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We want to see your smooch! Post a sweet kiss pic from your wedding or engagement on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and include @loverly and #loverlySWAK. We'll share our favorites on our social channels and do a weekly-round-up of the best ones! Read on for this week's picks.

SWAK of the Week

Christi & Matt Walsh, captured by Brianne Haagenson of Captivated Photography
Loverly: What was going through your mind at this moment?
Matt: We had just exited the church through a line of friends and family. I just wanted as much intimacy as possible in a very public setting. This dip is my enthusiastic push for yet another wedding day smooch.
Christi: We had just gotten married and were walking through all of our friends and family to the limo -- I think we both were completely overwhelmed with happiness and a string of other emotions, and the next thing I know my husband grabbed me and dipped me in front of everyone! I just remember feeling pure bliss and giddiness.
What was the best part of your big day?
Matt: During the service, we were asked to close our eyes and just quietly think about what was really happening that day, what it meant for the future. I closed my eyes and felt a complete calm (and calm moments are hard to come by during the rush of your wedding day).
Christi: I had a rough start to our wedding day -- I ending up having to get my wedding dress altered two hours before the ceremony because it didn't fit. So after being completely flustered and throwing the whole schedule off, I was a bit of a mess before the ceremony. But right when I saw Matt standing at the altar, everything that happened that morning completely disappeared and all I felt was calm. Standing at the altar with him and looking at everyone who had flown into town to join us on our big day was an unreal feeling. (We had over 200 guests!) I felt surrounded by people I love and it was overwhelming to see everyone while the ceremony was going on. That and the reception was a BLAST!
What's your favorite thing about being married?
Matt: The constant potential for a spontaneous adventure. You always have someone to share whatever comes up.
Christi: I'm married to my best friend, I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I get to go through the ups and downs and I love that I have someone who is always cheering me on. I think my other favorite thing is how goofy we can be around each other with no judgments...we would never act that way in public!

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