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10 Signs You're Ready to Be Done with Wedding Planning

by loverly on

There comes a point—usually two or three weeks before your wedding—when you find yourself thinking, I just want it to be over. It's not that you're not excited for your's that you've had it with the wedding planning process. You're sick of worrying about logistics, getting last-minute guest requests, and the DIY projects taking over your dining room table.
Here are ten signs you're ready for your wedding day to just arrive already.
1. You obsessively search Instagram and Twitter to see if anyone else has stolen the clever wedding hashtag you came up with.
2. You set a filter in Gmail for the word "wedding" and make your auto-reply "You know what? Just do whatever you want."
3. Your sweetheart can't get any sleep because you're waking up from wedding nightmares three times a night.
4. You haven't had time to cook a real meal in months...but that's OK because you have no where to eat it thanks to the glue gun and glitter party that's happening on your kitchen table.
5. Your mailwoman and UPS guy are showing up at your house with wedding deliveries and gifts so often that you feel like you should offer them a raise.
6. You're so sick of wedding food and cake tastings that you've started treating them like wine tastings -- taking a bite and then spitting it out.
7. You haven't been to a Friday night movie, the Saturday farmers market, or Sunday brunch in weeks because your weekends are devoted to wedding projects.
8. Every time you receive a late RSVP, you use one of the sparklers meant for your big exit to light it on fire, and then bury the ashes in a Mason jar in your backyard.
9. You stop by the bridal salon every day to try on your wedding dress...just to be sure it's neither too big or too small.
10. You suddenly hate any of the following: your wedding colors, the venue, peonies, the bridesmaids dresses, your fiance.
Hang in there, Loverlies! In the end it will all be worth it!
—By Rachel W. Miller
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