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Vintage Trinket Dish

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Collected antique saucers are repurposed into an instant heirloom. Designed to hold rings and jewelry bits, and painted with an intricate floral motif, this lovely dish makes a one-of-a-kind bridesmaid gift. Please note that due to their vintage nature, no two dishes are exactly alike. From artist and designer, Marceli Botticelli or M of Tea Times Creations. 4.5H, approximately 5.5 diameter Vintage china, zinc alloy Hand wash USA
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    Shimmer Pink Sixlets - Shimmer pink sixlets are a round candy-coated chocolate classic. The chocolate centers are a mixture of cocoa and carob giving them a unique malted flavor. These shimmer pink colored sixlets are perfect as party or wedding candy favors. The luscious taste of smooth chocolate makes them a divine treat, and the elegant pink coating creates a gorgeous, aesthetic addition to any themed celebration.

  • Chocolate Shortbread with Nibs

    Rustic Bakery

    Chocolate Shortbread with Nibs - Be prepared: it's about to get dark. Dark chocolate, that is! We've never met a cookie with such a rich, dark chocolate flavor. The secret? Combining buttery shortbread with intense cocoa plus chopped cocoa nibs. Then there's the perfect hint of crunchy sea salt that makes each bite that much more intense. Rustic Bakery is just that, a quaint little bakery run by a husband and wife duo in small town near the Golden Gate Bridge. We like to imagine them spending their days in a stone cottage, baking their delicious cookies and crackers, then strolling through fields of California wildflowers. While that may just be a fantasy, it is true that they bake everything by hand and use only the best organic ingredients. tip of the tongue For a treat that tastes even better than the big brand version, spread these dark chocolate cookies with a dollop of CB’s Nuts creamy peanut butter. WARNING: a glass of milk may be required.

  • Chocolate-Covered Grahams

    Nunu Chocolates

    Chocolate-Covered Grahams - Perfect little graham crackers are covered in chocolate (53% cacao) then topped with a sprinkle of fleur de sel. Be forewarned - it's difficult not to eat all four in one sitting. tip of the tongue These are so delicious it's almost impossible to share. So our tip is that you make sure you order more than one box!

  • Candy Land


    Candy Land - Yes, for that sweet-toothed sugar-lover in your life, we've assembled two collections of lovely goodies straight from the land of all things candy. Start at Caramel Castle with plenty of chewy, smooth caramel to go 'round, then cruise to Taffy Tower for shovelfuls of the salty stuff. Float away on marshmallow clouds or sugary pate de fruit, and wonder why you never switched to these indie reinventions of your nostalgic favorites before. It's the perfect, hoard-worthy package for your desk snack drawer, or your kids' candy cabinet. And who best to govern the land of sweets and smiles than King Candy? This fit-for-royalty package includes maple-bacon lollipops (yes!) and dreamy chewy stars, bursting with real fruit flavor. Talk about your childhood wishes. Rainbow path not included. OPTION 1: Candy Land X&O Candies made by Raley's Confectionary Raspberry Pate de Fruit Heart made by Willamette Valley Confectionary Sweet Peanut Brittle from Liddabit Pure Bourbon Vanilla Goat Milk Caramels made by Big Picture Farm Apple Cinnamon Marshmallows made by Wondermade Marshmallows Sea Salt Caramel Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road OPTION 2: King Candy Raspberry Pate de Fruit Heart made by Willamette Valley Confectionary Dreams Come Chew Candies made by Quin Candy A 4-pack of Roni-Sue's Maple Bacon Lollipops X&O Candies made by Raley's Confectionary Sour Drop Candies made by Papabubble Sweet Peanut Brittle from Liddabit Pure Bourbon Vanilla Goat Milk Caramels made by Big Picture Farm Apple Cinnamon Marshmallows made by Wondermade Marshmallows Sea Salt Caramel Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road

  • Bourbon Smoked Sugar

    Bourbon Barrel Foods

    Bourbon Smoked Sugar - Bourbon Barrel Foods in Kentucky takes outstanding large grain sugar and smokes it in repurposed Kentucky bourbon barrel staves. It has sweet caramel flavors and the richness of the smoked oak. Smoky sugar? Yes, like candy by the bonfire. Tip of the tongue Make it into smoky cotton candy. Use it as a dry rub for an extra outdoor flavor. Use it as a finishing sugar on fruit crisps, pies, cookies and cocktails.

