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Vintage Trinket Dish

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Collected antique saucers are repurposed into an instant heirloom. Designed to hold rings and jewelry bits, and painted with an intricate floral motif, this lovely dish makes a one-of-a-kind bridesmaid gift. Please note that due to their vintage nature, no two dishes are exactly alike. From artist and designer, Marceli Botticelli or M of Tea Times Creations. 4.5H, approximately 5.5 diameter Vintage china, zinc alloy Hand wash USA
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  • Blooming Branch Custom Ring Bearer Bowl

    Paloma's Nest

    Blooming Branch Custom Ring Bearer Bowl - From Paloma's Nest, creators of the Original Ring Bearer Bowl, this handcrafted ceramic dish is designed take the place of a ring pillow. After the ceremony it can be hung as an ornament or used as a jewelry dish in the home. Individually made of the finest quality materials, the Ring Bearer Bowl is designed to be passed on for generations to come.

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  • kate spade new york 'sullivan street' hinged double frame

    Kate Spade

    kate spade new york 'sullivan street' hinged double frame - Polished silver-plated metal forms an elegant duo of hinged frames. Brand: kate spade new york. Style Name: kate spade new york 'sullivan street' hinged double frame. Style Number: 512703.

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  • Le Palais des Ths Tea Bags - Th du Hammam

    Le Palais des Ths Tea Bags - Th du Hammam - The French have elevated beverage brewing to a fine art, and were not just talking about their ability to whip up a textbook latte. Hailing from Paris, these premium green tea blends are skillfully crafted to evoke a luxury in a cup. Each variety features fine leaves sourced from Eastern tea-growing countries, but the light, fruity flavors and silken bags are decidedly European chic. Marie Antoinette would approve.

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  • Chai Spice Peanut Almond Butter

    Big Spoon Roasters

    Chai Spice Peanut Almond Butter - Big Spoon Maker Mark created this blend as a wedding gift for his wife, Megan, who loves chai tea. A traditional masala chai blend (cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, and black pepper) is mixed into milled peanuts and almonds, then sweetened with wildflower honey. We can taste the love in every bite. tip of the tongue Sure to lighten up any rich blueberry jam, vanilla ice cream, or dark chocolate spread on toast, this spiced butter is also amazing swapped into peanut butter cookies.

  • Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar


    Agave, Quinoa & Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar - Creamy, sweet milk chocolate laced with crunchy quinoa and sesame seeds – this one's practically a health food, right? We love how these super foods just make a chocolate bar taste even more delicious. Quinoa may be our new favorite crunch, and the sesame adds a nutty richness a bit like peanut butter. Plus the sunny yellow box (made from recycled paper!) brightens our day even before we unwrap one of the three individually wrapped bars tucked inside. Check out the whole rainbow line from Jcoco – a stack makes an awesome gift. tip of the tongue This bar not only tastes good, it does good. For each bar sold, Jcoco provides a serving of fresh and healthy food to someone in need through organizations such as Northwest Harvest, the Food Bank for New York City and Hopelink.

  • El Salvador La Escalera

    Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

    El Salvador La Escalera - Looking for a crowd-pleasing, yet special, cup? Look no further. This rich, creamy-bodied coffee has a pronounced milk chocolate flavor with a delicate, fruity acidity. Olympia Coffee Roasting discovered the tiny farm La Escalera just this year on a sourcing trip. Previously, La Escalera had always sold its harvest to street buyers who don't preserve the traceability or individual identity of specific lots of coffee. So this is the first year that anyone has really been able to taste this wonderful direct trade coffee. tip of the tongue This coffee is a great example of why people value beans grown at high altitudes – it's grown at 1,800 meters above sea level, so it's some of the highest altitude coffee in El Salvador.

  • Grand Poppy

    Greenbar Craft Distillery

    Grand Poppy - This bittersweet, floral liqueur is our new favorite gift to bring to a dinner party. Gorgeous, unusual and totally delicious, we sip it with seltzer before dinner, and as a digestif or mixed into cocktails after dinner. Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew, co-founders of Greenbar Collective, were inspired by many a hike through California's state parks. They combined local ingredients like citrus, bay leaf, pink pepper and, of course, California poppies, with other bittering ingredients like dandelion, artichoke and gentian. All certified organic. Awesome. Fourteen botanicals macerate in a rum base for roughly a month before it’s filtered, then redistilled and re-infused to concentrate flavors. Makes a great gift for epicureans and Californians (past and present). tip of the tongue Grand Poppy's subtle sweetness and floral notes make it a great match for gin. Try using it instead of campari in a negroni: Combine 1 oz gin, 1 oz Grand Poppy and 1 oz sweet vermouth and stir over ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or a glass of ice and garnish with an orange twist. ingredients 20% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Ginger Beer Syrup

