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The Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook

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Best-selling authors Sara Corpening Whiteford and Mary Corpening Barber start the bride and groom off right with essential information on the equipment and advice theyll need to begin cooking in their new home. With a menu-planning feature and 125 recipes that range from comfort food to fine-china feasts, this instructive compendium ensures the new couple will be happy eating and entertaining together. 272 pages 10H, 8.5W Hardback cover Chronicle Books
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  • Personalized Storage Tote

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  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Nougat Bar

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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Nougat Bar - Creamy peanut butter nougat, topped with crunchy roasted peanuts and enrobed in silky dark chocolate and a sprinkling of coarse sea salt – this is the perfect reimagined candy bar to bite into while strolling down New York’s famed 5th Avenue, if you catch our drift. Its got all the elegance and glamour of a fancy chocolate treat, with the feel-good flavor of classic peanut butter. Fixx mastermind Nicole Coady named this incredible, peanutty bar for her grandfather, Papa Bud, who kept a can of Virginia peanuts next to his multiple recliners at all times. (Emergency backup? Now that's using one's nut.) tip of the tongue Do like Bud did and stock up on a few bars to keep wherever you recline – car seat, desk chair, picnic blanket.

  • Chocolate-Covered Ginger

    Jacques Torres

    Chocolate-Covered Ginger - Mr. Chocolate strikes again! For your favorite ginger-fiend (we all know one, right?), generous slabs of candied ginger, enrobed in luscious dark chocolate. Spicy, chewy, chocolate heaven. tip of the tongue If there is a more perfect thing to nibble with an afternoon cup of tea, we've yet to encounter it. Ginger spice and a satisfying bit of chocolate are just the invigorating bit we're looking for when the 3pm blues set in.

  • Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon

    Breckenridge Distillery

    Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon - When it comes to making a distinctive Bourbon, a high percentage of rye in the mash is a great start. And this one is only 56% corn with 38% rye (and the last 6% barley), which makes it one of the highest rye-content Bourbons out there. All this rye adds delicious spicy notes to bourbon's sweet and oaky flavors, though this bottle is less sweet than the average. And then there’s the Rocky Mountain snowmelt they use to bring it to the right proof – that is, to have a desirable alcohol content with all the warmth and none of the fire. The water's natural minerals enhance the mouth-feel for a creamy texture we just can't get enough of. tip of the tongue Searching for a less sweet Bourbon? This is the bottle for you!

  • Dulce De Leche Alfajores

    Buenos Angie's

    Dulce De Leche Alfajores - When these gorgeous, buttery, gooey sandwich cookies came across our tasting table, there was no debate: they were a must-carry. Made in the style of traditional Argentine alfajores , they are handmade in Queens by Angie herself, and are as good as (dare we say better than?) the best Argentina has to offer. Just-cakey-enough, rich butter cookies plus a slather of just-sweet-enough caramel equals one killer treat. tip of the tongue We love these sweet, crumbly cookies alongside a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Goat Milk Caramels

    Big Picture Farm

    Goat Milk Caramels - Big Picture Farm's secret ingredient in their artisan, award-winning caramels is in fact not so secret after all: it's all in the milk, taken from the family farm's free-reigning goats. (The goats even all have names: Orion, Gertrude, Fern, Cicada, Manhattan, Cy, Solaris, Junebug, Ahmic, Meridien, Winnimere, and Luna.) Each caramel is handmade from their fresh and raw milk, producing the softest and smoothest caramel that will literally melt in your mouth – not stick to your teeth. Pure Bourbon Vanilla The sea salt and pure bourbon vanilla caramels are blended just right so that neither ingredient overpowers the other. Perfectly sweet, milky, and just a hint of salty. Works as a perfect housewarming gift, or as a sweet treat snuck into the movie theatre. INGREDIENTS: Farmstead goat milk, organic sugar, cream, light corn syrup, goat butter, sea salt, organic pure bourbon vanilla extract, baking soda. About a dozen caramels in each 3.2 oz box. Cocoa Latte At first, cocoa latte caramels seem to be quite an oxymoron. But these caramels show that opposites do attract and in fact pair together wonderfully: specks of espresso meld with white chocolate to make for milky, sweet but not overwhelmingly sugary treats. "Cocoa" and "latte" seem to come together only to heighten the remarkably fresh and natural deliciousness of goat's milk, the base of these addictive and bite-sized caramels. INGREDIENTS: Farmstead goat milk, organic sugar, Vermont cream, tapioca syrup, espresso, white chocolate (organic cane juice, cocoa butter, goat's milk powder), sea salt, organic vanilla extract, organic baking soda. About a dozen caramels in each 3.2 oz box. Chai Latte Everyone's favorite flavored beverage blended into a sweet treat, these caramels are adorned with visible specks of what makes a perfect chai: cinnamon, black pepper and clove. While other caramels have the tendency to be too sticky, or too sugary, the milky texture from raw goat's milk really lets the organic chai come

  • Dreams Come Chew Candies

    Quin Candy

    Dreams Come Chew Candies - Candymaker Jami Curl of Portland's Quin Candy had a dream. A dream! A dream that she was able to create a Starburst using only natural, minimal ingredients. Half asleep, she scribbled down this vision one middle of the night, and headed into her shop the next morning to make it come true. Ah, Starbursts. So good. But: waxy, sticky, papery. Full of corn syrup and food coloring. Quin chews are smooth, made real fresh fruit and butter, hand wrapped. Totally dreamy. Tip of the tongue A great gift for anyone starting a new phase of their lives, from high school graduates to newly marrieds.

