Take the Cake: 2014 Wedding Cake Trends to Try

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The wedding cake has its roots in ancient Rome, when a wheat or barley cake that was broken over the bride's head as a sign of good fortune. We love how couples have been reimagining it ever since! In the past few years, we've seen the birth of the dessert bar, the cupcake wedding cake, and the wedding donut. What's everyone serving now? Read on for 2014's hottest wedding cake trends.

naked cake

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The naked cake. No this cake isn't a's just unfrosted (or the frosting is between the tiers). It's elegant, natural-looking, and so on trend. Top your naked cake off with some fresh flowers or fruit, and you've got a picture-perfect dessert.
Elegant Fort Worth Wedding Captured by Kassie Moore

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The cakes-a-plenty. Instead of a cake with tons of tiers, couples are opting for multiple cakes displayed on pretty cake stands. We suggest choosing a few flavors if you go this route -- try a flavor that represents each of the newlyweds, plus a family recipe from each side.

jadeite cake stand

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The jadeite cake stand. Something old has become something new, and we can't get enough of these vintage gems. Made for weddings and parties alike, you'll get tons of use out of your jadeite cake stand. (And don't miss our tips for finding one at the flea market!)

Twinkle Cake Serving Set From BHLDN via

The modern cake knife. While a traditional personalized silver cake knife set is a keepsake item, we're loving today's fun and modern cake serve ware. From modern porcelain sets to gold-glittered goodness, you'll want to use these pieces long after your wedding day.

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The personalized topper. Skip the old-fashioned bride and groom, and have a custom cursive creation made instead! Your cake topper can reflect your monogram or feature a sweet slogan. One recent Loverly bride fashioned hers to say "We're Tight," a phrase that was iced on her parent's cake almost 30 years prior. Get creative -- anything goes!

For more inspiration that takes the cake, check out the bundle below.
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