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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

by Carly Totten on

A photographer is likely at the top of your must-have wedding vendor list, followed by a venue, florist, and caterer. Your photographer is going to capture every last wedding day detail -- from your bridesmaids zipping up your dress to you and your love running through a sea of sparklers as you make your exit at the end of the night. But how many times have you caught yourself looking through photos wishing you had a video of a day you'll never forget? It's safe to say we've all had those moments. So, before you finalize all of your vendors, there's one more you might want to consider: a videographer. Here are our top three reasons why...

1. Because sound and moving pictures add so much to memories.

A videographer will create a film all about your wedding day, complete with a song that fits your love story perfectly or a narration of the vows you shared or the toasts that were given. You can relive your morning spent getting ready and every detail of your walk down the aisle, and hear your guests cheer for you and your beloved as you're introduced for the first time. One day, your wedding day video might just become your kids' favorite movie.

2. To remember loved ones lost.

Your wedding is a wonderful moment in time, and as time passes we all lose loved ones. There is simply nothing like being able to see someone who has passed away react to something beautiful as they saw it happen, and being able to hear their voice is even an even bigger blessing. A videographer will capture both.

3. For the moments you didn't see.

As you're getting ready, you likely won't be able to see or hear your beloved's moments and thoughts while he or she is doing the same (and vice versa). You'll also miss hearing your guests talking as they arrive to your ceremony, and a friend may just bust out a great move on the dance floor while you're greeting loved ones. Watching your wedding video is a great way to fill yourself in on any moments you missed.
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