  • The Barreled Boulevardier

    High West Distillery

    The Barreled Boulevardier - This isn't your run-of-the-mill bottled cocktail. First off, High West Distillery starts with the best of the best ingredients: top-shelf Bourbon, exceptional vermouth and an out-of-the-ordinary bitter liqueur. They mix the perfect ratio, then age it all in oak barrels until the flavors have harmonized, making for an exceptionally flavorful, well-balanced cocktail. Basically, it's like having a top-notch bartender at a super-fancy cocktail bar (the kind that barrel ages its own cocktails), hanging out in your living room. tip of the tongue Add ice to a wide-mouth cocktail glass, top with a generous pour of the mix and an (optional) orange or lemon twist. Pat yourself on the back. ingredients Bourbon, Vya Sweet Vermouth and Gran Classico Bitter; 37% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Red Bear Espresso

    Kuma Coffee

    Red Bear Espresso - Espresso beans are like bears (please, bear with us). Strong, assertive, maybe even a little intimidating at first, but totally soft and sweet behind the roar. Kuma's Red Bear Espresso is blended to be caramel sweet and cocoa smooth with just enough fruit in the finish to remind you that this is coffee with attitude. Roastmaster Mark Barany recommends it for straight espresso or combined with milk, but it's also just fine to brew these beans, any way you like, to make your coffee. Just wrap your paws around a hot mug and sip away. tip of the tongue Did you know there's no such thing as an espresso bean? Espresso has to do with the way coffee is made. When beans are labeled espresso, it just means that the roaster recommends using those beans to make espresso. Another fun fact? Espresso is stronger than coffee by volume, but a shot of espresso has much less caffeine than a small (8 oz.) cup of coffee. ingredients Light-medium roast; whole beans; comes in a 12 oz bag.

  • Rendezvous Rye

    High West Distillery

    Rendezvous Rye - Schedule a time and place to rendezvous with your bestie over High West's flagship whiskey – this is a trailblazer you won't want to miss. By pairing a younger and hotter whiskey with the more mature and mellow one, they create a balance that shows off the best of both. It’s a blend of a 6-year-old rye whiskey made from 95% rye and 5% barley with a 16-year-old rye whiskey containing 80% rye, 10% corn and 10% malted barley. We love that High West is putting a new spin on the art of blending whiskeys that truly celebrates the big, bold flavors of classic rye. tip of the tongue High West Distillery sits at the bottom of the Quittin’ Time ski run in Park City, Utah. That's fittin', because this is the perfect rye for sippin' as soon as the workday is done (aka quittin' time). ingredients 46% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • The Love Bot

    Alma Chocolate

    The Love Bot - Love comes in all shapes and sizes – and lifeforms. This riveting, riveted heart-squeezing robot is solid 75% dark Venezuelan chocolate and hand-gilded in edible 23K gold leaf. If this shiny, adorable token of affection doesn’t buy your lover’s favor, well, we don’t know what will. It's downright robo-mantic! tip of the tongue This makes a particularly awesome gift for any fan of sci-fi or technophilia. Buy one for your favorite computer geek and you'll never have to call tech support again. ingredients 75% dark Venezuelan chocolate (pure cocoa mass, cocoa butter) , 23-karat gold leaf. Each robot weighs 3 oz, and measures about 2.5 inches by 3 inches. May contain traces of milk, almonds and hazelnuts.

