5 Ways To Use a Backdrop at Your Wedding

by Chandra Fredrick on

Did you know that your wedding needs a backdrop? No? Well, it does, and here's why: they're fabulous, they're versatile, and they can really personalize your space. Plus, there are so many ways to use them in your wedding! Here are five ways to get you started:

1. Ceremony Backdrop

If you aren't getting married in a church or a venue with a stunning view, consider making a ceremony backdrop. It can add personality, color, texture, or style to an otherwise boring space.

2. Photo Booth Backdrop

If you've got the ceremony view covered, consider making a fun backdrop for guests to take photos against. It could be as simple as hanging a cool patterned fabric or stringing up paper party decor, or as elaborate as a personalized chalkboard sign or a backdrop covered in calligraphy.

3. Dessert Table Backdrop

A pretty dessert display looks even better against a backdrop, don't you think? An easy DIY project (like this ribbon backdrop) can take minimal time but add maximum impact to your dessert table. Another fun and easy dessert table backdrop? Balloons!

4. Vignette Backdrop

Will you have an escort card table, family photo display, or other special area in your wedding set-up? A backdrop can make that area pop and stand out from the rest of your reception space. It's also useful; a guestbook area backdrop is a great idea, to draw your guests' attention to your guestbook so they remember to sign it!

5. Backdrop to Divide Space

If your ceremony and reception space next to each other, or you want to make a large space a bit more intimate, using a backdrop as a space divider can accomplish just that, while making your space prettier at the same time.
Are you sold on a backdrop for your wedding? What's your favorite way to use one? Get creative, and you may just come up with something entirely new.
Chandra, Oh Lovely Day
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