  • Brazil Samambaia Peaberry

    Ozo Coffee Co.

    Brazil Samambaia Peaberry - This is your classic morning cup, only better. Think mild, sweet and nutty, with a surprising depth of flavor. So what's a peaberry? Coffee usually grows as a double seed, with two beans in the center of each coffee cherry. About 5% of the time, only one small seed forms – the peaberry. In high-quality coffees, it's often sweeter and more flavorful than typical beans. The medium roast really plays up the nuttiness, resulting in a coffee with a lot of rich depth and just a hint of sweet vanilla. tip of the tongue Calling all Coffee Geeks: These beans were processed using the pulped natural method, which is unusual for Brazil. A middle ground between washed and natural processing, here's how it works – the cherry fruit is removed and the inner layer (the mucilage) is allowed to remain on the cherry during the drying process, changing the beans' final flavor profile.

  • Double Barreled Bourbon

    Prichard's Distillery

    Double Barreled Bourbon - At Mouth, we're advocates of seconds. A second chocolate-dipped macaroon. Another ginger-studded cookie. And maybe another one after that. That's why we love this double-barreled Bourbon, with a loooong vanilla finish thanks to a second round of oak aging. We’ve never tasted a Bourbon with as much vanilla as this. We’re blown away. Most whiskey follows a standard path: distill, barrel age, cut with water, bottle. But the folks at Prichard’s put the whiskey back into the barrel for a second round after the water is added, to mellow it out. This creates one of the smoothest finishes around. Make it a double! tip of the tongue American oak gives off the most vanilla, and spirits absorb more of it in the barrel than wines. So Bourbon, which by law ages in virgin American oak barrels, tends to have more vanilla than other whiskey. Try garnishing a Double Barreled Bourbon Old Fashioned with a Vanilla Pickled Cherry from Unbound Pickling, for double the trouble.

  • Envelope 2011

    Channing Daughters

    Envelope 2011 - We're loving this boom we’re seeing in “orange� wines. They’re white wines made like red wines, fermented the grapes' skins to take advantage of naturally occurring yeasts. So you get some extra tannins and structure with your white(ish) wine. The Envelope 2011 is full-bodied yet dry, and when you sip, you get waves of flavor like stone fruit, honey, lychee, spices, minerals and dried fruit. Made from 52% Chardonnay, 38% Malvasia Bianca and 10% Gewürztraminer, then aged for 20 months in a mix of new and old oak barrels, it’s big, bold and very flavorful. tip of the tongue This is our favorite wine to sip with cured meats and soft cheeses.

  • Green Chile & Lime Caramel Corn

    Butter & Scotch

    Green Chile & Lime Caramel Corn - We know you've been waiting your whole life for Margarita popcorn! Ola! Green chiles, tequila, and lime zest come together to create a caramel corn that tastes like a sticky, sweet, and spicy taco. We love any product for its booziness, but this popcorn really transports us to the height of summer heat: eating a super-fresh tacos doused with lime juice, watching condensation trickle down the beer bottle. TIP OF THE TONGUE Throw a few in your beach bag. INGREDIENTS Popcorn, sugar, butter, corn syrup, baking soda, salt, tequila, hatch green chile, lime zest, cayenne. Comes in a 4 oz. bag. Made in a facility that processes: eggs, nuts and wheat.

