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Ladure: The Savory Recipes

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A Paris establishment since its start in 1862, Ladure is famous for its cakes and pastries. However, its savory fare has always played a big part its repertoire, which is featured in this amazing collection. Presented by Chef Michel Lerouet, it presents 100 recipes including such delights as Vegetable Tagliatelles with Ladure Tea and Cardamom as well as myriad appetizers and main courses. 392 pages 7H, 6.5W Suede-covered hardback cover, paper Chene
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  • Organic Peach Rings (Vegan)

    Organic Peach Rings (Vegan) - Not only are these peach rings all natural, organic, and vegan but they are delicious too! Lightly sugared and made with organic fruit juice and natural flavors, these taste great and have a wonderful peach flavor. A real treat to make you feel great!

  • Mother of the Bride and Groom Hangers

    Girl ExtraOrdinaire

    Mother of the Bride and Groom Hangers - The mothers of the bride and groom will be so excited to have their dresses hung on their very own wooden hanger until the dresses are ready to be worn. These elegant script hangers add a nice detailed element to your pre-wedding photos. You and your wedding party will enjoy this handcrafted hanger as a keepsake for years to come. Features and Facts: Made in the USA. Material: Wood. Choose from Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom.

  • Chocolate Shortbread with Nibs

    Rustic Bakery

    Chocolate Shortbread with Nibs - Be prepared: it's about to get dark. Dark chocolate, that is! We've never met a cookie with such a rich, dark chocolate flavor. The secret? Combining buttery shortbread with intense cocoa plus chopped cocoa nibs. Then there's the perfect hint of crunchy sea salt that makes each bite that much more intense. Rustic Bakery is just that, a quaint little bakery run by a husband and wife duo in small town near the Golden Gate Bridge. We like to imagine them spending their days in a stone cottage, baking their delicious cookies and crackers, then strolling through fields of California wildflowers. While that may just be a fantasy, it is true that they bake everything by hand and use only the best organic ingredients. tip of the tongue For a treat that tastes even better than the big brand version, spread these dark chocolate cookies with a dollop of CB’s Nuts creamy peanut butter. WARNING: a glass of milk may be required.

  • Cherry and Almond Stone-Ground Chocolate


    Cherry and Almond Stone-Ground Chocolate - If you've always been the type to buy trail mix and proceed to eat basically just the chocolate pieces, this is the bar for you. Why not turn things around and put the trail mix inside the chocolate? This bar is just that. The rustic texture of stoneground chocolate is the perfect foil for sweet cherry juice, chunks of almond and a subtle hint of spicy black peppercorn. The peppercorns are stoneground into the chocolate, forming the perfect crunchy backdrop and a refreshing "minty" taste. This bar is made with pesticide-free beans sourced from a single plantation in Tebasco, Mexico. They're fermented for two or three days, sun-dried, lightly roasted and stone-ground with no additional cocoa butter or additives. The bars are cooled in sheet pans and cut by hand, so you'll find several slabs in each package, with no two exactly alike. Tip of the Tongue Break this bar up and throw it on your favorite cherry ice cream. Now we're talkin'.

  • Chili Granola

    Bad Seed

    Chili Granola - In this case, let hotter heads prevail. We didn't know we needed a spicy granola in our lives, until we tried this fiery, flavorful concoction from Bad Seed. It's unlike anything we've ever tried, but it does remind us (in the best possible way) of the spicy, crunchy bits at the bottom of a bowl of Szechuan dan dan noodles. So good! tip of the tongue This is one condiment that won't take up any fridge space. According to the makers at Bad Seed, "it likes heat." Just be sure to mix it up before spooning it out – before you take off the top, turn the bottle over for a minute to let the spicy oil redistribute.

  • Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars

    Cacao Prieto

    Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars - These extra-large chocolate bars are truly something special. Built by Cacao Prieto in Red Hook, these are thick, hearty, large bars made with 72% dark chocolate from Coralina Farms in the Dominican Republic. Each is truly exquisite to look at with a little window so you can see what's inside and a limited-edition illustration of the Prieto family history designed by Brooklyn artist Sophie Blackall. You almost don't want to open the package. But when you do, you'll find the chocolate just as beautiful in flavor. Pistachio & Apricot A really unusual and wonderful combination. Almond & Salt Salty, sweet, crunchy, melty. Hazelnut & Raisin Hazelnuts are so delicious with chocolate, and the raisins add that fruity chewiness. Tip of the tongue Savor this chocolate at room temperature. Since the chocolate is processed in a special way to preserve delicate aromatic compounds present in cacao, you can really – we swear! – notice the aroma.

  • Curry Spiced Peanuts

    Bee's Knees Food Co.

    Curry Spiced Peanuts - So you're at the bar. You've had a few. And you've spotted your person of interest for the night: they've got the perfect combination of warmth, intrigue and a mischievous glimmer in their eye – and they somehow keep an effortless aura of cool. Bee's Knees' Curry Curry Peanuts are that person, in nut form. They've got personality – an addictive personality. You'll want them all to yourself, with their mellow spiciness and rich, yellow curry sweetness. This crunchy, chill snack is the perfect companion for both you and your brewski – they get along with just about any beer. Though if we're honest, they're just as tempting all on their own. Tip of the Tongue Wash down these curried nuts with Pilsner, Belgians, Hefeweizen, Pale Ale, Steam Beer, Red Ales and Oktoberfest.

  • Organic Roasted Pistachios

    Allgood Provisions

    Organic Roasted Pistachios - It's a sweet life here at Mouth – at times, maybe a little too sweet. That's why we were so thrilled when Allgood Provisions hit our tasting table. Hooray for savory! Straight from a farm in California, these organic, roasted pistachios are a snack drawer dark horse. Say goodbye to over-salting and keep a bag of these green jewels for feel-good (protein-rich) snacking. tip of the tongue Gentle roasting brings out a bright, almost...floral note. Sprinkle into mixed green salads with fresh-cut orange, or substitute for walnuts in sweet carrot cake. ingredients Pistachios, sea salt. Comes in a 2 oz bag. Made in a facility that processes tree nuts.

  • Nocino Walnut Liqueur

    Monteverdi Spirits

    Nocino Walnut Liqueur - We’re nuts about Nocino! It’s a sweet, rich and earthy walnut liqueur that's been made in northern Italy and Switzerland for as long as anyone can remember. This version from Monteverdi made in the Napa Valley might even be better than the imports. Since it's made in California wine country, Monteverdi starts with grape-based neutral spirits. They add unripe walnuts and a secret blend of spices to infuse, then just enough sugar to balance out the tannins in the walnuts (that bitter taste that makes your mouth feel dry). tip of the tongue One cocktail worthy of Nocino is the Bittersweet Serenade: Stir 1 oz Nocino, 1 oz apple brandy, 1 oz Amontillado sherry and 1 to 2 dashes Angostura bitters over ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and finish with a twist of orange peel. ingredients 30% alcohol by volume; comes in a 375ml bottle.

  • Organic Coconut Chocolate Bar

    Fearless Chocolate

    Organic Coconut Chocolate Bar - Smooth, 70% dark chocolate, exploding with the gentle crisp of raw shredded coconut. This bar has us dreaming of wind-swept trees and rainy afternoons in Brazil (ahhh), where Fearless Chocolate trades directly with family-owned farms growing organic cacao. tip of the tongue Who took a bite out of our chocolate bar?! Fearless Chocolate bars are shaped with a "bite" to represent the portion of proceeds they donate to Fearless Changemakers, people and organizations working to make their communities better. Fear not – you still get a full bar of antioxidant-rich, superfood-stuffed chocolate. ingredients Organic cacao, organic raw shredded coconut, organic cane sugar. Comes in a 2 oz bar. NOTE: Made in a facility that also handles dairy, peanuts and soy.

