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5 Tips for Figuring Out Your Wedding Cake Style

by Rachel W. Miller on

Working with a baker to design your wedding cake can be one of the most fun parts about wedding planning, especially with so many amazing cakes out there to inspire you! As you start browsing pictures of wedding cakes with your fiance to get an idea of what you want for your wedding cake, here are some things to note.
1. Height. Do you want a super-tall cake or a more modest two-tiered cake? If you're having a big wedding, you may need a bigger cake to feed everyone! If you like a more horizontal look, you can do multiple single tiers on pretty cake stands -- a look I love!
2. Color. Do you like all-white cakes or something more colorful? Are you into the metallic wedding cakes we've been loving lately? Color makes a huge difference in how your cake looks, so think about how much color you want on your cake and what those colors might be.
3. Texture. Do you like soft, fluffy-looking cakes or smooth cakes with sculpted accents? Soft, creamy looking frosting is usually the result of buttercream, while smooth cakes are usually covered in fondant.
4. Function and form. If you're getting married outside in Texas in July, a buttercream cake could quickly turn into a puddle of sugar, so you may need to opt for fondant. Our baker told us that because our venue does a lot of BBQ, a buttercream cake could absorb the smoke...something we definitely do not want.
5. Details. Do you know you want a specific cake topper? Are you into sugar flowers, fruit, or lace? Figuring out what sort of details you like is great, and since some of those details can really affect a cake's price, you'll want to let your baker know you're into them early on.
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