Bot

    Alma Chocolate

    The Love Bot - Love comes in all shapes and sizes – and lifeforms. This riveting, riveted heart-squeezing robot is solid 75% dark Venezuelan chocolate and hand-gilded in edible 23K gold leaf. If this shiny, adorable token of affection doesn’t buy your lover’s favor, well, we don’t know what will. It's downright robo-mantic! tip of the tongue This makes a particularly awesome gift for any fan of sci-fi or technophilia. Buy one for your favorite computer geek and you'll never have to call tech support again. ingredients 75% dark Venezuelan chocolate (pure cocoa mass, cocoa butter) , 23-karat gold leaf. Each robot weighs 3 oz, and measures about 2.5 inches by 3 inches. May contain traces of milk, almonds and hazelnuts.

  • DIY Cold Brew Kit

    Grady's Cold Brew

    DIY Cold Brew Kit - It's getting warmer! Hot coffee is not for everyone. You need it icy cold. You need it in a tall glass with a straw. And do you really feel like waiting in line for bitter and expensive or settling for watered-down and mediocre? Total buzz-kill. Grady's saves the day with this BIY (brew-it-yourself) iced coffee concentrate, so you can happily sip smooth cold brew whenever the need strikes. We were already huge fans of Grady's, but we have to say this handy (and beautiful) can makes us love them even more. Grady's iced coffee is a New Orleans style blend of roasted coffee and chicory. They've handily packaged the grounds in tea-bag style packages, so you can mix it with water and leave it to steep. You provide a pitcher, some water and settle in for a good nights' rest. Your reward? A week's worth of cold brew, or enough to please a hot crowd, with no muss, no fuss. Each canister provides super-simple instructions – with illustrations – so you get a perfect brew, every time. tip of the tongue Cold Brew Super Power: You can cold-brew directly in the can! Leave 2 bean bags in the can and fill to the top with water. (Just completely dry the can post-brewing to prevent rust!) You can recycle the can, and the bags are compostable.

  • Yountville Sémillon 2013

    Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery

    Yountville Sémillon 2013 - This crisp white wine is a fascinating example of the best of California natural winemaking, made from 100% Sémillon grapes grown on organic vineyards. It's quite dry with an earthy acidity, and powerful enough to stand up to strong flavors. Dirty & Rowdy loves to experiment, combining traditional methods with new ideas. After harvest, some of these grapes are fermented with the skins still on, and these are split between a steel tank and a mix of American and French oak casks. The rest of the grapes are fermented without the skins, in a concrete "egg." Blending these two separate fermentations just before bottling maximizes the complexity of this crisp, elegant wine. tip of the tongue We love a bottle with Mexican food – it's a perfect match for the rich, warm and even spicy flavors.