  • The Greatest Guest


    The Greatest Guest - You're lucky enough to know people from whom you can mooch. Friends with a cabin in the mountains. An uncle with a place by a lake. A colleague with a house share at the beach. Wow. Mooch city. How to make sure you're invited back next year? Give your gracious, welcoming hosts an impressive tote of deliciousness. This is just like 'The Good Guest' but even good-er. Rich blueberry jam and creamed honey. The most addictive crackers ever Jan's Farmhouse Crisps and Klara's Bacon Rosemary Shortbreads. Our crowd-pleasing pickle made by Gordy's Pickle Jar. Granola Lab for easy breakfasts or snacking. Something to cure a late-night sweet tooth, like a lovely jar of Landmarc restaurant caramels, lemon sugar cookies made by Grey Ghost Bakery, Salty Road taffy, Liddabit's awesome pecan brittle. Plus kick off the weekend with cocktails made with Jack Rudy's tonic syrup and P&H ginger syrup. They even might ask you back. In this taster Jan's Farmhouse Crisps Maple Bourbon Bread and Butter Pickles made Brooklyn Brine Small Batch Tonic Syrup by Jack Rudy Burnt Sugar & Fennel Shortbread made by Lark Fine Foods Raspberry Pate de Fruit Heart made by Willamette Valley Confectionary Chocolate Espresso Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery A bag of Get Gingersnapping granola from Granola Lab Organic Raspberry Jam from Heidi's Raspberry Farm Dark & Stormy Caramel Popcorn by Butter & Scotch Sea Salt Caramel Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road Brooklyn Roasting Co.'s Sumatra Permata Gayo Organic Roasted Pistachios by Allgood Provisions Portland Farmland Honey made by Bee Local All this comes packed in our signature Mouth cotton tote, along with a few other goodies. *Our makers are truly small-batch, so occasionally we may need to swap an out-of-stock item in a taster for a similar one. We promise it will be something equally delicious!

  • Toasted White Chocolate Bar

    Fruition Chocolate

    Toasted White Chocolate Bar - You like dulche de leche. You like brown butter. Well, you'll love this toasted white chocolate bar. It sounds overpoweringly sweet, but a sprinkle of salt cuts down the sugar overload. This is one of the absolute best new products we've tasted – and we all fought over who would get to eat the leftovers from the photo shoot! Fruition Chocolate is a small bean-to-bar maker out of the Catskill Mountains. Throughout childhood, Bryan Graham made frequent trips to his grandmother's farm in upstate New York, where he'd spend his time by her side, helping her transform freshly-picked fruits into magical pies, tarts, and jams. His passion for food was so strong that within two years of an apprenticeship at the well-known Bear Cafe in Woodstock, NY, he was promoted to Pastry Chef – at only 18 years old! tip of the tongue Share with a friend over a warm cup of chai. ingredients Cocoa butter, evaporated cane juice, whole milk powder, vanilla beans, salt. Comes in a 2.11 oz bar. NOTE: Made in a facility that also processes nuts.

  • theARTof redwine 2012

    Artur Podniesinski

    theARTof redwine 2012 - When we tasted this gem made of 100% sustainably-farmed Syrah from a top-secret vineyard, we knew we'd found the one for us. With luscious full body and a bold, earthy flavor, it’s a terrific table wine for meat dishes but interesting enough to drink all by itself. Wait, there's more: Then we found out that Artur Podniesinski has only been making wines since 2008, when he started working as a an intern at Figge Cellers in Monterey, California. Only tiny amounts are made by hand, so our desire to keep on drinking it is so strong. tip of the tongue Artur recommends drinking this wine with a burger, not just because they're a perfect match, flavor-wise, but also because he thinks people should drink his wine in a relaxed, fun setting. ingredients 14.4% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Washington Bourbon 101

    Dry Fly Distilling

    Washington Bourbon 101 - This young, brash bourbon is truly an education in outstanding whiskey. At 50.5% alcohol, it packs a fiery punch, but once you get past the initial heat wave, it's got lots of complexity and a strong, clean finish. The high proof makes for a great cocktail bourbon especially in summer, so your drink will stay stiff even as the ice melts. And in winter, we need all the extra heat we can get. tip of the tongue Try Washington Bourbon 101 in a mint julep: Muddle 5 or 6 mint leaves and 1 teaspoon sugar in the bottom of a pre-chilled widemouth glass or silver julep cup. Pack glass with finely cracked ice. Pour 3 oz of bourbon over the ice and stir briskly until the glass frosts. Add more ice and stir again before serving. Garnish with a few sprigs of mint. ingredients 50.5% alcohol by volume; comes in a 375ml bottle.

  • Cold Brew Coffee

    Grady's Cold Brew

    Cold Brew Coffee - Problem: It's getting warmer out, and hot coffee is just not so refreshing. You need an iced coffee. Do you really feel like waiting in line for bitter and expensive or settling for watered-down and mediocre? Solution: Grady's Cold Brew New Orleans' style coffee concentrate. Mix it with an equal amount of water or – even better – milk. Add ice. Straw recommended. Result: You're happily sipping smooth, iced deliciousness. Cold. Strong and intense but not bitter. And you're not still in line. Grady's Cold Brew has been brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn. What's cold brew? Ground roasted coffee and chicory (that's the New Orleans influence) are mixed with room temperature water and left to steep overnight. It's then filtered to separate the grounds from the liquid. Each beautiful bottle has a 'born on' sticker so you know exactly when the batch was produced. tip of the tongue Adjust the strength depending on how you like your coffee! Great for your office fridge (plus there's already a blank space for writing your name on the back of the bottle). Try it in the blender with some ice! And here's Grady's favorite drink, Night Coffee: Grady's + milk + vodka.