  • Grilled Cheese, Please


    Grilled Cheese, Please - Buttery. Gooey. Melted, soft and golden. However you get there (panini press, cast iron skillet, actual grill), this nearly-universal comfort food will take you back to [insert your own childhood memory here]. You've probably perfected your favorite recipe, but the time has come for an indie upgrade, and we're grillin' two curds with one stone. Two American-made cow's milk cheeses, each stand-alone melt-worthy but even better together, are ready to be mixed and matched with extraordinary extras: Sweet and spicy hot pepper jelly; umami-packed caramelized onion jam; tangy, crunchy pickled onions; and a meaty, smoky bacon jam lightened up with floral fennel and cracked black pepper. Melt your heart out. This is a great gift for your favorite graduate! In this taster Apple Caramelized Onion Spread made by The Gracious Gourmet Apple Caramelized Onion Spread - Apple Caramelized Onion Spread The Gracious Gourmet (SPD-156-17-S) Sweet Pickled Onions made by Green Hollow Preserves Sweet Pickled Onions - Sweet Pickled Onions Green Hollow Preserves (PIK-180-10-S) A jar of Bacon Jam Bacon Jam - Bacon Jam Skillet Street Food (CND-254-10-S) Prescott made by Robinson Farm Prescott - Prescott Robinson Farm (CHS-427-12-R) Red Pepper Jelly made by Bonnie's Jams Red Pepper Jelly - Red Pepper Jelly Bonnie's Jams (SPD-118-13-S) Everton made by Jacobs & Brichford Everton - Everton Jacobs & Brichford (CHS-423-11-R)

  • Cranberry Liqueur

    Flag Hill Spirits

    Cranberry Liqueur - Super tart cranberries balance out all the sugar in this liqueur to hit the sweet spot (the one between sweet and tart). It might remind you of Thanksgiving cranberry sauce, but believe us, it's way more versatile. Made from an excellent base spirit and real berries sourced from bogs just over the border in Massachusetts, it’s a natural substitute for cranberry juice in any cocktail and also plays well with apple, citrus and chocolate. tip of the tongue Serve with sparkling wine at your next brunch for a refreshing twist on a Kir Royale.

  • J. W. Overbey Bourbon

    J.W. Overbey

    J. W. Overbey Bourbon - This is a classic, lightly aged bourbon so it's nutty and a little sweet, with hints of salted caramel and black pepper spice. It's also made right down the road from us in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood called Bedford-Stuyvesant, with organic grains grown in New York State. After distillation, the bourbon is aged for four months in small barrels. J. W. Overbey is a very new, very small company, and they're really embracing the individual character imparted by the barrels. They don't blend, so each barrel transforms into one case of whiskey and each batch has a slightly different flavor profile. tip of the tongue Try this in a Boulevardier, a bourbon-lovers' take on the Negroni: Combine 1 oz of this bourbon, 1 oz Campari and 1 oz Vya Sweet Vermouth in a cocktail pitcher with lots of ice. Gently stir counter-clockwise until very cold (20-30 times) and strain into a chilled cocktail glass or a rocks glass with fresh ice. Garnish with an orange twist.

  • Smoked Cheddar Organic Microwave Popcorn

    Quinn Foods

    Smoked Cheddar Organic Microwave Popcorn - Smoky, cheesy deliciousness, kind of like like the kind in the tins of popcorn you used to get delivered around the holidays, but it's made from real cheddar cheese and it won't dye your fingertips neon orange! Now that's something to get excited about. Kristy and Coulter of Quinn Popcorn describe themselves as "maniacal" about quality, and that's pretty clear to us. Their ingredient list reads like a how-to for the future of the food system in America – compostable bags; a short, digestible ingredient list (ha!); non-GMO corn from small family farms in the Midwest; and expeller-pressed grapeseed oil standing in for that neon yellow fake butter. Each box comes complete with two bags and handy packets of oil and seasoning. Easy peasy. Oh yeah, and it tastes really, really (really!) good. This is Microwave Popcorn 2.0. What are you waiting for? Tip of the Tongue Make a bowl to nibble with the kids after school (no one will notice when you eat most of the bag yourself).

