18 Things Twenty-Somethings Think About Weddings

by Alexia Conley on

So you're a single twenty-something and the drunken party photos and morning-after status updates in your news feed have been replaced with engagement ring selfies and first dance photos. Some of your closest friends are now engaged (thanks for rubbing it in, Facebook!) and you're dreading getting that invite in the mail (because then it's really happening). Once the invitation arrives, your mind starts racing. Here are 18 things every twenty-something thinks when they're about to attend a wedding.
1. There will be an open bar, right?
2. Ugh, will [insert ex's name here] be at the wedding?
3. What am I going to wear? I have to be the best-dressed one there.
4. I wonder if there will be any other singles at the's hoping!
5. Who is in their wedding party? Why didn't I get asked to be a part of the big day?
6. Actually, I am really glad I'm not in the wedding party. That ish gets expensive!
7. I wonder if there are any hot groomsmen/bridesmaids who are single.
8. I wonder how much they are spending on this thing.
9. If you get a plus-one: WHO am I going to bring to this wedding? I literally have no prospects. 
If you didn't receive a plus-one: Even my friends know I'm eternally single and wouldn't have anyone to bring.
10. Spending your whole life with someone...that's a huge commitment. Not sure if I'm ready for that.
11. How much is an acceptable amount to spend on a wedding gift? I'm kind of broke right now.
12. Do I actually have to attend the ceremony?
13. I hope I get to sit with my friends during dinner.
14. They better have good food.
15. I wonder what song they'll pick for their first dance? Hope it's not be something cheesy.
16. What if I meet the love of my life at the reception?!
17. When am I going to get married?
18. Well, I hope they're happy.
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