Rainy Day Wedding Accessories

I love cold and rainy weather; I might be the only bride who is actually hoping it rains on her wedding day. But if there's any chance of rain on your wedding day, it's worth it to collect rainy-day wedding accessories in advance. For me, that includes a cozy cover-up, a pretty umbrella, and some boots that work with my dress. (Well, as much as rubber boots can really work with a wedding dress.)

I also recently discovered Bella Umbrella, where you can buy or rent matching umbrellas in dozens of colors and styles for you and your bridal party. (How pretty is this one?!) Make it part of the bridesmaids gifts or just rent them for the day; either way, making sure your crew is covered is a good move, and matching ones will make sure your pictures still look fabulous. I love how cozy these couples and wedding parties look!



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