Fun Ideas for Proposing to Your Bridesmaids

by Chandra Fredrick on

Brides (and some grooms!) aren't the only ones getting proposals these days -- bridesmaids are getting proposed to too! From a simple card to an elaborate surprise, brides are doing everything but getting down on one knee to ask their best girlfriends to be their bridesmaids. It can add a bit of fun and excitement and send the message that you're honored to have your besties as your bridesmaids (a welcome change from the old idea that bridesmaids are the bride's servants, meant to wear ugly dresses and do the bride's bidding). Nowadays, bridesmaids are treasured, pampered, and valued. And considering all they'll do for you throughout your wedding planning and wedding day, that's a good thing!
What do you think about proposing to your bridesmaids? Fun idea, or just one more thing the bride is now expected to do? Which way would you choose to propose to your bridesmaids? We've got plenty of ideas in the bundle below to inspire you.
Chandra, Oh Lovely Day
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