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Best Buds: Everything You Need to Know About Ranunculus for Your Wedding

by Alexia Conley on

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there's a lot to learn. Every Tuesday, we'll feature all you need to know about an in-season flower. From colors and care to costs and all sorts of wedding floral design inspiration, we're your "best bud."  
This week's featured flower is the ranunculus
Everything you need to know about ranunculus
Flower name: Ranunculus (Scientific name: Ranunculus)
In season: Winter and spring
Colors available: White, pink, peach, red, orange, and yellow
Care: The stems of ranunculus plants are usually weak, so exercise caution while arranging. Once cut, place ranunculus in a vase with warm water and plant food. The vase life of ranunculus is usually short (4 to 5 days) so make sure to replenish water daily.
Fun fact: We love that these playful blooms signify charm and wit! But beware: ranunculus are poisonous, so keep your furry friends away.
Average wholesale cost: Around $2.50 a stem.
Why we love: These bold and colorful flowers always put us in a good mood. We also love how elegant white ranunculus can be for your wedding! Our favorite ranunculus wedding bouquet? A mix of white ranunculus, garden roses, anemones, and jasmine vine.
Want to see more ranunculus? Check out the ranunculus wedding bouquet and centerpiece inspiration below!
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