    Pickett Brothers Beverage

    Ginger Beer Syrup - Here at Mouth, we love to geek out about our favorite drinks and snacks. Take ginger beer – why is it called beer when it doesn't, you know, actually contain any beer? Well did you know that back in 18th century England, where the drink was invented, ginger beer was brewed and actually had an alcohol content higher than most of today's beers (around 11 percent!). But in order to avoid paying taxes, brewers started diluting the drink with water. Today, most ginger beer isn't brewed, but it does have a stronger, spicier taste than regular old ginger ale. We love the rich flavor and medium heat of Pickett's Ginger Beer Syrup, whether we're drinking it with soda water and a squeeze of lime on a hot day, or mixing up our favorite ginger cocktails. British accent not included. tip of the tongue Once you're tired of Moscow Mules and Dark'n Stormies (as if!), try a Ginger Mojito. Muddle together 4 mint leaves and 1 ounce ginger beer syrup. Pour over ice, along with 2 ounces light rum, a generous squeeze or two of lime juice and about 5 ounces of soda water. Garnish with a wedge of lime. ingredients Filtered water, cane sugar, natural ginger extract, citric acid, natural spice blend, caramel color, cellulose gum. Comes in a 16 ounce bottle, which makes 96 ounces of soda.

  • James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Bourbon

    Georgetown Trading

    James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Bourbon - This historically-inspired bourbon is aged for a minimum of four years and has a nice amount of rye mixed in with corn in the mash to add some spice and balance out the sweetness. We were sold on the taste alone, but this bottle also has a really interesting back story... The original James E. Pepper whiskeys are the oldest and most legendary whiskeys in the country! Established in 1776 (date sound familiar, American History buffs?), Pepper whiskeys were distilled throughout three generations, until production ceased in the 1950s. Georgetown Trading has brought back the fabled brand, and they did it justice, collecting and sampling bottles from throughout the Pepper history, from pre-, mid- and post-Prohibition production. They even acquired a "top secret" letter from Mr. Pepper himself, detailing his family recipe. Then they went in search of whiskeys that lived up to this tradition. tip of the tongue As bourbon has grown in popularity, several legendary brands have been reincarnated to celebrate the history of America’s contribution to the world of whiskey. It's history you can taste, so sip this one neat. ingredients 50% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Organic Trail Mix

    Allgood Provisions

    Organic Trail Mix - We’re really picky when it comes to trail mix. We want crunch. We'd like organic. So when this trailblazing trail mix hit our tasting table, we knew we wouldn't have to settle again. The mix? Fat, juicy raisins, cranberries and mulberries + roasted almonds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts + the high anti-oxidant awesomeness of goji berries, minus any additives, preservatives, or other nasty junk. This means sustained energy and good health for any adventure, whether you’re climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or marathoning action flicks. Not just organic, the mix is also vegan, with ingredients that are sustainably sourced almost entirely from independent farmers throughout the U.S. TIP OF THE TONGUE Take a hike! Seriously. You won’t want to share this single-serving pack, so you should probably go alone. Keep a few on hand—your top drawer, your glove box, your back pocket, wherever—for a quick, healthy snack. INGREDIENTS Organic jumbo Thompson raisins (organic raisins, organic high oleic sunflower oil), organic roasted salted pumpkin seeds (organic pumpkin seeds, sea salt), organic domestic almonds, organic walnuts, organic Goji berries, organic dried sweetened cranberries (organic cranberries, organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic cane sugar), organic mulberries. Comes in a 2 oz. package. Made in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

  • Peach Ginger Energy Bars

    Bearded Brothers

    Peach Ginger Energy Bars - Fabulous, indeed! The sweetness of late summer peaches comes through like we can't believe, and lots of fresh ginger makes the bar downright juicy. Summer in a pouch. Two awesomely bearded dudes – friends, outdoorsmen, and lovers of great food – making energy bars we can't get enough of. Hailing from Austin, TX (Brooklyn's unofficial sister city), the bars are organic, vegan, mostly raw and crazy healthy. Have one for breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert, whatever and feel great from the inside out! Tip of the Tongue You won't find a flavor combo like this in any run-of-the-mill energy bar. Once you try it, there's no going back!

