5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

by Chandra Fredrick on

Whether or not to include kiddos in your wedding is a long-debated issue. It doesn't have a right answer -- you really have to do what is right for you! But if you do decide to include the little ones in your wedding day, here are some ways to keep them entertained and your other guests (and you!) happy.
1. Include them in your wedding. Whether they are in your wedding party or are included in some other way, giving kids a "job" to focus on helps give them a purpose and makes them feel important.
2. Create a kiddo goodie bag to keep them busy. This can be very cheap and easy DIY that has a big impact. Giving kids a goodie bag will keep them busy with fun little surprises, which means their parents can better enjoy your wedding too. (Here's a great example if you need inspiration!)
3. Encourage a dance party. When my 2-and-1/2-year-old son was the ring bearer in my brother's wedding, we couldn't get him off of the dance floor. He literally danced for four straight hours and had a great time. A dance party is fun for adults and kids alike, so encourage the little ones at your wedding to get out on the dance floor.
4. Seat them together. If possible, cover the kids' table in butcher paper, set out some crayons in buckets as "centerpieces," and let the littles draw to their hearts' content.
5. Make a game of it. Have some wedding games that kids can play. Whether it's a bean bag toss, a piñata, or a scavenger hunt, kids love games. Get creative and the adults might want to play too.
However you decide to keep them entertained, the children and their parents will appreciate the effort!
Chandra, Oh Lovely Day
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