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5 Reasons to Consider a Brunch Wedding

by Rachel W. Miller on

When most people think of wedding receptions, they think dinner and dancing, not eggs and bacon...but not this bride! I'm eagerly planning a morning wedding ceremony and a brunch wedding reception. Why? Well, read on...
1. Brunch weddings are a great way to save money. Food and drink is one of the biggest wedding expenses, but breakfast foods are typically cheaper than dinner food (even steak and eggs is going to cost less than filet mignon!) and people tend to drink less in the morning, cutting down on your bar tab.
2. Even picky eaters like brunch. Seriously, there's something for everyone on a brunch buffet; it's quite easy to serve vegetarians and children breakfast foods. Also, brunch food is delicious. Along with eggs and donuts, we've seen omelet bars, waffle bars, pancake bars, biscuit bars, and grits bars at brunch weddings. Any guest who doesn't like a waffle bar is no guest of mine!
3. It's a wonderful option for people who aren't into drinks and dancing. I'm into drinks, but dancing is not my thing and my fiance doesn't really like it either. We're still going to have a DJ to set the mood, but we're also going to have games and other forms of entertainment so we don't feel pressured to hit the dance floor. The casual vibe of a morning reception is also really helpful for couples who may need to have a dry wedding.
4. You can rise and shine! Seriously, natural light is a photographer's best friend, so you'll get amazing photos in the morning.
5. It's different. There's nothing wrong with dinner and dancing, but there is also no shortage of couples going this route. Having a morning wedding offers a little variety for your guests.
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