6 Ways to Honor Important People at Your Wedding

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There will be some guests at your wedding who are very special to you but, for whatever reason, don't make it into the bridal party. (Think close cousins, old pals, family friends, aunts, uncles, dear amigos who have moved out of town, etc.) In the past, those people were sometimes asked to act as guest book monitors or gift movers. In our humble opinion, it's nice to honor your beloved friends and family members in a way that doesn't involve physical labor. Read on for a few creative and fun suggestions.
1. Hand-craft a special accessory. 

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Consider making a corsage, embroidering a handkerchief, or making something else that your special person can wear at your wedding. It will be a little symbol to everyone there of your love and affection for this VIP.
2. Ask them to give a speech, do a reading, or perform. 

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If you have a confident crowd-pleaser on your hands, ask them to be a part of your wedding in a more public way! If your special person has a particular talent -- such as singing, dancing, or even painting, ask if he or she will share it at your wedding.
3. Write them a letter and leave it with their reception place setting. 

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If you have specific reasons you'd like to thank your friend, or lessons you've learned from him or her that you'd like to share, hand-write a note on beautiful stationery and leave it with their reception place setting. There's no sweeter surprise!
4. Frame a photo of the two of you and display it at your reception. 

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Been friends a long time? Frame a photo of you and your pal as kids and display it on your dessert table or hang it on a wall along with a few words about your relationship.
5. Give them a special gift. 

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Sometimes giving a thoughtful gift is the the simplest and most perfect way to honor a special person in your life. Give something handmade or that has particular significance to your relationship.
6. Thank them specifically in your wedding speech. 

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Between the details of your love story and offering thanks to your parents, say a few words about your cousin who helped you finish your DIY flowers the night before your wedding, or your out-of-town bestie who came through with the perfect borrowed blue shoes.
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