  • Q Tonic

    Q Drinks

    Q Tonic - Q Tonic is real tonic water. It's clean, a little sharp and slightly sweet. It's absolutely nothing like the tonic we've all been drinking all along. The quinine is hand-picked from the Peruvian Andes and the agave is organic. This beautiful top-shelf bottle has 60% fewer calories than regular tonic, and all natural ingredients. Tip of the tongue Make a gin and tonic using 2 oz of gin, a thick wedge of lime and about 4 oz of Q tonic. Honestly, this will be the first pure gin and tonic you've really ever tasted. We like it with vodka, too. ingredients Triple purified water, organic agave, natural bitters, handpicked quinine, lemon juice extract. Comes in a 750 ml bottle.

  • Prince In His Caves 2011

    The Scholium Project

    Prince In His Caves 2011 - Half of this 100% Sauvignon Blanc was fermented in whole clusters with the grapes' skins and stems included – the other half with skins-only. The result is a rich, slightly smoky and tannic off-white wine, one we can't get enough of. The Scholium Project loves to push the limits of vintage wines to create wild twists on familiar grapes. They produce tiny amounts, and the flavors can be hugely different vintage-to-vintage. Kiss the Prince as soon as you can! tip of the tongue This is a stunning and possibly shocking wine. And with only 263 cases produced, it’s also rare. We recommend drinking it solo to get the full impact. ingredients 100% Sauvignon Blanc; 12.68% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Raspberry Marshmallows

    Three Tarts

    Raspberry Marshmallows - Freaky fluffy, crazy creamy, yet surprisingly toothsome, these ‘mallows are an airy, luscious mouthful of sticky-sweet jam. Three Tarts uses raspberry purée so you know it’s the real deal. TIP OF THE TONGUE Pair with crunchy peanut butter for a twist on the fluffernutter, or dip into dark chocolate fondue with freshly cut mango and pineapple. INGREDIENTS Sugar, glucose, raspberry purée, gelatin, lemon juice, cornstarch. 10 marshmallows come in a 6 oz. package.

  • Soda Syrups

    P&H Soda

    Soda Syrups - P&H Soda Co. syrups are all-natural and handcrafted in Brooklyn with no artificial flavorings, extracts or colors. Anton Nocito (the maker) prides himself in using only the very best sustainable ingredients he can source. The flavors are divine. Just mix a little syrup with seltzer and you've got yourself a tasty, fizzy homemade drink exactly to your liking, which you can also feel good about. And here's a fun tip – you can also mix the syrup with ice in a blender to create a homemade slushie. Cream Sun-dried Tahitian vanilla beans makes this cream soda super refreshing and brings back memories of another era. Try spiking it with a little bourbon! INGREDIENTS: no- organic sugar cane, water, lemon juice, sundried tahitan vanilla bean, organic citric acid. Comes in a 12.7 oz bottle Lovage Lovage is a widely-used herb, originally from Europe, with a slightly floral celery flavor. P+H adds sweetness and fruitiness using golden raisins, rounding out its savory character. If you have ever loved a celery soda, this will be your new favorite. It’s also works wonderfully as a cocktail syrup – pairs well with gin for a fantastic Gin Fizz, makes a nice addition to a Bloody Mary or even in a Negroni. Give it a try! INGREDIENTS: Water, organic cane sugar, golden raisins, organic lovage, organic citric acid. Comes in a 12.7 oz bottle. Hibiscus This award-winning syrup is made from dried hibiscus flowers and takes its inspiration from beverages made in countries from the West Indies to Mexico. Slightly dry and fruity, this drink has a slight black cherry flavor to it and pairs well with the lime and ginger syrups. It also makes a super unique and flavorful hibiscus margarita. INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic cane sugar, organic agave, organic fair-trade hibiscus, lime, organic ginger, organic citric acid, organic spices. Comes in a 12.7 oz bottle. Ginger This syrup makes a soda that is not quite as spicy as a ginger beer but is by no means wimpy like a storeâ€ï¿

  • Snack'r Candy Bar

    Liddabit Sweets

    Snack'r Candy Bar - You know what this bar will be like without even tasting it but, we promise, it exceeds all expectations. This is your favorite Halloween candy bar all grown up, in its Sunday best. Creamy chocolate nougat, lightly salted, awesomely chewy. Roasted peanuts crunch in a gooey layer of caramel. Dark chocolate coating holds it all together. Miraculous. tip of the tongue To be voted most popular Godparent/Babysitter/Cool Aunt around, keep a reserve of these killer bars to dole out at will. Or, hoard for yourself for an instant, non-disappointing trip down memory lane. ingredients Light corn syrup, dark chocolate, cane sugar, evaporated milk, peanuts, Ronnybrook cream, egg whites, butter, gelatin, vanilla, sea salt. Comes in a 3.5 oz bar. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles dairy, egg, nuts, soy, and wheat.

