How to Throw a PAL-entine's Day Party for Everyone You Love!

by loverly on

If you ask us, people who hate Valentine's Day are just doing it wrong! Valentine's Day isn't just about's about showing a little love for all your nearest and dearest. That's why we're re-branding it "Palentine's Day" and turning it into a day you can share with all your pals: single friends, couples, family...even pets!
For our first Palentine's Day party, we went with a 90s nostalgia theme and featured treats like Fruity Pebble donuts and Capri Sun cocktails in glasses rimmed with Pop Rocks, but you could host a Palentine's Day party in whatever style works best for you. The idea of a Palentine's Day party is that it's fun, colorful, and makes everyone feel loved.
See more pictures of our Palentine's Day party inspiration on and below, and let us know how you plan to celebrate Palentine's Day with all your loves!
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