Downton Abbey Wedding Inspiration

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Now that the second episode of the much-anticipated third season of Downton Abbey has finally aired, we think it's high time we discuss how you can have your own discreet, elegant, and oh-so-British, Downton Abbey-inspired soiree a la Matthew and Mary Crawley. We'll just gloss over the distant cousins bit and get right to the details, mmmkay? Here are our must-haves for a Downton Abbey-inspired wedding.
The venue: A grand estate worthy of an (almost) royal wedding. (Sprawling grounds, hunter green walls, giant fireplaces and lots of crystal are things to look for in a venue!)
The dress: Mary Crawley kept it modest, elegant and perfectly period with her dropped waist and long sleeves; a long-sleeved wedding dress or even a chic skirt is a must.
The accessories: A sparkly headpiece and chapel-length veil.
The flowers: Lady Mary carries a simple bouquet of white lilies down the aisle, but we think any bouquet of all white flowers would convey the understated sophistication of a Crawley affair. And a group of little flower girls is the way to go!
The food: Opt for a stunning white, tiered cake and elegant cocktails.
The transportation: A tony getaway car.
Lucky for us there is still at least one more Crawley wedding in our future!
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