  • Organic Botanical Vodka

    Square One Organic Spirits

    Organic Botanical Vodka - Call this the bridge between vodka and gin – perfect for bringing all drinkers together around the same punch bowl. This floral, herbal, citrusy sipper is incredibly well balanced and totally refreshing – plus, it's certified organic! But what is it exactly? Square one starts with organic vodka, distilled from 100% rye, and infuses it with pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel. A rye spirit infused with eight different botanicals... that sounds kinda like gin! Well, we can't call this gin, because it doesn't contain the legally-required juniper, but we'll file this one under "a gin by any other name tasting just as delicious." tip of the tongue We like the sound of his Basil Gimlet riff from Square One: Muddle 4 to 5 basil leaves in the bottle of a cocktail shaker. Add lots of ice, 2 oz Botanical Vodka, 1 oz freshly squeezed lime juice and 1/2 oz organic agave nectar (or simple syrup). Shake until very cold and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Bonus points if you use basil from your garden or your farm share. ingredients Distilled from certified organic rye and infused with pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel; 45% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Gingersnaps

    Bunches & Bunches

    Gingersnaps - The perfect ginger snap is hard to find. Like a good man, it must be strong and crispy on the outside, a little soft give on the inside, with spicy and sweet staying power. This ginger snap is just about the best we've ever tasted. We're head over heels. Baker Tamalpais Star Roth-McCormick (yes, that's a mouthful, but she goes by "Pai") likes to say that her snap is "a ginger cookie for those who enjoy the spice of life." We know that you, too, enjoy the spice of life (you're here, aren't you?), so get to it! tip of the tongue These are lovely with an afternoon cup of tea. And we adore the orange and pink packaging, of course. Take this treat over the top and spread a cookie with Reginald's Roasted Peanut Butter . ingredients Unbleached enriched all-purpose flour (unbleached hard wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate [vitamin B], riboflavin [vitamin B12], folic acid [a B vitamin]), butter (pasteurized sweet cream [contains: milk, butter]), brown sugar, sugar, molasses, eggs, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla extract, baking powder (sodium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, calcium phosphate), salt, nutmeg, allspice, white pepper, cayenne and love. 24 cookies per box. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, and milk.

  • Absinthe Brun

    Absinthe Brun - This barrel-aged absinthe has the traditional luscious, mouth-tingling anise flavor you'd expect, but with a warm toasty edge, revealing layers of flowers and spice. Plus, a six-month age in oak barrels adds a hint of vanilla and caramel and turns this absinthe from clear to brown (fun fact for your blown-away friends). The folks at Letherbee excel in creating twists on old classics, and this bottle doesn't disappoint. It’s the smoothest absinthe we’ve ever tried – but at 126 proof, it still packs a punch. tip of the tongue Revel in the rich anise flavor with a variation on a classic abinsthe cocktail: Combine 1 1/2 oz Absinthe Brun, 1 oz water and a dash of Angostura bitters in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice. Shake until very cold and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

  • Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

    Spicy Bloody Mary Mix - This makes the best Bloody Mary we've ever tasted. Spicy, sweet, and packed with vinegar, it's made with McClure's spicy pickle brine, tomato paste, fresh pressed cucumber juice and other fresh ingredients. Frankly, it's a bit of an obsession around here. Tip of the tongue Drink it as a vegetable juice cocktail or with your favorite vodka, and for an added bonus, garnish with a Rick's Picks Mean Bean. And we know this sounds nuts, but pour some into your favorite popsicle mold and you'll be blown away. ingredients Water, vinegar, tomato paste, cucumber juice, salt. Freshly chopped peppers, garlic, dill, black pepper. Comes in a large 32 oz jar.