  • Orange Pistachio Shortbread Cookies


    Orange Pistachio Shortbread Cookies - Lomaxine cookies are seriously THE best cookie (except for all the other cookies we sell, of course). When these gorgeous bags of deliciousness arrived at our office, we sat for a long time, tasting and swooning. They are lovingly and expertly baked by Jesse Lomax Floyd in Brooklyn using simple, pure ingredients. These buttery shortbreads are scented with vanilla, cinnamon and orange and studded with bright green pistachios. Fantastic. The packaging is beautifully designed, and each bag comes packed with cookies, so they make a great gift. tip of the tongue The perfect late afternoon treat when you want something sweet but not too sweet. ingredients Wheat flour, butter, sugar, pistachios, orange zest, cinnamon, salt. Comes in a 12 oz bag. Made in a facility that also processes: wheat, citrus, dairy and nuts.

  • Tamarind Sesame Spiced Popcorn

    Masala Pop

    Tamarind Sesame Spiced Popcorn - Neha Patel's mom started making popcorn-based snacks like the ones she'd been able to buy from "walahs" (snack vendors) all over India. Wherever Neha went, bags of spiced popcorn followed, to the delight of Neha's friends and co-workers. Neha wisely – thankfully – came to the conclusion that she needed to bring this outrageously delicious snack to the rest of us. Popcorn and lentil chips (or "papadum") mixed with tart tamarind juice and black sesame seeds, all seasoned with an iconic Indian spice blend, make for a fantastic sweet and salty snack. tip of the tongue Stash a bag at the office for afternoon snacking. We love it with a cup of milky black tea. ingredients Non-GMO, organic air-popped popcorn, organic coconut palm sugar, organic coconut oil, organic raw agave, organic tamarind, water, papadum (urad dal flour, pepper, sodium bicarbonate, salt, vegetable oil), organic sunflower oil, organic cumin, garam masala (coriander, red chili, cumin, clove, anistar, fennel seeds, black pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon, dry mango, salt, curry leaves), organic black sesame seeds, sea salt, baking soda. One bag contains about 4 cups of popcorn. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts.

  • Sugar Wash Moonshine

    Dutch's Spirits

    Sugar Wash Moonshine - This "moonshine" is technically a white rum, so it's sweet and clean with a delicious hint of vanilla. Sugar Wash deserves the more storied name, though, because it's made on Harvest Homestead Farm in New York, where federal agents once discovered a one-of-a-kind, illegal, underground distillery run by legendary mobster Dutch Schultz. Sugar Wash is inspired by Dutch's moonshine made on the farm during Prohibition. Today, they (legally) distill pure Demerara sugar in traditional pot stills. tip of the tongue Try it in a Moonshine Mule, recipe courtesy of the distiller: Combine 2 oz Sugar Wash, 3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 3 dashes of Angostura bitters, 1 tsp of chopped fresh ginger and 4-5 mint leaves in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice. Shake until very cold and strain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice. Top with club soda and garnish with a mint leaf. ingredients Distilled from 100% Demerara sugar; 40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Red Bear Espresso

    Kuma Coffee

    Red Bear Espresso - Espresso beans are like bears (please, bear with us). Strong, assertive, maybe even a little intimidating at first, but totally soft and sweet behind the roar. Kuma's Red Bear Espresso is blended to be caramel sweet and cocoa smooth with just enough fruit in the finish to remind you that this is coffee with attitude. Roastmaster Mark Barany recommends it for straight espresso or combined with milk, but it's also just fine to brew these beans, any way you like, to make your coffee. Just wrap your paws around a hot mug and sip away. tip of the tongue Did you know there's no such thing as an espresso bean? Espresso has to do with the way coffee is made. When beans are labeled espresso, it just means that the roaster recommends using those beans to make espresso. Another fun fact? Espresso is stronger than coffee by volume, but a shot of espresso has much less caffeine than a small (8 oz.) cup of coffee. ingredients Light-medium roast; whole beans; comes in a 12 oz bag.

