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Best Buds: Everything You Need to Know About Peonies for Your Wedding

by Alexia Conley on

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there's a lot to learn. Every Tuesday, we'll feature all you need to know about an in-season flower. From colors and care to costs and all sorts of wedding floral design inspiration, we're your "best bud."
This week's flower is the peony.
Everything You Need to Know About Peonies ||
Flower name: Peony (Scientific name: Paeonia)
Season: Spring
Colors available: White, pink, and red
Care: Place cut peonies in a vase of cold water, and add plant food if you have it. Remove all leaves that fall below the water line to ensure longer plant life.
Fun fact: Romantic and fragrant, these blooms signify good fortune and a happy marriage -- perfect for a wedding bouquet. Already married? The peony is the official flower of the 12-year wedding anniversary!
Average wholesale cost: $6/stem
Why we love: Although peonies can be pricey, they are lush in nature so a couple blooms in a bouquet go a long way! Our favorite peony creation is a soft mix of light pink peonies, white garden roses, and sprigs of dusty miller.
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