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Picture this: you contact an artist and he or she stands by throughout the night painting a depiction of your reception as it! You and your guests can stop by throughout the night to watch the transformation, and once your reception is complete, you and your love will have a treasured piece of unique art to share in your home. Sounds great, right? Well, reception paintings are one of our favorite new wedding finds and they are becoming more and more popular.
To find out more about reception paintings, we could think of no one better to ask than Alex and Amy Harvie of Harvie Oil Paintings. Amy breaks down the process and explains exactly why you should consider hiring a reception artist. Read on to learn more!
What are reception paintings?
Amy Harvie: Reception paintings are basically a culmination of the whole evening into one moment on canvas. Each performance starts with a blank canvas; guests are amazed as it is transformed into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece using oil paint with thick texture.
Can you describe the painting process?
The bride and groom are the focal point, but Harvie also takes the time to meet and include important family members, as well as the bridal party. His friendly personality allows others to approach him with questions and also request a spot in the painting! The result is a truly unique piece of art that captures all the beautiful details that make each wedding so special.
Why are reception paintings great for couples?
Couples are thrilled to have such a lively depiction of their wedding, filled with all the people who love and support them. It acts as a daily reminder of the day they started their lives together!
We love this idea for couples who aren't into dancing or want a fun alternative to the photo booth! Be sure to check out more of Alex's work, and see some of our favorite reception paintings in the bundle below! 
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