  • Vya Extra Dry Vermouth

    Quady Winery

    Vya Extra Dry Vermouth - Quady Winery knew their bartender friends were tired of using bland, big-brand vermouths ( wines infused with botanicals and fortified with neutral spirits) to make classic drinks like martinis and negronis. Despite vermouth's slow climb to popularity in the U.S., they decided to take a risk. Their extra-dry vermouth makes us proud, showcasing a blend of Orange Muscat and dry white wines, infused with a secret combo of over 15 herbs and spices, and neutral grape spirits to fortify the mix. With every sip, we're transported further into a dreamy garden, fresh and breezy with sweet-smelling flowers and soft green leaves. (Oh yes.) Beautifully vibrant and aromatic, with impressive balance, we're happy sipping it straight. But it's also our go-to for cocktails. tip of the tongue What better way to celebrate this awesome dry vermouth than with an old-school, vermouth-heavy Martini: Combine 2 oz dry gin (we like Russell Henry London Dry) with 1 ounce Vya vermouth and 1 dash orange bitters over ice in a mixing glass. Stir until very cold and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist (or, you know, an olive). ingredients 8.75% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Palos Blancos Bolivia 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

    Twenty-Four Blackbirds

    Palos Blancos Bolivia 75% Dark Chocolate Bar - It's not often that a chocolate bar takes you on a journey, but when it does, you've clearly got your hands on something great. This single-origin, organic chocolate from Twenty-Four Blackbirds has a creamy "forest floor" earthiness, with a brownie-like flavor that made us do a double-take (or double-taste) . Despite its robust chocolate flavor, the beans are very lightly roasted – meaning there's essentially zero bitterness. And surprisingly, just two simple ingredients: organic Bolivian cocoa beans from the Palos Blancos region, and organic cane sugar. Rounding out an already stellar treat is the stunning bar design. Each one is molded with a single feather, then wrapped in recycled craft paper (be still our hearts!), designed and printed in Twenty-Four Blackbirds' small, Santa Barbara workshop. We carefully unwrapped ours and pinned it straight to the office inspiration board. Tip of the Tongue These petite, stylish bars are the perfect "just because" gift, or grown-up party favor. Ingredients Organic single origin beans, organic sugar. Comes in a 0.5 oz. bar.

  • Zeppelin Bend Straight Whiskey

    New Holland Artisan Spirits

    Zeppelin Bend Straight Whiskey - New Holland started as a craft brewery, and they are able to bring that creative spirit to the distillery. Their expertise with malted barley really shines through this whiskey made from 100% barley malt. Like a Scotch without the peat, Zeppelin Bend has a deep and rich maltiness, with huge grain flavor and a little hint of fresh cut grass. It's aged for a minimum of three years in heavily charred oak barrels, which adds flavors of vanilla, clove and, yes, oak to the mix. tip of the tongue It’s a terrific whiskey for pairing with rich and creamy cheese, like Vermont Creamery's Cremont. ingredients 45% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Whisper Espresso

    New Harvest Coffee Roasters

    Whisper Espresso - Ah, first love. Maybe your first foray into coffee was a shot of espresso or chocolatey mocha, snuck before school for that bittersweet, heart-fluttering jolt you could brag to your friends about. New Harvest's take is elegant, fruity and not at all brash. So let this seasonal espresso blend whisper sweet nothings to you, with its lighter roast profile – bright when pulled as espresso or brewed as drip. In fact, New Harvest tests their roasts across a full spectrum of brewing methods, to make sure that whether you drip, pour-over or siphon, you'll have an ideal coffee experience. Shhhh. It's all coming back to us now. tip of the tongue Pro tip: There's no such thing as an espresso bean! Espresso refers to coffee made in a particular way. When beans are labelled espresso, it just means that the roaster recommends using those beans to make espresso. Another fun fact: Espresso is stronger than coffee by volume, but a shot of espresso has much less caffeine than a small (8 oz.) cup of coffee. ingredients Medium roast; whole beans; comes in a 12 oz. bag.

  • Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread Bites

    Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread Bites - Crunchy cookies versus chewy cookies: the great divide. But why compromise? It's hard to believe that these micro-cookies can contain the best of both worlds, but maybe that's why Carla Hall calls it "Alchemy" – each wee cube of buttery almond shortbread is studded with spicy-sweet caramelized ginger and tart dried cherry, making them at once crunchy and chewy. Not to mention scrumptious. While competing on Bravo's "Top Chef," Carla Hall spread her infectious philosophy: cook with love. Now, her motto has found its way to baking cookies. Spreading the love is encouraged, as these adorable treats are bite-sized and made for sharing. Each batch is rolled by hand using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and Carla's able to channel her Southern background along with her classic French training. Now, the only question is whether you'll actually share before devouring the whole lovely package! Tip of the Tongue Buy a variety of Alchemy cookie flavors and set them out in an array of pretty bowls for the perfect party munchies!