Spotlight On: Vera Wang's Pink Wedding Gowns

by Kellee Khalil on

There were some very  pink ladies on the runway this week when Vera Wang showed her Fall 2014 collection. There wasn't a white gown in sight; instead, she showed gorgeous gowns in four shades of pink. And not the blush bridal trend we've been loving, really pink. And decidedly...non-bridal. While some are wondering if Vera is going to set a new trend with these bold colors, we think it makes perfect sense given some of the other changes we've been seeing in the way couples plan weddings lately.
In the past few years, couples have been trending toward more authentic weddings that feel less like a traditional wedding and more relevant to their everyday lives. They are doing things like having food trucks instead of caterers and a sit-down dinner, or crowdsourcing their wedding photos from their guests' phones. We're seeing a lot less tradition and a lot more more incorporating of fun and hip lifestyle trends.
No doubt, the biggest area where this is happening is in fashion; brides are looking for fashion-first dresses that feel special to them...and that they might even wear again. (Shocking, I know!) We're seeing a lot of brides skipping the bridal shop and instead opting for sophisticated red-carpet-inspired looks or upscale off-the-rack party dresses for their bridesmaids and for their own gowns. And so often, the dress they love and feel amazing in actually isn't white or ivory.
Brides know what they want and know how to find it; if the wedding industry isn't giving it to them, they'll happily go to a great boutique or hit a high-end department store. If the designers want to keep up with modern brides, they are going to have to respond to this shift. Vera Wang is making a very smart move by giving her brides more solutions to be original by featuring dresses that are less "bridal" and more "fashion." (And it's worth noting that many other bridal designers have been doing this in the past few years as well.) I think that others in the industry will start to shift away from traditional bridal and do more sophisticated, high-fashion silhouettes and beautiful colorful dresses, while still offering white and ivory dresses for the classic brides.
And we think it's great! After all, who says your wedding dress has to be "bridal"? Really, any dress you wear to your wedding is technically a "wedding dress," so whether it's long or short, white or pink or bright blue, find something you feel great in and rock it.
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