Made With Love: Ribbon Rosette Boutonniere

by Alexia Conley on

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional flower boutonnieres for your wedding, try making these charming ribbon rosettes for the groom and groomsmen!
DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||


DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||
14" of ribbon (will make a boutonniere that is 2" in diameter)
A needle and thread
One decorative button
One pin back
A hot glue gun


DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||
1. With the wrong side facing out, fold your ribbon in half, matching the two cut ends to form a loop. Sew the two cut edges together with your needle and thread, creating a seam about 1/8" from the edge.
DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||
2. Turn the loop right side out so the seam you created is now on the inside.
DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||
3. Sew a loose running stitch across the length of the ribbon beginning and ending at the seam. Make sure to only sew through one layer of ribbon and not both.
DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||
4. Pull the thread at either end to gather and form the rosette. Tightly tie the two threads together and trim the excess thread.
DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||
5. Secure a pin to the back side of the rosette using hot glue. Finish the boutonniere by sewing or hot gluing a button or other decorative piece to the center of the rosette.
DIY Ribbon Boutonniere ||
One of the best things about these boutonnieres is that the right ribbon lets them match any wedding's style. Try a bold patterned ribbon for a modern look or a pale sheer ribbon for a romantic affair.
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