  • Mokaccino Chocolate Bar


    Mokaccino Chocolate Bar - We're all about teamwork at Mouth. The outstanding chocolate-makers at San Francisco's Tcho got together with acclaimed San Francisco coffee roasters at Blue Bottle for this high octane collaboration bar, made with organic chocolate and organic coffee beans. Dark Milk Chocolate + Dark Roasted Coffee = Our kind of team. tip of the tongue This bar tastes like chocolate-covered espresso beans, only super smooth and creamy. Yes, please! ingredients Organic cane sugar, organic and certified Fair Trade cacao beans, organic and certified Fair Trade cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder, organic non-fat milk powder, organic coffee beans, soy lecithin, organic vanilla beans. Comes in a 2 oz bar. NOTE: May contain traces of milk and nuts.

  • New York Salsa Verde

    Katchkie Farm

    New York Salsa Verde - Made from farm-grown tomatillos, Katchkie Farm's salsa verde is tangy, tart and just a tad sweet. Plenty of onion and cilantro are the zesty frontrunners, backed by a boost of jalapeño heat, ever-essential garlic and a fresh vinegary finish. The farm in Kinderhook, New York grows produce for Great Performances, a New York City catering and events company, and a portion of profits go to support The Sylvia Center, a nonprofit committed to educating children about food and nutrition through hands-on cooking experiences. Tip of the Tongue We love this salsa verde with scrambled eggs, stirred into black bean soup or served with sweet potato chips. Pop open on a chilly day for a burst of spicy green to bring you back to the dog days of summer. Ingredients Tomatillos, onion, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, garlic, salt, white vinegar. Comes in a 15 oz jar.

  • New York Honey Rye Whiskey

    Catskill Provisions

    New York Honey Rye Whiskey - The honey-gatherers at Catskill Provisions have teamed up with Finger Lakes Distilling to create a honeyed rye whiskey. When two of our makers collaborate to create something delicious, we're doubly excited to see what they come up with! This is a great bottle for those just getting into darker rye whiskeys. The rye is a special recipe bottled only for Catskill Provisions, and it's big and spicy, which makes it the perfect backdrop for raw late-summer honey harvested from New York hives. The combination is just a little sweet with floral notes. And it picks up the perfect amount of vanilla from aging in casks. tip of the tongue It's fantastic sipped straight, but Honey Whiskey is also the perfect spirit to add to any cocktail pairing whiskey with sugar. Just leave out the sugar and let this whiskey shine in your next Old Fashioned. Or add hot water and a cinnamon stick to 2 oz whiskey in a coffee mug for an amazing Hot Toddy. ingredients Distilled from 80% rye and 20% barley then blended with raw late-summer honey; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

    Fearless Chocolate

    Organic Dark Chocolate Bar - Simple. Deep. Dark. It feels good to bite into little squares* of organic chocolate sourced directly from family-owned farms in Brazil. Fearless Chocolate crafts this dreamy 75% Midnight bar in a low-temperature environment, sealing in natural nutrients and minerals, and a bold, rich flavor. * We're fans of pre-portioned bites, but that doesn't mean we'll stick to just one... tip of the tongue Who took a bite out of our chocolate?! Fearless bars are shaped with a "bite" to represent the portion of proceeds they donate to Fearless Changemakers, people and organizations working to make their communities better. Fear not – you still get a full bar of antioxidant-rich, superfood-stuffed chocolate. ingredients Organic cacao, organic cane sugar. Comes in a 2 oz bar. NOTE: Made in a facility that also handles dairy, peanuts and soy.

  • Limoncello

    Ventura Limoncello Company

    Limoncello - As we sip this limoncello, we find ourselves torn, daydream-wise. Are we summering in Southern Italy or on holiday in Southern California? Not only does California grow the most lemons in the United States – the groves in Ventura produce top-quality citrus that fetches the very highest prices. So James Carling and Manuela Zaretti-Carling took peels from lemons sourced straight from the locals, and made them the star of Manuela's Italian Nonna's limoncello recipe. The result? The freshest, brightest lemon liqueur we've ever tasted this side of the Pacific. Pucker up, people! tip of the tongue Our favorite summery dessert: A scoop of lemon sorbet topped with a shot of limoncello. Do as the Italians do and sip a small glass after a big, festive dinner; or go crazy mixing this into cooling summer cocktails. ingredients 29% alcohol by volume; comes in a 375ml bottle.

