Tips for a Great Real Wedding Submission

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We're thrilled to have your big day in the engine! If you're hoping to get your real wedding featured on, here are some tips for making your submission stand out...

The Basics

- Fill out all the fields as completely as possible and check carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.
- List your venue(s) and vendors and their websites. It might help to copy and paste the URLs so you don't have worry about typos and broken links.
- Be sure to tag all of the elements that apply to your wedding, but don't go overboard. Selecting 2-5 is probably appropriate for most couples.

The Photos

- We know you have a lot of pictures to choose from...try to choose the ones that best tell the story of your day to the people who weren't there and don't know you personally.
- It's all about variety! We want to see all the elements of your wedding, rather than several shots of your wedding rings from different angles.
- While we certainly hope you'll share your portraits and detail shots, don't forget about the candid photos of you, your family, and your wedding party. Those are the moments that make a wedding real, and we want to see 'em!

The Description

We know it can be hard to describe just what made your wedding feel special (and we know that once you start, it can be hard to do it without writing an entire book!). Here are some questions that will give you a little guidance...
- What inspired your wedding's theme, location, or overall style?
- What elements of the wedding were most important to you?
- How did you and your love personalize your wedding?
- Were there any great surprises on the big day?
- Which vendors made your wedding day extra special?
- Did you DIY anything?
- What were you and your partner's favorite parts of planning?
- What aspects of the wedding are you glad you splurged on?
- What were your wedding readings and/or what inspired your vows?
- What will you always remember about your wedding?

Your Love Story

You can't have a real wedding without a real love story! The love story adds a personal touch to your beautiful wedding photos (and, let's be honest, is our favorite thing to read). Here are some questions to help you tell your story...
- How did you meet?
- When did you know you'd found "the one"?
- Was there a proposal? What made it meaningful?
- What do you and your love like to do on date nights or weekends?
- What challenges have you had to overcome as a couple?
Thanks so much for sharing your wedding with us! We can't wait to hear all about your big day!


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