We love looking at beautiful, inspiring wedding cakes, but there's nothing like a good cake fail to make us laugh out loud...and then make us so grateful for the many, many talented bakers out there who would never let this happen to us. Read on for our top 20 most horrifying and hilarious cake fails.

1. The oh-so-romantic dismembered hands cake

2. The cake that didn't do so well in the Dallas humidity in August

(If you can't stand the heat...?)

3. The monogrammed cake

( This was the bride's inspiration image.)

4. The camouflage cake

5. The unfortunate wedding castle cake

6. The cake with an, um, interesting decor motif

7. The cake that attempted to get in on the desert wedding trend

( Desert weddings can be gorgeous, we swear!)

8. The plaid (ish?) cake

9. The cake for the couple who loves to travel

10. The "weeding" cake

(Well, we did say weed weddings are a thing ...)

11. The suggestive sand castle cake

( This was the couple's inspiration.)

12. The wacky name cake

13. The Sponge-Bob-meets-Larry-the-Cable-Guy groom's cake

14. The cake that proves that asking for something simple will not necessarily help

( Here is what they were hoping for.)

15. The ruffle cake gone wrong

(See the inspiration image here. )

16. The un-fit to be tied cake

( This is what the couple asked for.)

17. The "yo peep this" cake

18. The Confederate flag and beer can cake...

19. And the Confederate flag and soda can cake

(How are there two of these?!)

20. The "what is this I can't even" cake

(All images from Cake Wrecks , re-published with permission.)

—By Rachel W. Miller

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