  • The Barreled Boulevardier

    High West Distillery

    The Barreled Boulevardier - This isn't your run-of-the-mill bottled cocktail. First off, High West Distillery starts with the best of the best ingredients: top-shelf Bourbon, exceptional vermouth and an out-of-the-ordinary bitter liqueur. They mix the perfect ratio, then age it all in oak barrels until the flavors have harmonized, making for an exceptionally flavorful, well-balanced cocktail. Basically, it's like having a top-notch bartender at a super-fancy cocktail bar (the kind that barrel ages its own cocktails), hanging out in your living room. tip of the tongue Add ice to a wide-mouth cocktail glass, top with a generous pour of the mix and an (optional) orange or lemon twist. Pat yourself on the back. ingredients Bourbon, Vya Sweet Vermouth and Gran Classico Bitter; 37% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Spiced Pear Liqueur

    St. George Spirits

    Spiced Pear Liqueur - This unusual liqueur tastes like the freshest pear, because it's made from pear brandy that's sweetened with pear juice and spiced with just a touch of cinnamon and clove. It's delicate and sweet, but not overly so, and we're really impressed with how much fun it is to use in cocktails. tip of the tongue This liqueur makes a killer Hot Toddy. Just mix 2 oz of it with your favorite hot black tea and a spritz of lemon in a mug to chase away winter blues. ingredients Made from pear brandy, pear juice, cinnamon and clove; 20% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Sugar Wash Moonshine

    Dutch's Spirits

    Sugar Wash Moonshine - This "moonshine" is technically a white rum, so it's sweet and clean with a delicious hint of vanilla. Sugar Wash deserves the more storied name, though, because it's made on Harvest Homestead Farm in New York, where federal agents once discovered a one-of-a-kind, illegal, underground distillery run by legendary mobster Dutch Schultz. Sugar Wash is inspired by Dutch's moonshine made on the farm during Prohibition. Today, they (legally) distill pure Demerara sugar in traditional pot stills. tip of the tongue Try it in a Moonshine Mule, recipe courtesy of the distiller: Combine 2 oz Sugar Wash, 3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 3 dashes of Angostura bitters, 1 tsp of chopped fresh ginger and 4-5 mint leaves in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice. Shake until very cold and strain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice. Top with club soda and garnish with a mint leaf. ingredients Distilled from 100% Demerara sugar; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • theARTof redwine 2012

    Artur Podniesinski

    theARTof redwine 2012 - When we tasted this gem made of 100% sustainably-farmed Syrah from a top-secret vineyard, we knew we'd found the one for us. With luscious full body and a bold, earthy flavor, it’s a terrific table wine for meat dishes but interesting enough to drink all by itself. Wait, there's more: Then we found out that Artur Podniesinski has only been making wines since 2008, when he started working as a an intern at Figge Cellers in Monterey, California. Only tiny amounts are made by hand, so our desire to keep on drinking it is so strong. tip of the tongue Artur recommends drinking this wine with a burger, not just because they're a perfect match, flavor-wise, but also because he thinks people should drink his wine in a relaxed, fun setting. ingredients 14.4% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Tom Collins Cocktail Syrup


    Tom Collins Cocktail Syrup - We already loved the Tom Collins, a fizzy mix of gin, fresh lemonade and seltzer, and then we tried this creative variation. Makers Joe and MariElena Raya combine bitter (hops), sweet (sugar) and acid (lemon juice) to build a balanced, sippable drink. As they say, "the labor is in the bottle," so we can just enjoy. We'll drink to that (and did we mention how gorgeous the bottle is?!). tip of the tongue We love that we can mix up tall, refreshing cocktails with about as much effort as it takes to crack the ice tray: Just mix equal parts Tom Collins Cocktail Syrup, gin or vodka and soda water over ice in a tall glass. Done!